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    So you all know who's who, I'm the dreamer. Call me Karla. In the dream world, I am 18 years old and have a spirit for adventure and excitement. I logically deal with DCs when I have to but otherwise, it's all fun and magic.

    Here's who I am, in case you think, "How do I get KarlaB18 into a dream? What does she look like?"

    This is me in the outfit comprised by my dream guide in Dream 369 A:

    My dream guides:

    The first member of the dream guide team is Dreamy WB. Some facts about her:
    Name - Dreamy WB
    Age (2020) - 41 (dream guides are double the age of their real life counterparts)
    Species - Human
    Nationality - African
    Dreamy WB likes - Dressing up, dreaming, imparting knowledge onto others
    Dreamy WB dislikes - DCs that are mean to the dreamer
    Personality in KarlaB18's dreams - Smart, courageous, caring, gentle, intuitive, assertive
    Special Action - Dealing with very nasty DCs that Karla can't handle on her own
    Special Ability - Being able to communicate an event to Karla before it happens
    Copyright - @KarlaB18

    The second member of the dream guide team is Murray. Some facts about him:
    Name - Murray
    Age (2020) - 36
    Species - Humanoid Hippo
    Nationality - Unknown
    Murray likes - Using his fists, hugs, his van, eating
    Murray dislikes - Being beaten at his own game
    Personality in KarlaB18's dreams - Gentle, caring, strong-willed, ambitious, kind
    Special Action - Providing Karla with physical comfort
    Special Ability - Being able to recall and chain events from a past dream of the same night
    Copyright - @SuckerPunch/Sanzaru

    The third member of the dream guide team is 18-Volt. Some facts about him:
    Name - 18-Volt
    Age (2020) - 18 (His age remains frozen)
    Species - Human
    Nationality - Unknown
    18-Volt likes - Gaming, hanging with 9-Volt, rapping, loud music
    18-Volt dislikes - Getting into trouble, losing to anyone
    Personality in KarlaB18's dreams - The cool guy, enthusiastic, laid-back, patient, friendly
    Special Action - Coaching Karla on her doubts and fears
    Special Ability - Being able to assist Karla even if not physically present
    Copyright - @Nintendo

    The fourth member of the dream guide team is Riku. Some facts about him:
    Name - Riku
    Age (2020) - 18 (Riku chose his age in Dream No. 665) (His age remains frozen)
    Species - Human
    Nationality - Unknown
    Riku likes - Peace, finding balance, his friends
    Riku dislikes - Being used by darkness, evil, deception
    Personality in KarlaB18's dreams - Wise, humble, grouchy on occasions
    Special Action - Making Karla see the world in a more 'grown-up' manner
    Special Ability - Being able to take Karla to different worlds and other dimensions
    Copyright - @SquareEnix/Disney

    1. Dream - Home Ice-Cream Karaoke & I'll Always Be With You

      by , 10-28-2020 at 01:04 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 2 SEP - 2020

      Dream No. 729 - Separated Sections

      Dream 729 A - Home Ice-Cream Karaoke

      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, there was anticipation that the old ĎHome Ice-Creamí truck was going to be coming past our house. However, like all the other ice-cream trucks, I was afraid it was going to drive by us. The dream showed the truck coming up our court and it indeed did stop for us. The man in the truck told us to pick as many gelati flavours as we liked; so my mum watched on as my brother and I made our choices.

      Later on, my family were holding a massive gathering at our house; we were inviting all our family and friends we knew as well as the next door neighbours. Each immediate family member (being me, mum, dad, and brother) were responsible for organising and hosting one or more activities to do in the house. I forgot what happened with my brotherís activity, but I can recall that it was tech related.

      Next was my dad and he decided to do something music related. Taylor Swiftís version of ĎI Canít Stop Loving Youí started playing and we had to sing to it as a karaoke competition, kind of like Sing Star but different as well. I thought I was singing it well enough, but then the program was still saying I was getting some aspects of it wrong. There was a person next to me who was beating me at it. As I thought the difficulty of this karaoke was ridiculous, I didnít want to do another round despite the offer and went on to the next activity.

      However, it was actually then my turn to conduct the next activity of the party and my showcase was themed around fun and games. I was going to be doing a couple of mini games as well as a small art and craft project.

