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    A World In My Head!!

    Adventure I can't Reach

    by , 06-18-2010 at 07:08 AM (440 Views)
    January 28, 2010

    I dreamed of a magical landscape I couldn't reach. Then I had a realistic dream of work that fooled me.

    Night Time Note: I went to sleep at least an hour earlier than usual. I made the intention to enter Captain Sleepalots dream. I focused on the image of the dream wheel. But for what? My neighbors and sis wouldn't let me sleep. And even though I implanted in my head dream wheel before sleeping, it was miserable hours later before I actually could fall asleep. Maybe some where after 4am.

    Adventure I Can't Reach
    My first dream of the night was pleasant and weird. I was in a sun lit house, a beautiful old mansion. The kind of dream house where just right outside my door was an adventurous land. But I was struggling to be a part of this adventurous land. I remember flying around for a bit. But I always had to return home. Not to mention I really needed to use the restroom. Which was true in real life. I had a false awakening where I double check that I didn't use the bed, and then I wake up for real - nice and dry.

    I had a dream again with some guys, but I can't remember who or what is taking place. It doesn't feel like much happened. Maybe we just spoke.

    Realistic Work Dream
    My morning dream was yet again another work dream. This time it was all too real. Real enough to fool me. Sure it got to the point where I wondered if this could be a dream. But I never did a reality check to prove it to myself, instead I took it for reality. Which really sucked to think that this could all be real!

    It was sunday, it was almost 5pm. We were crowded with costumers, some didn't even know what they wanted, others had lists. When the time got close, I locked the door, thought technically it was only about 4:58 pm. What ever. I probably turned the lights on and off at least two times to grab everyone's attention that, yes, we are closing. It felt so real though. Maybe some of the imagery was mixed with this last sunday, which was in real life very busy around this time?

    We finally kick everyone out after what feels like a stressful ordeal. And I wake up shortly after. It takes me a while to recall the dream that I almost took for reality.

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