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    Weird Flashbacks. July 9th 2012.

    by , 07-13-2012 at 04:01 PM (380 Views)

    This was a really weird dream. I had flashbacks more than once and in another dream. I woke up and fell asleep again, having the same flashbacks. But the last time, I found out where they were coming from .

    I was with a friend from school, in a huge empty room made of metal. I then saw the head teacher of our school walk at a fast speed away from us, into an obstacle course. I then teleported to a beach after having a flashback of a dwarf man with a metal sword-shaped suit. I then had a FA at the beach. I 'woke' up in a beach shack with some kids nearby. I had another flashback. I then noticed some Draugr things from Skyrim were breaching the door. I picked up a sword and began hacking away at them. I had a third flashback which woke me up.

    After waking up, I fell asleep again and had another dream.

    I started off in a prison, just outside a cell. I saw a skeleton man with big eyes. He was scraping skin off of a man, who said: "These are where your flashbacks came from!" then laughed. Just seconds after, I had a fourth flashback, but of the skeleton man killing a dwarf. I finally woke up and recorded in my DJ.

    I thought these dreams were really cool because they were related, but at the same time pretty creepy .

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    Tags: game, school
    non-lucid , memorable