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    #2 - Serial Killer House - 24/04/2020

    by , 04-27-2020 at 08:21 PM (242 Views)

    The dream (potentially, as far as my recall can acquire) starts with me waiting in my local town with old school friends, very similarly to the previous dream. We are waiting for buses, which follow no particular time schedule. The journeys involve random conversations with people I went to school with. The bus always ends up at the spot it picked us up from. Upon exiting the bus for the third time, I hear a cry for help in a nearby, horror movie-esque house, which I go inside and investigate. A woman is laying in a sack, tied up next to a wardrobe - I free her and she reveals to me that she is a vampire. She isn't harmful, but we hear a noise that we believe to be the owner of a house. The vampire says he is a serial killer and likely the one that kidnapped her.

    The dream ends here.

    Possible recurring elements:
    -Old classmates, school
    -Local city centre

    -Two local area + schoolmate dreams in a row

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