      Dream 729 B - I'll Always Be With You

      The dream took place as a false awakening in my study room. I was firstly on my computer, but as I began to feel tired, I slumped off my chair and down onto the floor. In-fact my bed was the floor with a set of blue sheets and blue pillow down there. As I was trying to fall asleep, I could hear my grandma talking about her shopping for bread and who wanted some bread. It as if my family knew I wanted to sleep as they came barging into the room to ask me about this bread matter.

      Eventually, they left me alone and I was able to drift off in-dream. The next scene was quick, but see-able. It was a grey day and I was on a bend of the Great Ocean Road, heading out of a cliff range and towards beach-side views. At the start of the bend, there stood Riku in his KH3 appearance and as I walked towards him, the ĎMickeyís Momentí music from KH3 Re:Mind was playing. After that, I woke up.

      I may not have reached Riku, but I did get a message from that last scene through his energy; that no matter how absent Riku would ever feel, he was always going to walk my journey with me.

      Dream 729 A
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 729 B
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Dream - Roxas Is Crying & The Violent Bubble

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:58 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 1 SEP - 2020

      Dream No. 728 - Separated Sections

      Dream 728 A - Roxas Is Crying

      I canít remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, I was in my backyard and Roxas appeared holographically in his Organisation XIII coat. As he was speaking to me though, he was crying, as if he was scared of me or what I was going to do with what he said. And then another person appeared and spoke to me, as if it was a clone of Roxas but then it wasnít, it seemed like a Ďparallelí version of him. Though I cannot remember what was said. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 728 B - The Violent Bubble

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, it seemed to be the evening and I was in my backyard. My mum was talking to the family about my dad having to go for some sort of x-ray, but that we had to disconnect the system link at our house because doing x-rays here would be dangerous. It seemed a complicated process, but I eventually I climbed high enough to disconnect the two wires by standing on some sort of box.

      We then went inside the house and I went into the bathroom to seemingly take a bath, though the dream didnít actually show me taking a bath. What I did do, however, was seemingly blow all these bubbles because I had water and also a bit of soap in my mouth. The first few bubbles were okay and they popped when I touched one. However, I blew one bubble, but when I touched it, it did not pop and this became odd.

      Firstly, it was odd, but then it became concerning as the bubble began to grow in size as well as change colour to a tone of light purple. Now it just kept growing and growing and I figured I had to pop it before if would fill up the space of the whole bathroom and consume me with it. No matter how hard I vigorously poked at it, the bubble had developed thick, gum-like skin and was not bursting. So I grabbed a large pin out of one of the drawers and ferociously stabbed the bubble. The bubble would temporarily deflate, but the purple skin meant the bubble would heal itself and continue to inflate.

      I was now horrified and was screaming at this overly-resistant, terrifying bubble. Eventually, the bubble inflated to a massive size and was about to consume me. I screamed as I woke up from this nightmare.

      Dream 728 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 728 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Dream - Old Ways To Solve New Problems

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:55 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 31 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 727 - Old Ways To Solve New Problems

      I canít remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, I was in my local area seemingly, but the street I was on seemed unfamiliar. There were some people getting out a car; who I can recall was my mum as well as the nephew of my dadís closest friend. I do know that Edward (Ed) B was mentioned in this dream and was seen for a short segment, but I forgotten what his exact role was.

      Later on in the dream, actually for the ending scene, I was brought to the attention, via myself, that I had encountered a problem in the previous scenes. Therefore, so I had the ability to deal with whatever problem it was, I was to get into my high school winter uniform which would carry special powers. However, because of my school timeline IRL, I had two choices being Ďtraditionalí or Ďmoderní. I chose traditional which was the tight-collared shirt with the tie. After I had gotten into this version of the winter uniform and skipped out of the changing room, the dream had ended.

      Subconscious Visualisation Failures:

      1. Riku seen his ĎShibuyaí graphics standing on one of the ledges of the New Donk City Tower from Super Mario Odyssey.
      2. Riku (in his KH3 appearance) was seen standing in the courtyard of Radiant Garden with two other men; one of them could have been Master Yen Sid.

      Dream No. 727
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    4. Dream - Owing Lots Of Money

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:52 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 29 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 726 - Owing Lots Of Money

      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, my family and I were at our holiday in Apollo Bay, but it was a completely distorted environment. We were buying either lunch or an afternoon desert from a Cafe that was owned by Edward (Ed) Bís dad. A little while after we made our way out of the cafe, a staff member came running after us and stopped us. They explained that as we had each apparently taken snacks that added up to a total amount, that we now owed Ed Snr. (this is his name IRL too) certain amounts of money.

