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    A World In My Head!!

    Car and Driving Dreams

    by , 02-01-2014 at 05:58 AM (348 Views)
    January, 2014

    multiple car dreams, a new reality check, lucid

    From the Theatre
    I'm at the theatre and the show just finished. I walk out with my friend and she heads for the subway, wait, there's a metro in SA? I was so excited about the metro! But I didn't know which was my stop.

    The train is approaching and my friend says "That's my ride. Are you getting on?"

    I wanted to, but then I realized I'm holding keys.

    "No thanks, I have my ride!" I jingle my keys and say goodbye. I walk outside, but I'm downtown and no where near a parking lot. Where the hell did I leave my car? I walk around for awhile but this is just making me really anxious. Where's my car?

    I decide to skip all this silly walking and just close my eyes and WILL my car to appear. I tell myself "when I open my eyes again I'll be at my car!". I knew I could do that but I wasn't quite lucid.

    Like magic I'm at my car. It looks weird and different. But whatever, I get in and start driving home.

    Car Smashed
    Because of some adventure dream I can't remember, my car has been smashed by the bad guy. Something to do with my car flying out a building window.

    But that was then and this is now! I walk out the grocery store with my bags and its started to rain. The rain feels real. The puddles pooling by my feet feel real. I really thought I was awake. But when I get to my car I'm horrified.

    My car is squished. Exactly the way it was from that dream. I'm flipping out! "My dream became real!" My mind was racing! "This means if anything bad happens in a dream, it happens for real?". I didn't want to believe it! I kept walking around my poor squished car.

    Well, at least she drives.

    Reality Check
    I made a left turn. Even though I was in the right lane. Even though a car from the left lane was going straight. Even though the light was red?? What? That makes no sense.

    I'm needing to drive forward but now my car has a mind of its own and turns. What is going on? I park at some random strip mall and it finally dawns on me. This driving makes no sense because I'm dreaming!!!

    Happy to be lucid, I take off my shoes and start to fly! I begin my dream goal, but moment later I black out. My dream goes fuzzy, weird, non-lucid and abstract.

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