      The staff member then went though the amounts. My parents only owed about 3 or 4 dollars each. My brother owed a slightly bigger amount, being $28.50. But when it came to me, apparently I owed him $300. But I came to the conclusion that it was not because of the most food taken, but itís because I had been the most generous with Ed Snr.; hence why I owed him the most, for offering myself the most. And then being self-explanatory, my brother wasnít as generous but still was a bit, hence the $28.50, and my parents putting in almost no effort, owed him next to nothing.

      Since we had to scrounge up all this money now to give to Ed Snr., our holiday plans were ruined and we had to go home to find and sort the money we needed. As we walked out of the canyon-like walkway, I ended up encountering Sora and Master Eraqus who each flashed between their normal colour palette, and some weird x-ray like palette, but not completely inverted. As I was then at the exit, which looked like the foyer of the Flinders Street Train Station, they both were in their Ďx-rayí forms, as they both smiled at me, and then walked off.

      The dream now went to my house where my family was back to sorting out the money situation for Ed Snr. My family was wondering whether the clain of $28.50 for my brother was correct, so my dad asked me to do a Ďledgerí to see if it was correct or not. I went into the laundry, and leaning on the lid of the washing machine, seemed to be filling out some sort of spreadsheet template on a piece of paper. Thankfully, the end result did match up to $28.50 and so the claim was correct. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream No. 726

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    5. Dream - Man Caused An Injury & Sora Is Aware Of Me & Examination Delivery Methods

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:50 PM
      Date of Dream: THU 27 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 725 - Separated Sections

      Dream 725 A - Man Caused An Injury

      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, it was in the middle of the night and I was walking through the car park of the Jells Road supermarket area. There was a man hiding in the bushes; Iím not sure what exactly he did to me, but itís like he jumped me; it was something bad and this had affected me for the rest of the dream. Back at home, my mum said that I was injured and so I had to go to hospital, but I didnít want to go to hospital for a multitude of reasons. First of all, I was generally scared of the environment but then I also didnít want to go because of all the things happening with coronavirus. I forgot what my mum said in response to this.

      Later on in the dream, I was at some sort of unknown area, amongst train tracks, with someone from my high school. I was talking with her, but once again I forgot what was said. Later on, she and I were on the school bus with the rest of my old bus group. The bus driver was talking to us and was saying that on different days, he was going to take us on fun excursions to different places. He mentioned a specific place name for Monday and Tuesday but for some reason, I got scared again. I asked the girl what this place was and once she explained, I felt relieved and actually became excited. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 725 B - Sora Is Aware Of Me

      I donít remember much about this dream; though I do remember from the start that I wasnít in it; the main player of this dream was Sora. He was in his KH2 clothes and was walking amongst a distorted version of Twilight Town, which had some realistic aspects to it. The dream showed Sora slowly traversing across a wooden bridge over a chasm, which could have been a river, but the dream camera didnít give us an angle to show this.

      Sora ended up at the end of the Ďtrailí on what seemed like a lookout ledge. As he was shown looking out towards the horizon, he said something like, ďif weíre giving them to Riku, then we also have to give them to KairiĒ; I do also remember his tone but I canít describe it. The dream then ended there.

      Dream 725 C - Examination Delivery Methods

      This dream was very short and it actually felt like a false awakening. I was writing in my task journal, but in my bedroom (I never write in my bedroom IRL); the task journal had the same appearance as IRL and I was using the exact same pen as I had used yesterday IRL. Back to in-dream; I ended drawing a box around my already written content to act as a space divider. On the other side of the space divider, I wrote exactly the following:

      Riku: Manual
      Kairi: Remote/Automatic

      I realised that I was planning what delivery methods I had to undergo to get the paper to Riku and Kairi to mark. This dream was short and only lasted for no longer than 10 minutes.

      Dream 725 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 725 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 725 C
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    6. Dream - IKEA In Croatia & Forget Me Flashbang

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:45 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 26 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 724 - Separated Sections

      Dream 724 A - IKEA In Croatia

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my mum, brother and I were walking along a gravel road outside, supposedly outside our guesthouse that we were staying at in Croatia. There was mention that we would still be in Croatia by the time my birthday came and so questions arose about he we would contact my dad who was staying home in Australia. I canít remember the response of if there was one at all.

      Apparently I then woke up at 3:00 AM for the next morning and the plan was for us to have breakfast from this IKEA menu in the Croatian store. At first, the staff would serve out 50 free plates at particular times and so you had to be quick to get a serving of a jam english muffin, cut in half, as well as an egg, sausage and bacon breakfast burger.

      I missed the 3:00 AM round but didnít feel to bad. The next serving round then came at 8:00 AM and I tried to get into that one. However, people were pushing me from all angles and just as I was ready to speak to one of the staff, they told me it was all gone. I now wasnít feeling happy. I had to wait until 12:00 PM for the next round and I was determined to get a serving this time. Once again though, they had given everything away before I could get there and they werenít having anymore arounds.

      I got upset and went crying to my brother that not only did I have to wait 9 hours to get breakfast but that they basically cheated me, giving me nothing. My brother said we could just order it from the menu and pay for it, which was a reasonable idea, but I was still mighty upset with the staff. Eventually, my brother and I looked at the menu, ordering the english muffins and the breakfast burger, which were separate items on the menu, and so we had to pay more than we anticipated. Although JO from my high school called on my brotherís mobile and so even though we had ordered the food, we could not eat it until JO let us go.

      Later on, I was in the supposed lolly section of the food market of this distorted IKEA store. Within the food market area, I saw my university friend Regina and so ended up picking up some sweets with her. As I left the checkout area however, I realised I had forgotten to get a sweet that I had wanted and so rushed back in to get it. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 724 B - Forget Me Flashbang
      For the first scene of this dream, I was walking down Corrigan Road when I came across Riku in his KH3 appearance, standing in the middle of the road, warmly smiling at me. When I came close enough, Riku and I hugged, me perching my head on his right shoulder as I looked at the side of his hairdo, feeling his arms tightly around me. Surprisingly, he then moved me off as to help take me home, as thatís where he knew I was going. I had to tell him he was in the wrong lane though, and so he moved to the correct lane which would turn right to get onto the highway instead of wrongly left. The dream then changed scenes.

      It was some unknown area and Edward (Ed) B played the role of my pastoral primary school teacher in this dream; I believe I was positioned in upper-primary school (grade 5 or 6) although my age sat normally at 21. He was talking to us about the wrestling show he runs and was pitching an idea to the class about what he wanted to do. I had feedback that I wanted to give and so waited in order to give it. However, Ed seemed oblivious to me and kept on talking as well as listening to everyone elsesí ideas but mine. Eventually I got tired of trying to be noticed and felt like he was purposefully ignoring me, so I got up and walked out, feeling like I had no purpose to be where I was.

      The dream was now set within the local streets of a suburb, seemingly close to sundown. As I walked further and further from the now house, Ventusí (KH) theme was playing in the dream, which I also had the power to project into Edís hearing, as a notice to him of how I felt and where I stood. As Ventusí theme continued to play, I was now casually strolling towards an empty block of land which was supposedly a park. I looked up the hill, I realised everybody there was wearing a face-mask and because I didnít have one, the police would find me and take me away, but much so against my will.

      I compacted my right hand into the shape of a mask and put it over my mouth, with my thumb over my nose, as I then turned back from the park; desperate to go back to the refuge of Ed but remembering I couldnít as he didnít care about me. This changed though, as over Ventusí theme, I could hear his voice pleading with desperation for me to come back. I came to the realisation that he was calling me back this whole time, ever since I set foot outside his property. He was aware of the meaning of Ventusí theme the entire time.

      As to not get jumped by the police, I made a route straight back to Ed, who was now in a house that was under construction; it was literally just the wooden frame sitting on a large concrete base. As I stepped onto the slab of the concrete, with Ed now in sight, Ventusí theme had stopped playing. He came up to me and apologised for making feel like I had no purpose and now he was begging for me to tell him what I had wanted to tell him before my departure. I finally told him that ĎJhakeí should be involved in the ĎMoney In The Bankí match and he was really keen on this idea. And then the dream ended.

      Dream 724 A
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 724 B
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Dream - Killer Mosquitoes & Shinjuku And Yozora & The Magic Cactus & It's About Time

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:37 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 25 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 723 - Separated Sections

      Dream 723 A - Killer Mosquitoes

      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, my family came home from some sort of church service. My mum and I had decided to go for a walk and like in every dream, we walked on the actual road. As we were going up Wellington Road towards the distribution centre, with me walking behind me mum, she asked what was wrong with me in a very antagonistic way. I said that nothing was wrong but she got really angry; I canít remember everything that was said in this scene.

      We then ended up at my other grandparentsí (dadís side) place. As my mum and grandma were talking in the backyard, my grandma took me to behind the shed to show me something. There were all these eggs growing on the trees, like miniature shop eggs. As I picked one off the tree and was holding it, these gigantic, morphed mosquitoes came flying at me. Not only did they bite, but they stuck their huge legs and pincers into my arms and kept them thereÖ And it hurt like hell! Worse yet, my grandpa didnít seem to be doing anything to help and just keep talking to me like nothing was wrong. The pain from the persistent mosquitoes got so bad that I had to wake up.

      Dream 723 B - Shinjuku and Yozora

      I canít remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, it was in the middle of the night when I was walking down Haverbrack Drive (on the footpath this time!). Eventually, I noticed Riku (KH3 appearance) and so I ran to him with an awareness in mind, asking him he if you could take me to Shibuya or Shinjuku. Itís like Riku was expecting me to ask that as he seemed humoured, giving a soft smile and then picking me up off the ground.

      I faced outwards as he carried me across Police Road, over to the other side, where the simulated location of Shinjuku was. The surroundings of this ĎShinjukuí were just like in Dream 718 A, if not identical. There were no buildings; it was just pitch black everywhere; you could not identify what some of the smaller objects in the area were, only their silhouettes. And then when I looked up to the sky, it was even darker than when I was casually walking by myself back on Haverbrack Drive. After a little while of Riku meandering us around the streets, I told him that Iíd seen enough. However, I stopped him and asked that because he was here, if we could somehow see Yozora in order to execute the second task.

      Riku or myself didnít have to do anything. In the same area, and in total darkness, Yozora appeared out of nowhere, fading into the scene as it were. He was as a hologram yet he didnít look transparent in anyway, so I deemed him as physical. The dream had Yozora in completely correct appearance, his left (towards me) eye blue and his right eye red. Yozora did nothing but intensely stare at me, and just that alone spoke volumes. I myself was paralysed in fear that I could not speak to question him. I just stared back at him in a frightened way, still in Rikuís arms, as he stared right into my eyes, as if he was staring into my soul.

      However, the awkward silence was broken as Riku yelled from behind me, uttering an angry phrase at Yozora. I canít remember exactly what was said but he said something with 4 words, within it, calling Yozora an Ďindependent scrubí It was as Yozora faded back out of sight and Riku was about to walk off with me that I woke up.

      Dream 723 C - The Magic Cactus

      This dream started off as a sub-scene, I wasnít in it. It was this other girl, younger than me, as if she was late primary school age. Edward (Ed) B was with her, in her front yard, and was teaching her how to graft and water this cactus near her fence. The dream showed Ed talking to the girl as he cut the cactus in many different but specific places, and little cacti branches shot out of it to form this very pretty looking mega-cactus.

      The dream then went to my actual scene where I was. I was now with the girl and we were walking from my house. I was saying to her but also somewhat to myself that I was surprised she got to see Ed. I said that normally no one could ever see him as he never left his house. I kept talking to the girl about this as walked up the hill and across the big park area to get to the primary school.

      I canít exactly recall what was going on at the primary school, but I was eventually by myself again. Eventually, I saw this guy that looked just Riku but whenever I tried to get his attention, heíd just ignore me and in-fact walk away. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 723 D - It's About Time

      I canít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I seemed to be travelling through a water-themed level, though I kept falling into the water and Ďdyingí as it were. My brother made fun of me and asked me why I was dying so much, but then I told him that the levels are supposed to be hard and that I couldnít help it. I may have also told him to give it a shot if he thought he could do it.

      After dying constantly some more, I seemed to transform into Sora (KH3 appearance). Now from a third person perspective, as Sora was floating vertically in the sky, Riku came and put his arms around Soraís waist, bringing him back down to the level. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 723 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 723 B
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 723 C
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 723 D
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Dream - Speedy Elevator & Hiding From Mum

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:29 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 24 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 722 - Separated Sections

      Dream 722 A - Speedy Elevator
      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was with a school group, specifically my high school, and doing something at a completely distorted version of Forest Hill Chase Shopping Centre. In the dream, the food court was on the second floor and the floor above spanned the entire area of the shopping centre. The only thing I can clearly remember about this scene was that elevator usage was compulsory to get to the next area and I was nervously preparing.

      Eventually, the scene changed and now it was time for the huge school group to have the induction assembly for what was going to happen. I realised that the leaders and facilitators of this event were the Kingdom Hearts Guardians of Light (all except Sora whoís deemed missing and this has also translated into my dreams). All Guardians of Light were aware of my elevator phobia and it was Terra that was going to go with me as he approached me and escorted me towards the elevator as all the other students continued to chatter amongst themselves, waiting for their time to go down.

      As grateful as I was for Terraís offer, I wanted to go with Riku more, so was hoping weíd bump into him. Indeed it was the case that Riku was incidentally walking the other way and so I was able to get his attention. This initially made Terra confused but the dream then showed the boys seeming to have a mini private conversation between each other and I could make out some of it. Riku said to Terra that he was more than willing to take me and that he should anyway as he is my dream guide. Terra seemed happy though and as he walked off, gave me a smile insinuating that Riku was going to look after me well.

      Riku then locked me into a hug as he continued us toward the elevator. As we got nearby, I became extremely frightened as I got a feeling that this was going to be no ordinary elevator despite it MOSTLY looking normal. There was one arrow pointing up on the outside, but there were abnormally two arrows pointing down. A normal down one and then another one some space below it. I knew that we were going to be going to the Ďvery bottomí as our destination was supposedly underground; so I was anticipating that the elevator would be going extremely, uncomprehendingly fast.

      I remembered that from other dreams, Iíd keep my eyes open to try and work on my fear, but I wasnít taking a chance in this one. As Riku walked me in, with him still holding me, I clenched my eyes shut as tight and got as much up against Riku as I could. Indeed the elevator went down like the speed of lightening and felt like it was doing so for a very long time, but Riku was keeping me in a tight but snug lock so I didnít feel like I would lose balance.

      We eventually exited the elevator to be at our next required destination, which was some really massive stadium slash swimming pool complex. I noticed that everybody was already seated in the rises while I was at the main table with Riku as well as Kairi (also KH3 appearance) who now joined us. In-fact Kairi was wearing normal clothes but Riku was wearing just his t-shirt, but it was light yellow. I realised that two guardians of light (out of 8, Sora missing) were responsible for each house. I was in yellow house that was under the lead of Riku and Terra. The others were as follows: Kairi and Axel (Red house), Aqua and Xion (Blue house), Ventus and Roxas (Green house).

      Looking at the table, I noticed that there was an envelope for Kairi and then another one for Riku. I stood with Riku as we opened each envelope to look at the paper that was in it. I have forgotten exactly what the papers were but I do know they were something in relation to the dream project Iím working on IRL. Once we had finished looking through the envelopes, I looked at the stadium rises once again and this time, I could identify some of the people. I noticed that Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter was in red house.

      As everyone was staying and chatting in the stadium, I went up to Riku and told him that I needed to go to a destination that was even lower than the stadium and so basically had to take an elevator again. Confirming that I was ready, Riku took me to the elevator which now had an even more weird formation of arrows than before. Upon entering, Riku tightened his grip around me as the elevator crazily descended again. When we were at the required destination, Riku seemed to be going back to the stadium, as he said to me to call him when I was ready to back.

      On my own, I noticed that a large group of people from my primary were having a mix between a party and a dance. Apparently each class was responsible for performing an act. One of the girls, ILoS, was the main DJ and was excited when she saw me, chatting as well as the fact that I offered to DJ when her class had their act on.

      Until then, I wondered around on my own, but that didnít seem to be a good idea as I eventually realised I was lost, and her act was now on; judging from the time she gave earlier. I tried to hurry back but I just couldnít get there in time. Then when I finally returned, I felt so bad for not doing what I promised I would, but she said (in a displeased tone) that it was okay as DZ did the Djing instead. This left me feeling bad and somewhat useless for the rest of the dream.

      I wandered off again, once again getting lose; but this time, the situation also seemed to be worse. As I entered into some sort of undercover car park, there became a flood, with water rising up and starting to chase me. I power walked up the nearest ramp as fast I could, but the water was always on my tail. There become a point where the water got to me, but the impact wasnít as bad as I though. I called my mum on my phone and said to her that I was going to call Riku in order to go back. Before Riku could come back to collect me, the dream ended.i

      Dream 722 B - Hiding From Mum
      I canít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my mum and I were at Chadstone Shopping Centre, starting off in the Coles supermarket, after we had apparently been to Review. We were just at the checkouts in Coles when something went amiss and so now I had to avoid my mum and even hide from her.

      I quickly headed to the corridor in the mall where the bathrooms were. I quickly went into the Female bathrooms but then remembered that there was a secret lounge room next door if my mum decided to come and search these bathrooms. I canít remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 722 A
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 722 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable