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    1. Two Executioners After Me, Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation

      by , 01-10-2013 at 02:41 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Two Executioners After Me (DILD)


      It's a Resident Evil 4 and 5 themed dream, and I believe I'm walking along with someone who's my partner. I ask them to be cautious of the Las Plagas enemies and any other random enemies; I even tell them that killing one enemy a certain way would be easier in the long run.

      I believe it was the Las Plagas enemy in the game that wears a red robe, and he wasn't wearing the mask in the pic below:

      I realized I'm all alone now, and I'm walking inside of a dark hallway with white floors and gray walls. It seems there was something in this hallway I was going to get, but I don't have really good recall of it.

      The dream shifts where I decide to turn around and get out, and there's two Executioners in front of me that have mid-ranged weapons connected by chains.

      The environment outside looks like a derived section of the Village section in Resident Evil 4, and the skies are dark brown with thunder randomly appearing. There are dark brown trees with no leaves whatsoever, and the surface is mixed with autumn leaves and a dirt trail in the middle.

      I try to see what they're going to do, and it seems they're going to take turns in trying to kill me, so it's basically a 1 vs 1 encounter.

      I don't know why the other one in the left is here, but I focus my attention on the one to the right because he flings things large metal start spiked object at me, and I'm deflecting it with something I can't recall too well.

      I hear the metal clanks, and I can feel the aggressive force this executioner is exerting when using the chained weapon at me. I bounce back, and I'm honestly having a hard time, and since he has two of these weapons, I have to keep myself aware even after I deflect one weapon.

      It took him maybe 2-3 seconds to chain the attacks together before taking a 4 second break to prepare for another chain, and there were two moments where I almost got injured.

      I keep deflecting the attacks, literally on my toes having to spatially expand my awareness. I don't know what I do next, but I get used to his attacks and I presume that I would make a final kill somehow before I have to deal with the one on the left.


      Cowboy Bebop Final Episode Simulation (DILD)


      I only remember being at an elevator, pressing the up or down button on the glossed dark brown panel.

      The elevator dings, and random men in black suits start aiming their guns at me from both elevator doors.

      I duck for cover somehow and kill them off, and I can't really feel myself being injured or anything like that. I try to press the button several times after dealing with this onslaught, and it just keeps going and going maybe 2-3 times....
      I can't remember anything after that.
    2. Avoiding Saddler and Escaping To the Ocean, Bacteriophages Infecting The House, White Tiger Chase...

      by , 01-07-2013 at 11:32 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Avoiding Saddler and Escaping To the Ocean (Non-lucid)


      First of all, this was quite a scary dream because I was trapped in a room for a while, and it took some creativity and a lucky distraction to get away from Saddler, the main villain in Resident Evil 4.

      There are maybe 2-3 resets in this dream, and there were other dreams mixed into them I believe. The first thing I can remember is simply being inside of a tool shed made of gray bricks and a decent rooftop.

      I go inside, thinking Saddler wouldn't find me there, but I left the door open, and he slowly prepares himself to come in. He takes a peek to see if I'm there, and I'm pretty sure he knows I'm there. For this part of the dream before the reset, it was because I was afraid of what he would do to me that made me shift into another dream.

      Before the dream goes into a reset at that same event, I'm in a first person player dream where I'm holding a gun and I'm running around randomly. I'm listening to someone showing another person how to prepare their gun.

      He screams out,

      "Lift your Arm!"



      The person practicing this was doing the same procedure stated to him, and I was confused on what he meant by "Hold," so I looked at the person and saw they cocked their gun and I did the same.

      I noticed when I was doing this, I get a more detailed version of the gun, and I see #1 and #2 near the holding base of the gun. I decided to press number 2 since 1 was already pressed.

      I hold my arm up, cocked the gun, but I didn't want to shoot. I just repeated the process until I realized I had a different gun. Now I'm shifted back to that same dream I mentioned of me trying to escape Saddler.

      This time, the dream shift skips whatever I did to get out of the dead-end situation I set myself up for with Saddler. The area around me was an island and the borders for this section of the island had light gray bricks that pretty vivid for something that would just be a filler in a dream like this.

      The surface I'm standing on is a trailing path of pure brown dirt with green grass left and right. There's randomly generated trees spaced out maybe 10 feet from each other, but if I remember correctly, there were maybe 2-5 trees overall on this section of the island. The sky above is blue and has little clouds, and it feels likes a tropical environment.

      It feels kind of awkward to have this nice little paradise of an island with evil lurking within in. So I aimed my weapon that's now a grappling gun to the roof of castle-like structure 20 feet away from me.

      I think I'm going to miss, but the grapple just extends a bit further probably to ensure that I get a hold on to something at least. So I shifted my gun downwards a bit and now the grapple is in place. I thought I had to manually climb up, but apparently the grappling gun does an automatic pull for me...sweet!

      So I immediately take a right and head for the sandy beach and find that the water stretching god knows how long. The water is a turquoise type of color that's a bit more on the green side, like pastel green, except a little darker and a bit more yellow to give it a limey kind of color.

      There's a submarine with its top exposed, and I realize I'm riding a balloon like mini submarine. Things are going fairly well for me, and my worries of the balloon like structure popping from sharp objects is eliminated, which allows me to speed up to follow the older man who I believe helped me escape from Saddler.

      I wanted to go into the submarine since the old man was apparently going for it, but he moved forward instead, and I clearly shifted my vehicle to the right. I'm keeping a pretty steady pace, maybe 30 feet away from him, but now I'm shifted to the right, and I think I plan to go on my own into a even DEEPER ocean that's right UNDER this one.

      That's all I remember for that one.


      Bacteriophages Infecting The House (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a house, and basically, there are brown bacteriophages that are about as small as my pinky, maybe smaller than that, infecting this random house I'm in.

      I'm trying my best to avoid them because someone told me that they can cause your memory to degree. They weren't really affecting me, or at least I didn't feel as if they were after me, but I started to get paranoid because they grew by the number at random places in the house.


      Running Away from White Tiger With Black Stripes (Non-lucid)


      There's this female that I'm close to in this very cold area completely saturated with snow.

      There's not much I can remember from this, but I do remember saying something to her, and then I was trying to run away from her.

      She transforms into a white tiger with black stripes, and while I'm trying my best to get the hell away from her, I think I'm saying some cruel things at her along with someone else running away from her.

      The other person does most of the insulting, and I realized that these insults I'm giving to her are petty and just completely disrespectful. I'm pretty sure she was someone good to talk with, but I don't know that triggered this negativity.

      She comes at me fast in her tiger mode, and I'm now in this weird position where I'm controlling my dream body to run away from her, but I also have vision to see what's behind me.

      She's just coming at me with all her might, and I'm barely able to keep up a faster pace than her.

      I noticed the glacier and icy areas I'm passively acknowledging as I'm going maybe 60 mph or even 70 mph, possibly in an animal transformation of my own, are starting to crack.

      But we're going so fast, it doesn't even matter.

      I can't remember much after that.

      Then there's this other dream I had where my father reads my text messages and what's on my computer, and I don't want him to know I have a girlfriend. He seems to be a bit passive, but I still quickly take back my phone and laptop away from him.

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    3. Akashic Records Real or Fake, Calling my Father, Creature, Kaomea PM. Alyzarin commands, and more...

      by , 01-04-2013 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Akashic Records Reading Real or Fake? (Non-lucid)


      I remember that I'm inside of a hallway where things are quiet but peaceful. There's a very big book in front of me, and the exterior is a brown color while the pages are slightly yellow.

      The room was a little dark, but there was a window right above me that was conveniently placed right behind the book so that I could easily read it. I couldn't remember the first pages of this book, and I probably wouldn't have been able to decipher them if I wanted to.

      So as I'm going through more pages, I finally noticed something comprehensible. For some reason, that page came out to me, like it tore out on its own or something like that. It stated about me having a 53% of something, and by doing these actions, I would an augmentation leading towards that event being more probable and in my favor.

      It was kind of hard to bear at first, and I don't really recall embracing the magnificence of the Akashic Records, probably because I felt I was in the lower levels of my own Records. The paper showed a graph somewhere on the right, and then there's a table that shows actions I can take that gives me a certain percentage if I accomplish them.

      Then I had this mentality where it was Thursday of next week I believe, or maybe Thursday that already passed for this week. But to be practical, I'm going to presume the dream or astral scenario was for the week coming up after this dream journal entry.

      So if I wanted to be in the clear for the event to be in my favor I had to get at least 10% to make it 63%.

      With the options below on the table, it seemed I had a pretty good chance in making this happen. After realizing this, it gives me a sense of relief,
      but I'm still not sure if this was simulated or not.

      Then the whole experience starts go into dream like qualities, and I see random people like Nick from Young and the Restless,
      so now as I'm typing this, the Akashic Records reading was either:

      - Real, but I dozed off and got the experienced intertwined with a random dream

      -Simulated along with the random dream

      - Real, but how I conceptualize it was associated with how I analyze dreams.

      Now the dream shifts where I'm planning out some of the activities on the paper that's torn out (this was obviously a simulation or something, because I don't recall your own pages actually being able to be ripped off or being able to be torn out.

      It was mostly things related to college, and then it felt like it was Friday, and I didn't have any kind of awareness on any percentage increase. I felt my time here was limited, and that things would start crashing down for me.

      Going into this self-induced pit of negative emotions, I start to phase out of my planning, if I had one, and I can't recall the rest of this experience.


      Trying to Call My Father (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a house I'm currently residing for the New Years break, and I find myself trying to call my father. The phone starts blanking out pretty frequently, which irritates me.

      My father picks up sometimes, but most of the time I can't even hear him at all. I didn't bother to check if the phone volume was on mute, but I didn't really want to do anything but to call him.

      The house itself has the kitchen light turned on and the T.V. on the left is on as well I believe.

      There's someone wearing an orange shirt and brown leggings or velour pants in the house that starts becoming annoying after a while and starts screaming, and I'm not sure if it's at me or my father.

      But when she's screaming, I hear the response from my phone. I get confused, and I can't remember what happens after that.


      Weird Creature & Dave Chappelle (Non-lucid)


      There's a creature consisting of orange and a slightly green tentacle. It's as small as a human fist, and it's moving around like crazy where I'm too scared to do anything.

      Dave Chappelle randomly comes into this dream, and I'm trying to throw a ball at the creature, but Dave catches it with his butt cheeks. He starts going random mode on me, and I'm trying to look the other way before things go into the shitter for this dream.


      Kaomea PMs me (Non-lucid)


      Kaomea PMs stating that I could PM her every now and then.



      Alyzarin makes me Respond Quickly (Non-lucid)


      Alyzarin wants me to respond to a thread with preset responses, and I do it quickly because she says it to me in a rush.

      I thought I created the thread, which was something related to putting what describes you as a tag or something, but it seems Erii created it before me.

      After reading my reply the second time, I felt this didn't really describe me. Then some random user below me with a Kid Goku picture for his avatar stated how he was going to describe himself, but I pretty much took part of what he was.

      A lot of people liked this, and I feel confused on what I actually did to "steal" part of his identity in the first place. I felt guilty either way, and then as I'm scrolling up to see who liked it, I saw Kaomea and 6 other people liked it.

      I was still speculating what I did wrong, and I felt guilty....lol...guilty over people who liked something that basically makes me look like the bad guy.

      I turned to Alyzarin and told her that she shouldn't have made me do that, and she instant messages me with (paraphrasing here):

      "I tend to do that a lot, get used to it."


      This dream so random and incomprehensible to piece together.


      Don't Bold, Italicize, or Underline! (Non-lucid)


      It's pretty much the whole dream; someone tells me not to bold, italicize, and underline.

      It wasn't like that exactly, she made a blog post on how "Brandon" is violating the Terms of Service by doing these actions. Then she goes on to ramble on and on and on and on.

      Then I looked at the comments that seemed automated and a bunch of one-liners. Then after speculation, I realized this whole blog post was a bunch of BULL, and this didn't make sense AT ALL.

      Could've done a reality check, but nope.
    4. Prison Camp and Dying For the First Time!!!

      by , 12-23-2012 at 08:11 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Prison Camp and Dying for the First Time (Non-lucid)


      Just a mere nap, and I have this crazy experience, damn, it felt like it was at least a 10 minute dream, or even more. It felt so condensed, a lot of gaps in between, but those parts I recalled had huge significance in my overall experience.

      And I died, which is a first thing, and I was in prison, so obviously, my feelings of being trapped is related to how I feel about people in general and the image I'm trying to sustain, but knowing that trying to do so might actually send me into deeper and more difficult tasks to get out of.

      I was meditating, and what a perfect dream to signify that I'm trying to get out of, my thoughts and attachments of life.......And to finally reach freedom in this dream was so amazing, until a small ad hoc of soldiers shot me down like I was nothing.

      Now on to the dream. There's a lot of sexual references here, but there wasn't anything sexual, just a lot of representations of how I conceptualize certain things, and the mere mentioning of that representation isn't going to be a bother, except the death of course, or it could be a joy to some sadists.

      So, let's go on with the dream.

      I'm on the run, I don't know where I am, but I do have a weird connection to this place and the nooks and crannies of a few specific areas. It's like a dungeon, and I'm constantly finding myself going up stairs, random hallways, reaching upper levels where there's natural sun light, but never going too far into the light.

      My mind is mixed at this point, so many interchanging thoughts at once ranging from the fear of possibly being found out, captured, and recieving a more cruel punishment for endorsing the escape of other prisoners. I felt I had obligations, but at the same time I felt I needed to engage in this neutrality of trying to help others or save myself.

      I needed other people to find ways to know more about the large Prison/Dungeon Camp I'm in, and the gargantuan size of this area, the many areas within it, all too much for one person to even conceptualize possible escape tactics for freedom.

      There's too many things going on at once that it's hard to keep track off and make it into a cohesive and comprehensible chain of events. I remember someone in a black latex suit, a female, probably resembling Catwoman, that I would end up helping or trying to avoid.

      Her role in this was temporary, and I feel I also met Robin as well, but his purpose fades away quickly. There are guards coming after us, and I remember that each time that I run, I end up going to a specific set of stairs that leads me to a myriad of paths that I can take.

      I also noticed that there are anal toys laid of on the right side about 2 feet away from double doors consisting of dark red colors with 4 rectangles going vertical formed as if they were split from a bigger rectangle on the door.

      Seeing the anal toys kind of bothered me, and I won't go into full description of what they looked like. I remember running up stairs that are made of concrete or some kind of gray marble materials with a red carpet in the middle of the stairs going all the way up and down the areas of this huge prison camp.

      When I go through the double doors, random things happen. I remember falling down a deep ditch, feeling perfectly fine, and them climbing my way up to get to more doors to have to choose randomly.

      Basically, the whole dream was full backtracking and pinpointing important locations and adding on to the mental map I had in my mind. It involved a lot of practice, a lot of trail and error, but I eventually learned the nooks and crannies and found myself at higher places in less time than I thought.

      Then I tried helping a few random people escape, and when I tried to escape, I felt I needed to go back to the prison to help more people.

      I don't know why, but I just felt I had to be responsible for saving some people. I keep using that area with the double doors and the anal toys randomly placed 2 feet away from the doors as the major reference point because I know anything beyond those doors is has subjective outcomes.

      I eventually meet an old man who I'm confused as to whether or not I'm helping him, or he's helping me. Anyway, after escaping guards inside the large building, I head outside and find an Asian man is coming inside the base.

      The electrical wired fence opens, and my perception of it opening or closing is a bit skewed. It looks like it's opening, and the old man dashes for the gate as the Asian man goes through it; he's wearing a gray hoodie, and he looks like he's in his mid 20s.

      I can feel the electricity surging in my hands for a while, but I took my hands off the fence quickly and dashed a bit to avoid it completely closing in on me and possibly shocking me.

      I follow the old man while looking both ways on the highway.

      The cars are kind of going slow at the moment, and I head to the left side of the highway where the rough part of the part is. I see a vehicle that crashed for a while now, and decided I should hide there , but I wanted to catch up to the old man.

      I saw soldiers coming up, and as I'm trying to play things off like I'm a normal citizen, things start getting hectic. I turn to the right to get a peek of the soldiers, they were wearing dark gray uniforms, and they're holding to old rifles that look like they were from U.S. Civil War times.

      A random soldier starts screaming, and everything goes in slow motion for me. I turn my face to see what's going on, when in fact the soldier is screaming in a foreign language while pointing at me. I become shocked, and I tried to run, but it's too late.

      The soldiers, at least 10 of them, shot me right where I was standing. I immediately drop on the floor with no control whatesoever, and I remember being dragged immediately by someone, and that's all I remember.

    5. Paper Earrings, Snake Creature, Flirting Sucks, God Lecture, Dream Guide Feigns Desire to Kill me...

      by , 12-17-2012 at 09:33 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Paper Earrings (Non-lucid)


      I didn't do a WBTB, so my dream recall is kind of skewed.

      All I remember for this one is that I'm helping something create some kind of poster for a presentation.

      They also seem to have their earrings made of paper as well since I colored in two dark gold ovals and quickly glued them on her ears.

      I told her good luck, and she doesn't really say anything to me, or at least my recall of her saying anything is bad.


      The Prehistoric Snake Creature (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking in a random neighborhood that seems to be derived of the one I'm currently at for winter break.

      I'm casually walking around in the morning time of the dream, and something feels weird near my feet area.

      I look down, and about 3-5 feet away from me is a creature that looks like a Prehistoric and fossilized Snake structure.

      The head of this creature was like semi-circle in a way, except there's a bump in front where the sides would crown around it.

      It has a transparent body structure where the body organs are easily visible; most noticeably the big glowing organ near the head and the start of its flexible spine.

      The best thing I can associate this thing's composition is the Resident Evil 4 Las Plagas parasite, especially the one that shows up when Leon starts hallucinating inside a shack where he would encounter the big sea creature later on.

      It had a slight light brown color for its body structure, along with a scaled lining that seems to be stacked under the head. The head was basically shaped like a broad arrowhead.

      It continues to follow me, and I try to walk slowly to see what this thing can actually do. I noticed that its arrowhead composition obviously points me out like a sore thumb.

      And if I try to make quick movements, it would sling itself like a slingshot and get even closer to me. So small movements definitely were the only option I had until I figured out a better plan.

      And I doubt I was able to find that "better" plan.


      Flirting is Not Working (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to this girl that I used to have for my English AP Lit Class in High School, and she seems to be kind of dull and stoic.

      I tried having a decent communication with her, and I believe there's someone else that we both had to meet to talk about something. I tried flirting with the girl, I think?

      Whatever happens, she leaves the area without saying anything to me, she didn't even portray any kind of emotion that she was concerned about me or anything at all.

      I watch her open the door, and she quickly gets on a Maroon Bicycle that looks like the University's default bicycle service model. She rides the bicycle awkwardly, but that probably pertains to the actual model in waking life making one ride strangely in the first place.

      The trees outside are full of life, and even though the leaves are covering the sunlight, it's apparent that it's bright outside. It also seems to be slightly windy outside.


      God Lecture with Grandma (Non-lucid)


      I'm sitting at an auditorium of some sort, and the overall atmosphere is saturated with this yellow color.

      My grandmother goes on with this speech of the Christian God, and I'm really bored trying to listen to this. I try to block it out of audio, and there's a lot of people that are getting out of the area.

      I remain in my seat because of some weird reason of not trying to make my Grandmother feel bad.

      Eventually, I do leave, so HA!


      Dream Guide is Going to FREAKING KILL ME!!!! Or Not? (Non-lucid)


      I remember the dream starting out where I'm walking around an area that's close to my apartment in waking life. It feels like its 4-5PM in the dream, since the sun is close to sunset.

      I go to the left and end up walking to the curve that goes in a "C" motion, with me starting at the bottom of the "C."

      Then I ended up going to the right side of the other "C" shaped path, and I hear a police car coming nearby. The car ends up being some kind of old car model that's bulky and a little too large to be in the car category.

      I also hear some parts inside jingling and close to coming off as well. Don't know what the cop was going to do, but he left to do whatever it is. I thought it would be for me since I just happened to hear the siren out of nowhere.

      The dream shifts where I'm apparently going out with this blonde girl (inb4DreamGuide), and she's kind of cute. However, I can't verify her age, so I don't try to do anything weird with her. She does seem obsessive over me, requiring that I'm with her, or else she'll threaten to kill me.

      She looked a lot like Catherine from the game Catherine, the succubus one. She looks like she's 16-18 years of age in this dream. I remember being at the top stair level in an auditorium, and she's sitting around the front area to get a good lateral view of the stage.

      I look at the back of her head, and she quickly turns around and locks in on me. I don't think she's trying to kill me, she's just using that so I can get her attention and possibly do a reality check. Unfortunately, I didn't do that, and she turns her head back to look at the stage.

      I believe that I decided I should go ahead and sit next to her, and she's obviously a big contrast from the dark room of seats with people in dark clothing. The stage is the main attraction with the yellow lights shining on the shiny brown wooden floor layering.

      The glow emits all the way until it hits the Catherine dream character that's wearing her default white costume, or at least just a white nightgown.

      There's a part where I'm taking out a sword out of a sheath, but it doesn't seem logical that the sword can come out properly if the design is having "X Y Z" stick in the middle. It's practically impossible in waking life, but it slides off the sheath with ease.

      I don't know where this part came into the dream, because my dream recall is slightly off right now after not paying too much attention to remembering my dreams.

      Considering she was one form I wanted my tulpa to be in, maybe I should use her characteristics for tulpaforging.....excluding the "pretend to kill you" part.

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    6. Sivason Makes a Movie and Large Deku Tree, Shirtless Twitter, People Want Sex

      by , 12-11-2012 at 05:53 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sivason Makes a Movie and Large Deku-like Tree (Non-lucid)


      This whole dream is a reflection of my meditation and concepts I learned in the yoga class, or at least the dream trying to attempt the associations through that.

      And it could mean personal stuff as well, but I'm not really good at interpreting that much.

      Sivason makes a movie that involved a lot of abstract techniques in eradicating questionable entities around this really really big tree.

      I reminded me of the Deku Tree from Ocarina of time, but this tree was VERY big. It had this weird vibe where I could feel closure and solace, but it was so still, which is obvious for tree, but still, to have so much energy from something that seemed so inanimate was weird.

      I felt like I was inside of Sivason's movie, and he would narrate occasionally, often telling me a few helpful tips in how to kill these weird creatures. He had a deep and relaxing tone, and he said things nice and slowly where I could actually comprehend everything compared to other dream characters that are just.......sporadic.

      The creatures themselves were scary as hell, there was this snake like creature that has this Oriental Hat of some kind you would see with Dragon cosplay or whatever you call it where people would go under a dragon outfit and march around with 2-3 people sustaining its composition in a parade or something like that.

      It's exterior was a dark blue with some shiny reflections. The hat, or whatever it was wearing, consisted of colors of pink, white, yellow, green, and maybe some red in a few places. I think the solution in killing it was through a high speed and separate circular chain saw piece, and this creature was fairly enduring, even in death.

      It seems that this area with the huge tree is actually FLOATING above a LARGE body of water. And it's like old game graphics looking water where you can see the ripples spreading out, like the picture below if you pay attention to the reflection of the surface Link is above:

      The same snake hat creature I mentioned landed on the water, and while floating, I thought it would at least be devirtualized or something (kind of like in Code Lyoko where the digital sea basically removes you completely if you go into it).

      It takes maybe 5 seconds before the snake starts to vibrate abnormally and splits in half from the circular chainsaw. There was at least one ReDead creature on the floating island, and it could JUMP.

      Just.....it's scary just coming in contact with these slow creatures, but actually JUMPING? That sets the scariness level waaay up. Then there's another weird creature that comes out of dead bodies, and it ends up being some kind of zombified paper mache chicken.

      Like the snake creature, it had colors of green, white, yellow, and this time, violet. It didn't have "skin" like the snake, but its composition with being a paper mache type of creature resembled the same form of the snake's hat, which was probably paper mache as well.

      Sivason informs me that using a red item kills a certain creature, and then some silverish items kills another creature. So I end up following his instructions and probably killed all of those scary entities.

      Maybe I wanted to go inside of the Deku Tree, maybe not, but I did have a purpose on this island, and maybe I'll check later on through meditation.


      Twitter for Shirtless People (Non-lucid)


      That's right, twitter has some feature where people can post pictures of themselves shirtless, and they can even go topless if they wanted to.

      Or they could link to a picture or video that involves them being shirtless or topless. It was weird, because everyone in the crowd was going crazy on how awesome this was, and I jump in the bandwagon effect and started thinking,

      "GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!" (not literally, but my emotions clearly portrayed I was sustained by that mentality)

      Me and the group of peopl were trying to find the original link to a video that claimed to have a lot of shirtless and topless people. I don't know if the link ended up being fake, but we were going nuts to find the link location.


      People Want Sex (Non-lucid)


      All remember from this is that there's a list of people who state what they're into sexually, and there's all sorts of random features.

      There's a list that ranks women based on their level of salaciousness, and some even had nicknames like "Scarface." I wonder how she got the name Scarface.......

      Most of these girls names had familiar vibes to them, and a lot of them reminded me of High School chicks I used to know.

      I was kind of shocked how many of these girls would expose themselves so sexually on the internet. There was another girl that wasn't really attractive, but god, her level of being so sexually expressive of herself was out of this world.



      She's showing a picture of herself with two dildos in her vagina and asshole, and she's ramming the the backdoor like there's no freaking tomorrow.

      She's into anal, and some other hardcore stuff.

      There were more girls with slutty profiles and fetishes, but I can't remember them all

    7. Calvin and High Speed Punches, Nazi Kamikaze Soldiers

      by , 12-07-2012 at 11:22 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Calvin and High Speed Punches (Non-lucid)


      All I remember is that Calvin from Tyler Perry's, "House of Payne," is engaging in an intense battle with some random dream character.

      Calvin is wearing a maroon dress shirt buttoned up along with black jeans. He's giving it his all punching this DC, and his opponent seems to be giving him an equal amount of punching as well.

      Their punches are so fast that it ends up being a Dragon Ball Z type of battle where you just see random flashes and it's hard to know where they're trying to punch.

      Oh, and he's also flying and punching too, and he has his mouth slightly open, probably to exhale as he's exerting immense force in his attacks.


      Nazi Kamikaze Soldiers (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a store with a few random people. Everything about this area feels suspicious, like everyone is watching us, watching to see when we'll seem like we're out of synch with everyone else.

      Kind of like in Inception when the subconscious manifestations of dream characters start looking in on someone who isn't in synch with the host's mind.

      I believe we were trying to retrieve something, and I was going through a fairly long aisle in front of me. The flooring was all white, the lighting was pure white, and the shelves were mostly gray and dull in color.

      The dream shifts where I'm trying to take something, and I'm doing a horrible job at hiding it. It's a really long white pole, that I'm putting underneath my random black robe outfit that I'm wearing.

      I tried pushing the pole down to see if I can make it shorter, but the action itself was too awkward, and I started to get growing suspicion from everyone around me.

      Then I heard someone state,

      "Get him."

      I tried to rub it off and walked casually to just to make sure I didn't assume they were talking to me. But with the footsteps picking up their pace, I made a dash for it. Things go out fairly well in my escape, until I temporarily had my speed decreased for no apparent reason.

      I literally was pedalling my legs....how is that even possible? I tried so hard to speed up, and I did, though the reaction time was very awkward because I went a little too fast.

      Spoiler for A bit too poopy:
      Spoiler for A bit too poopy:

      So after that's settled, I accepted whatever is inside of me, and completely ignored the simple function to just find a bathroom and do #2.

      The dream shifts where I'm in a mini-mall of some sort. There's a lot of dark-skinned dream characters, and I had a feeling this was a tribal setting. I also felt that these people were most likley cannibals as well.

      I tried my best to remain cautious in everything that I did inside this area. It was difficult getting out, because I didn't want to stare at anyone for too long to provoke them, and also not make myself too out of norm where they might just attack me for no reason.
    8. Penis Cutter, Princess Zelda Collects Dragons, Las Plagas Victims Won't Die

      by , 11-14-2012 at 05:50 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      The PENIS CUTTER (Non-lucid)


      Heh, yesterday, I had three blowjobs in a dream, and now this? OH YEAH. *sarcasm*

      My dream recall, I'm getting my tulpa to help me recall them whenever I come back home and have time to recall them, considering the time I woke up and went to class was 1-2 hours, and still managed to remember this without writing notes is going pretty well. Tulpaforging, not really so strong at the moment, but I'm trying.

      So I'm outside near your typical gas station store, or mini-market area. The atmosphere is gray overall, guess it must be a cold day, or most likely to rain. There's this machine that I'm trying to avoid that apparently cuts the head of your penis off.

      It has a mix of colors:

      -Red Eyes

      And its composition, especially for the torso and legs, was fairly basic. It's mostly a rectangular base for the torso, with a few curved ends here and there, and the legs were skinny but extremely durable. It had choppers as well, obviously, so it can cut men's penis heads off.

      I'm informed on a screen that shows up like a HUD where I have to mentally synch in the letters that show up, or else the machine/robot cuts my penis off. And what made it more challenging is that I have to at least be 2-5 feet to the machine that's coming at me.

      Like WTF.

      I had my penis head cut off at least two times, and thank goodness I didn't feel any pain, and the machine can cut the head off REALLY fast. I remember the first time the dream reset where I'm in the same environment with the mini-mart, I was inside the store, and running through the small aisles, trying to make random things fall to slow down the machine.

      You know how in a chase where the one being chased pulls down random shit, like a pole or fruits on a fruit stand to distract the chaser? Yeah.

      Other than that, the dream was mostly revolved on me trying to avoid the robot until I was ready to synch with the random letters surrounded by a cyan aura.
      Princess Zelda collects Dragons? (Non-lucid)


      I believe I'm in the same environment as I was in the previous dream with the penis cutter, except this time, there's not machine to worry about. I have the assumption that if I go inside the mini-mart, something bad will happen, so I decided to not go in of course.

      There's a dream shift where I'm with my father, and he wants to get some rice from one of those to-go areas you see in gas stations (like getting breakfast tacos or something like that). My father asks the man if he can get a specific rice in a specific way, and the employee has a hard time explaining things to him.

      I end up coming into the conversation and stating that the rice will be just fine, and that it won't try since it'll have water in it even when it's microwaved. I believe that's the answer the employee was going to state, but couldn't find the words.

      The dream shifts again, and I'm back outside the mini-mart. There's this really sexy female. She has dragon armor, similar to this, but more revealing of her skin, and more sluttier:

      It was also a mix of this, at least close enough to it, except it was black, and had some red marks near the shoulder areas:

      She doesn't seem like she's trying to kill me or anything, she's probably treating me as if I'm another dream character. I could've interacted with her, since she is the most enticing DC in the dream after all. She summons a huge brown dragon, and it comes to her right by her side. It's completely tamed, it moves its head next to her right hand that she has extended for the dragon to touch.

      The dragon is at peace, majestic, I could see its scales, this was an awesome dragon, and I was amazed at how much this lady could control the dragon. Then the dream shifts to where I see this same lady near Princess Zelda.

      They're both standing near a castle top (like the picture below labeled in red):

      The brown dragon is flying above them in a circle, and Princess Zelda (the Twilight Princess version) extends her arms for it to come near her. Zelda then turns to the same lady in the slutty dragon armor, who is probably her dragon tamer assistant or something, and tells her to collect more dragons for her.

      She complies, and I guess she goes off to find more dragons to tame.
      Las Plagas Victims just can't DIE (Non-lucid)


      I'm playing as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil 4. I'm trying to shoot all the Las Plagas Victims before they kill him, and I feel as if I'm interchanging in being in Leon's body, and mentally controlling him in spectator mode.

      I'm inside of a house, like the type of house made mostly of wood and bricks, like a 1800s type of house. There's a border extending from a wall in the middle of the area, meaning the enemies have to go horizontally from where I'm at before they can get to me.

      I'm using basic guns, thinking that they'll be adequate enough to take care of this invasion, but when I shoot their heads off, they are STILL alive. In fact, for some, A white ghost comes out that's still stuck on their body. It's popping out, but not all the way.

      Then I thought that I should mentally scroll over to the inventory system, like in Resident Evil 4, and get out the Chicago Typewriter, which has infinite ammo in the actual game, and had the same benefit here in the dream.

      I go crazy, I hold on to the trigger, and never released it. These things just won't BLOODY DIE. They're still moving. And the dream shifts where Dr. Salvador (the chainsaw guy) is preparing to come at me, but is waiting for me to come at a reasonable distance to chop my head off or something.

      The environment is completely dark, and the only source of lighting for me to distinguish who's there are the occasional flashes of thunder that leaves a brief moment of visualizations. There's also a few fire sources here and there, but they aren't enough to deal with these Las Plagas victims coming at me.

    9. Deformed Dog, Black Bears, Tennis Nationals, Bras & Panties, Me vs U3 and Krauser(SDE Pt. 2: Day 25)

      by , 10-29-2012 at 06:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Deformed, Gray, and Fur-less Dog (Non-lucid)


      I remember being under of an open trunk of a random vehicle that looks like a Jeep Grand Cherokee or something. Similar to the vehicle my father uses, and I have my mother to the left of me. She's wearing one of those transparent black blouses with the fancy black designs over it that have a darker shade than the smoother material.

      Then I see a dark-skinned lady, assuming she's a random person in the neighborhood, walking with her dog. The dog doesn't have any fur, has gray skin, and seems to be a mix of a bloodhound and some other dog. Oh and, it doesn't seem to have all its legs intact.

      In fact, it just has two, and a compact body to balance our those two legs. It also has its head out of balance from this body, but it surprisingly can balance itself just well. The dog starts running around away from its owner, and I start getting worried. The dog tries to come after me and my mother, and other people who are around us that I didn't bother to look at, but the owner screams at it to signal it back.

      The owner doesn't even apologize for the fact that the dog was THIS close from potentially biting someone. Then the dog gets more aggressive by trying to get closer to us more often, making circles. Eventually, it passes on the left side, and I thought it was going to get my mother.

      I told my mother,

      "WATCH OUT!" But she doesn't seem to be bothered by this dog at all, and based on her facial expression barely moving, as if the dog's not even there in her perception, I tried to calm down and ignore it.

      However, my legs are literally shaking, and I can't control them, which sustains the fear of the dog probably biting me all over again. The dog takes another circle around the area we're in, and it slowly comes behind me. I'm still looking inside the trunk of the jeep, but like, I probably had some remote viewing going on, since I can see what's behind me without turning back.

      The dog gets closer, without showing its teeth by the way, but I get too scared when it's at least 4 inches from touching my skin.

      I wake up afraid, and I closed my eyes back again after a few seconds to get the backyard dream coming next.[/INDENT]_________________________
      Black Bears in Backyard (Non-lucid)


      I'm with my father somewhere at the side yard of a house. Some people come in, and they claim to be insurance agents. They asked us if we have insurance. My father probably gives them a response to give them more time to talk about things before they answer.

      So I follow my father out of habit, and he's paying attention to someone in the backyard. He's making facial expressions to them that obviously portrays that we needed to get them out of the side yard. I don't know why he can't just tell them they have an insurance company already and make them leave.

      Anyway, he eventually tells me that once he gets out, he made a path way in order for me to get out, but I would have to be the bait in order to trick the people into coming to the back yard instead. I go to the two people, one is young man in his early 20s, and the other is a woman in her 40-50s.

      I tell the guy and lady that we should take this matter out in the backyard, where we can have a better conversation. The guy seems like he's not buying it, and responds, "Mhmmmmm.........?"

      But he complies, and so does the lady. I send them to the backyard, and I'm trying to get the urge to just dash the hell out of the area. I just can't, and my father abandons me completely, I don't know why. When they have their backs turned, I saw the back door was open, which led to a kitchen inside. I tried to escape my way, but it would be too obvious that I would need to open the front door to really get out.

      So I ended up pretending I was looking for something in the sink, and felt like they would turn back to see what I would do to have a conversation with them. I turn back, and look at the backyard, and saw 3-4 Black Bears. For some reason, I didn't feel scared, but the agents didn't want to go anywhere near them.

      I agree that they were kind of scary and unexpected, and they are fairly big, at least when compared to the overall surface area of the backyard. I go out to the backyard, and there's one bear close to me. I get closer, and put my hand out, and it basically acts like a cat.

      By acting like a cat, I mean when my hand is near its nose, it starts sniffing and trying to rub its fur against my hand playfully. It likes me, and I sense that the other bears are not hear for aggression of assault, unless provoked of course.

      After a while, I get so distracted that I accidentally let the same one I was playing with come in. Then I had the urge that it should get out of the kitchen, and the agents were literally backing away near the door, waiting for the bear to get out. I also remember the bear wanted to make fisting actions, so I bumped my fist into its fist, and we pretended that we were bobbing and weaving for a few seconds.


      It seemed the back door exterior to be exposed outside turned out to be the inside of the door of a fridge when you open it, except it's empty, or near empty in the dream.

      After that happens, I forget what happens next, still have to get the insurance agents off my ass after my father "supposedly" gave me a method to escape if I followed it.
      Prince of Tennis National Matches (Non-lucid)


      I recall watching some matches, like real matches instead of watching the Prince of Tennis Series on the computer. Seigaku is facing some team wearing red jackets. I go up to get a racquet that I presume to be mine. It has a green circular base, and regular white strings. Then I almost made one racquet fall, but I quickly catch it before it did, and moved it back into its original spot, which was near a red tennis bag I believe.

      I look to my right, or my left, since I had my back facing the courts. I look to find that Kaidoh and Inui are out there getting ready to face the team. I even started to say to myself,

      "I guess it's Kaidoh's turn now." Then someone tells me, "No."

      I look again at the court, and realized Kaidoh and Inui are a doubles pair, not a singles pair. Then to the right of me, I see Tezuka playing a match with a dark-skinned opponent with the red jacket. I took interest in Tezuka's match above all others that I could see in my vision at the time.

      It seems its taking at a far-end court, but I can see just clearly. Then things zoom in, and it turns out, they're not playing tennis anymore after a while. It seems Tezuka is gambling with the other guy, like gambling with Chocolate. The fancy milk chocolate with raisins and no raisins probably that's wrapped in a purple wrapper.

      The dark-skinned opponent wins, and I'm shocked that Tezuka lost. Tezuka literally has to push all his chocolate bars to the opponent, like as if they're playing poker or something, except with chocolate. I started to get worried if Seigaku was going to win against this random team with red sports jackets.

      After a while, my faith started to increase after I see other teams literally owning everyone else, and it seems the chance to win are in our favor. This makes me distracted and do some random things I can't recall too well.

      After a while, I'm informed Seigaku won, and I was shocked, probably because the time I left to do random stuff, and to be informed was fairly quick.
      Buying a Bra and Panties (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking with Tezuka from Prince of tennis, and he's in his milky violet shirt and regular smooth dark blue jeans. We're walking in an aisle, and I see there's a woman's bra that's packed in a plastic bag for sale. I pick it up for no apparent reason.

      Tezuka seemed to had some weird interest to look at it as well, and then I found there's a woman's underwear for sale as well. So I picked both up, and ended up feeling the woman's underwear. So maybe I picked up a random underwear that wasn't in a bag.

      I asked Tezuka if he can pay for these since-------- he immediately agrees before I get a chance to finish my sentence. He probably could sense that my excuse for getting it was going to be lame, and decided to just buy it for me. Then we get out of the aisle, and are now in the long hallway of the store perpendicular to the aisles behind us.

      There's a huge Fast Food type of place on the perpendicular side we're on, and they're serving all sorts of food. Meatballs, Corn dogs, etc. Tezuka takes interest, and looks at some of the food that's uncovered from the metal tray they used, probably to conserve heat and make it hit back and forth on the food.

      Tezuka finds what he wants, which is some kind of long corn dog food item, but I had the feeling that what's inside is not the type of meat he wanted.

      We asked one of the servers if they had some kind of long corn dog food available with the preferred meat Tezuka probably wanted, which I can't remember. The server said they ran out of it, and even double checks by placing his hand into some random yellow liquid inside one of the metal cooking trays.

      That was so disgusting.....

      I can't remember much after that.
      RE4: Me vs U3 (Non-lucid)


      Alright, so the dream starts off pretty intense...like REALLY intense.

      First off, I'm controlling Leon from Resident Evil 4, at least that's what I'm presuming. I have Ashely follow me, because there's this monster that looks like the U3 boss you would face right after the epic knife fight with Krauser, and has features resembling the Regenerator.

      The U3/Regenertor hybrid was mostly just the form of the picture of the U3 above, it's just that it had stretchable arms like the Regenerator, which is why I considered it a hybrid.

      Ashely runs to the other corner (thank god she's using her brain for once), however, because of this, I think she sets some kind of activating in the room I'm in to occur. The room she's in consists of a gray colored metal walls with windows to see what's inside the room I'm in.

      The room I'm in, it contains dark shades of crimson red, and if I remember correctly, the place is designed to be fairly heated above room temperature
      (which kind of makes sense, since I had my heater in my apartment set to around 85-89 degrees from this cold weather). It was similar to the Crate and Metal Place in RE4 where Leon and Ashely jumped off into a huge trash bin area to encounter a few Regenerators

      For some reason, I trip and land on my back, and I started doing some Resident Evil 6 tactics here. I stay on the ground, and move by pushing my legs one after the other, WHILE I'm aiming at the U3/Regenerator hybrid.

      I forget what gun I'm using, but whatever it is, I know it's a rapid-fire AT least. The monster is walking fairly slowly, adding on to the suspense. After a while, the monster gets ahead of me. I don't think it's concerned about me at all, it's fixated on Ashely.

      I turn around, realized I can get up, but was staying on the ground for the whole time for some reason before the monster decided to change plans. I try to get inside the room where Ashely was before the monster did, but the monster ends up grabbing Ashely and killing her.

      I get the screen prompting that Ashely's dead, and the dream resets on me. Now I'm back to the same scenario in the beginning, except this time, I'm standing up. I get a little closer to the monster than usual, since I'll be more agile to back away in case it tried any funny stuff with me.

      I think for a moment, it's size was a little smaller than usual, and I see that it magically made a bicycle appear, and it started to ride it to get away from me, and go back to Ashely. I'm in the same situation where I'm trying to run before it gets to her, but it turns back to being the full sized U3, and chops my head off with it's flexible blade arm.

      Then as Leon's head is chopped off, and he's down on his knees before he falls to the ground, the monster chops Ashley's head off as well. I don't think I saw the actual heads being chopped off, but there was a distinct sound for both Leon and Ashely confirming that it had to be a head chop kill.

      I get the "You are Dead" Screen, but I quickly had the dream reset before the words could fully form. Ashely does her thing and goes to that other room, and I'm shooting at the U3/Regenerator thing again. This time, I'm watching out for it trying to make a random bicycle appear and ride off to avoid me.

      After a while, since the monster is walking so damn slow, and I didn't want to risk it doing the bicycle stunt over again, I turn around, and started dashing for the room Ashley's in. I'm trying my best to not look back, and run with all my might. I get inside of the room, and I prompt Ashely to follow me. We're doing pretty well.

      Then after going around in the U-shaped room (hahaha U-shaped, after facing a U3), we find ourselves with a door that requires both of us to press a button on the side at the same time. I activate the small screen pad on the right side, and them prompt Ashely to quickly press the button at the same side.

      I have a feeling the U3 is using the bicycle to catch up to us, but I'm focusing more on getting the hell out. We continue running, until there's a door that's blocked off with patches of planks over each other. In that same moment we were running, in my head, there was split-second thinking that started to become much slower.

      So within that small time frame, I had a visualization that the U3 would come charging at us. would purposefully take advantage of it doing so by staying in front of the blocked off door, and then ducking at the right moment the U3 thinks it would get me, but would break the door with it's accelerating force instead.

      I had another visualization that it would fail, and I would be at a dead-end, and would have to shoot it down as it came to us, but fortunately, the first visualization in that split-second time frame that was slowed down tremendously was in our favor.

      The U3 charges after the door, crashes into it, and continues to soar mid-air because of its speed, and for a moment, things slowed down, and I realized that Leon had a Sniper Rifle before, but the U3 took it. It's hard to recall if the U3 had the Sniper Rifle stuck on its body, or if I grabbed it from Leon and took over his role.

      Either way, I'm in a scene where Leon is going to fall down his back, and then the dream shifts where I'm now having the sniper rifle in my hand. I started to No-scope shoot the U3, and after one shot, I had the feeling the Sniper Rifle ran out of ammo.

      It makes a distinct sound that makes me presume that, and I decided to throw it away, and get Ashely to follow and run along with me to avoid the U3. After we covered some distance, since the U3 was still trying to recover from its fall, I quickly looked back at its location while I'm still running with Ashely.

      Turns out, the U3 literally gives up. It turns its back at me and looks at me like it calmed down a lot, and seems to be going back into the darkness that we were in just a few moments earlier. The area we were running around it mostly had gray color, and for some reason, I felt that I would encounter Krauser.

      Because like in the actual game, after the U3, I think you would face Krauser again for the "final" showdown with before (because Ada Wong is the one that really kills him after the fight).

      It turns out I'm right, except it's not like the brown colored area in the actual game, it's still the light gray colors where we escaped the U3 from. I realized I have a red floppy disk in my hand, and the top part of it seems to be slightly bent, but either way, I consider it valuable information.

      Apparently, Ashely isn't supposed to be here with me, Krauser told me that he caught her and took her to "them" to die or something like that. He looked really pissed on me getting her, so I just told Ashely to leave....just like that and she disappears.

      Kind of makes the whole dream reset pointless if I was worried about her whiny bitchy self in the actual game from dying when I didn't need her existence in this dream in the first place. I fend off Krauser's knife attacks, and I find a panel shows up on the HUD in the dream.

      I find a piece of paper on the desk where Krauser is at, and quickly grabbed it to find there's certain commands to do certain moves. One move I sort of recalled well was typing "Chanto" or something like that, which would then prompt me to recall a move to fend off against Krauser. There were other commands like Kick, etc., and I somehow got Krauser's knife.

      I looked at the piece of paper, but at the same time, I was watching out for Krauser trying to do any funny stuff, like get his knife back and possibly kill me. Something felt weird, he couldn't easily punched me, or kick me with his superhuman speed, but he's actually giving me time to read what's on the piece of paper.

      It's just that he's moving closer and closer that bothers me, so that's why I kept looking up to see if he's going to do something weird. I do a few commands, kicking, combos, I can't remember all, but they were all to push back Krauser.

      The dream shifts where I'm suddenly Raiden from MGS2, whole default costume too. I'm hiding from Krauser in this huge warehouse area where it's fairly dark. There's a bunch of metal dark violet and dark blue stairs and walkways going up and down above what seems to be a light gray bottomless pit.

      I actually start mentally controlling Raiden interchanging from first person view to 3rd person view, and to even a spectator view so I can get a general field of where Krauser was. I prompted Raiden to go over to the edge of the border on the walkway, and had him hanging on the ledge with his hands, and slowly made him move left and right depending on the situation.

      Krauser couldn't see Raiden, so I immediately prompted Raiden to get back on the walkway. Then things start getting weird. Krauser literally is teleported, or phasing in and out of areas where I plan to go for cover. I decided that since it's pretty much futile trying to hide from him, I take out whatever gun I have, most likely and automatic, and tried to aim at him.

      When I am aiming the green circle retical around the screen, and then at Krauser, I get a red "X" on him that's flashing a bit, as if I'm not supposed to shoot him. This confuses me, because I really can't shoot him, no matter how hard I press the trigger, which maybe means he's not my enemy at all?

      Then it hit me, I realized he could've used the Mutated Arm Blade of his if he wanted to from before to make the battle even more difficult, but he didn't.

      Then what the hell was he doing coming after me like that? He couldn't responded if he wasn't an enemy, but I wasn't too sure.

      The dream shifts where I "wake up", and I'm now in the body of a female version of H.U.N.K the soldier from the Resident Evil series as well........OR maybe it was a more thin and compact frame structure compared to his bulky default armor.

      It seems I was stuck on a wall mostly consisting of orange, red, and some yellow colors intertwined. It felt so weird, like this whole thing was a simulation or something. There's a guy to the left of me, who looks Indian, and tells me that this was a simulation....I think.

      After that, he has his arms wrapped around me to support me in walking, because everything after that awakening felt so sudden that I couldn't get control of the new body I'm in.

      I can't remember anything after that unfortunately.

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    10. Tennis, Code Lyoko Krabs, Laundromat, Killer, Alyzarin, and much more........... (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 08)

      by , 10-13-2012 at 06:09 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Damn, this took a while to type. I had to shorten the second to last dream, since you know, I have to do human things in this humanistic planet we're on....like taking care of laundry, then studying for math midterm, and finishing up any Organic Chemistry Lab homework when I come back from the Laundromat.

      Heh, had a dream about Laundromats....and since that came up twice in one night, I figure I should search a general dream meaning...and found dreams with laundromats are associated with trying to change your overall character, rejuvenation, enlightenment.....well I guess that's 95% right, considering I'm trying to see my difficulties and negativity in life in a different way that isn't going to cause a breaking point for me...

      Ryoma Echizen and Kevin Smith (Non-lucid)


      I see Kevin Smith from "The Prince of Tennis" outside near a random house or apartment complex. The building itself consists of a very very VERY light sky blue color, and the window frames on the outside are bordered with white wood-like material. It seems Kevin Smith was doing something in order to get accepted into a team.

      What the heck, Kevin's hair isn't blonde!! Whatever, only picture I can find with both of them, since I'm too lazy to post two separate pics.

      I don't know for what purpose, but after he gets accepted ( I can't remember how), the dream shifts where Ryoma is trying to get into a team too outside. There's no one to try and prove anything to get int, it's just them alone. Ryoma gets accepted, but he doesn't seem too excited about the whole thing.

      Then after he's gone, I think I'm near the side yard of the house doing something, but I forgot.
      Code Lyoko Krabs (Non-lucid)


      This whole dream has that futuristic Sci-Fi theme to it, it's so apparent that it's a complete turn around from my waking life related random dreams. I can't recall too well on this, but I remember facing a Code Lyoko Krab (yes with a K), and I tore all four of its legs.

      I did so (or maybe it was someone else, but it felt like I did it) by getting behind it and grabbing its two back legs and forming them into a V-shape together, and then somehow got the front legs to to form a V two along with the back legs. Maybe there was someone else helping, but it's hard to recall. I finally ripped out their legs, and head of the Krab tilts over and falls.

      The Krab also seemed to be in the color range of violet or something of that nature. The dream shifts to where I feel like I'm a flight attendant, but like in the future. There's a simulation on a portable screen on the wall. It's essentially giving me a checklist of what I need to double check on to make sure the pilots are going to have a safe trip, and enough food to sustain themselves.

      I had a feeling my mother became one of those future sci-fi pilots, and I was assigned to occupy her safety and additional equipment. The list is followed by a computer generated voice, and it did basic checks like what kind of food do I have in front of me, and if I have milk or something else.

      I look down, and I see there' two candy bars, and I had the urge to just take them for myself. I think one bar was a Payday peanut caramel bar, and the other must've been a Twix that was half opened and contained in a silver wrapper material, and had warm colored font for the name "Twix," which I think was red.

      I can't remember much after that.
      Tactical Laundromat Shoot out! (Non-lucid)


      Will I turn the knob to Permanent Press? Or will I put in a few more quarters to dry my clothes faster?!?!?!? Should I mix the whites with the colors and set them all to Cold?!?!?

      FIND OUT below!!!!

      I'm inside a laundromat, and there's maybe 4-5 rows of washers in front of me, on each side. The last rows on the left and right had a lot of dryers stacked up and down, and even all the way back from the rows in one long column.

      There seemed to be some weird situation going on in the Laundromat, there were these mini-figures that were causing havoc on top of the Laundromat. I don't know why, but I just had the urge to pitch in and do some Tactical Laundromat Eradication of the Enemy....

      Yeah...it's THAT random. It felt like a turn-based RPG game, where I would set out certain mini-futuristic figures on top of the huge washers, and hope that they can kill whatever "enemy" is on top. It felt awkward not knowing what's going on the top, because the washers are still too tall for me. So I just place my faith in my random selection of people with shotguns, machine guns, etc.

      I think I'm doing this creation thing from my mind, and throwing them up on top of the washers. I hear some small shooting it seems I'm doing pretty well. In the mean time, it seems everyone but me is clueless on the whole matter, and I start to wonder if I'm schizo or something, because I'm hearing all these small sounds, and yet these people are moving like they're lifeless.

      After a while, I can't remember what happens next, the small little shootings and sounds of the futuristic battle dies down, and I end up having a piece of shit on my hand. I'm not really shocked by this, I'm just focused on getting it off my hand and cleaning my hand. I don't know why I'm carrying shit on my hand, literally, but I am power walking, or jogging lighting around the Laundromat for some Water source with soap on the side.

      The dream characters are still retarded and just have the weird facial expressions. I remember seeing a dark-skinned female who was about 6''5' and wore a pink vest. She was kind of overweight, but like in a good way. Because of her height, it seemed most of her weight was distributed properly, so it's hard to presume she really is overweight.

      She also looked like she's in her 50s or higher, and yet still has an amazing body for her age. I think she ends up showing off her stomach to someone at some point, and it was flat, like six-pack abs flat.

      I remember some huge Asian or Hawaiian guy wearing a Burnt Orange shirt near one of the washers. I don't know what I do with him, but I do know that I passed by him at one point where I had poop on my hand.
      Baseball Bat Killer (Non-lucid)


      I remember things feeling overly dramatic in this dream, I'm trying to run away from someone is trying to kill other people with some form of club, bat, stick, etc. I end up seeing the other people get knocked out, or die from severe head concussions from the killer giving them hard blows with objects in his hands. I can't recall the killer's visage too well, but I do know he was in the form of a child.

      I basically spend the dream running at random points, there's a lot of dream shifts, so I guess that there's a lot of gaps in my recall of this as well. Eventually the final part that I remember, someone, maybe me as well, ended up jumping these huge set of stairs and to the ground safely. The killer can't reach us, because he doesn't want to take that big of a jump.
      Alyzarin makes Sexual DJ entry about me (Non-lucid)


      I'm talking to Alyzarin on MSN Chat, I'm assuming, and then she states that she wrote a long sexual dj entry about me. She mentioned it involved her sitting on my face, and rubbing her ass back and forth on me.

      I was like, lw43etuirwfode4er90dfowel45fowe9cvsdeioklr,edkfiw. @[email protected]?E#[email protected]

      I forget what happens next, and there were other things she mentioned that would be on the entry, but I rather not talk about them......

      Riding a Skateboard, Sudevi, Laundromat Dryer of Ajna Chakra, Tran-sexual Store, Richard Cheese & Dancing, and Someone has a Mini-Heart Attack? (Non-lucid)


      Yeah, it's one big clusterfuck of a dream! And wooohooo, I honestly thought I wasn't going to remember ANYTHING, but I guess the recall is coming naturally now. And I did a WBTB this time, and this dream occurs after the WBTB+WILD failed attempt. So GO me for recalling all this shit! WOOOHOOOO

      How is it going to help me for math midterm? I don't know! But at least my memory is improving!!! So I guess that's a plus! I don't even know what I'm trying to say here................ANYWAY, on to the dream!!!

      I'm at an area that looks like it's fairly busy, sort of like a mini-downtown New York, except that there's not a lot of apartments and houses apparent, just stores and restaurants that I didn't even take .000043 seconds to look at. The whole area is kind of dark, but the whole setting itself still portrays that it's at least morning or afternoon time.

      I believe I'm wearing my brown leather jacket, and regular blue jeans. I can't tell what shirt I'm wearing, and it's kind of hard to see my face when I go in 3rd person view. I know it has to be me, I don't how, I just know. There's a lot going on, and it's hard to recall them all, since there's a lot of events coming in at once in this dream.

      I end up going in first-person view, and I'm now riding a skateboard going on an uphill. I'm on a lane that seems to be of a different texture to the one left of me, like you know the extreme ends of a lane on a freeway have more abrasive texture to keep you aware that you're going off the lanes? Yeah it was like that, except, I didn't feel anything at all, I just knew this texture was different.

      There was someone else with a skateboard to my right as well, but I felt that this lane that I'm on is too narrow for two people to be close together laterally instead of in a line. However, it doesn't seem to be a problem, because my skateboarding skills are like over 9,000.

      There's a red car to the left of me that's getting close, and I think they're being careful not to get to close because they didn't want to risk getting any damages on their car or myself I presumed. It wasn't a problem for me at all, I felt as if I was going to get off the lane, but I managed to do some precise maneuvering.

      After a while, the uphill slope gets higher and higher, and I naturally, out of nowhere, jump off the skateboard, and was able to get it decelerated enough to where it stops completely for me to pick it up. I think I was doing a tail drag, but I'm not really experienced with skateboarding terms, and the only time I rode a skateboard was when I had a Digimon skateboard when I was like 10 or even younger.

      I pick up my skateboard, and I put it under my right arm. I have some difficulty doing this, since I tried to get the wheels from the front and back of the skateboard to not touch my brown leather jacket. It probably takes me 2-3 attempts to get the flat side under my arm, and I proceeded to go to the right at the peak of the uphill.

      I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm just observing where I'm going. It seems that there's a bus shuttle that is coming soon, and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and take it, but again, I don't know where I'm going in this dream. The bus opens up in a weird way.

      Instead of opening just one door, or an automated side door for those to exit from the back, the whole right side of the bus opens and lands on the ground. It doesn't touch the ground, so it's probably supported electronically. The bus stays there for a while, so I guess it has a 5 minute waiting period or something, just like for my University's bus loading zones.

      What I mean is final stop for the buses to wait for 5 minutes or so before doing another run.

      I look at the inside of this half opened bus, and I see a few familiar faces of people I've met in waking life. There's that one girl who dyed her hair red, and is still a but chunky near the stomach. She's wearing a really dark blue hoodie, and probably some type of denim dress skirt underneath.

      I decided that I'm not going to get on the bus, since I don't know where the hell I'm going at this point. I end up going inside anyway somehow, and then I realized....WHERE AM I GOING TO STOP AT???

      There's some random man in the bus to the left of me I believe that tells me that I should check for the bus stop numbers. I do so, since any kind of direction in this dream would help. I eventually find one bus stop sign that looks a lot like my University's sign. The number for the bus was "05" on the sign, and I presumed this is the same but I'm on.

      Then when I looked at the random stores and restaurants passing by, I saw a Laundromat, and something quickly triggers into my mind that...oooh, I have to go to the laundromat!

      But why? I have no bag of clothes to wash and dry....

      I just let myself go with it, and waited until the bus arrives near the stop at the laundromat. I get off, and there's a dream shift where I'm in a dark area. It seems some people are fixing up this random place. I see two females together preparing some kind of wood glue, and I carefully walk over these spots of glue, since I didn't want to waste their efforts of doing so in the first place.

      I try to find the near light, no matter how less dim it would be compared to the rest of this dark area. I go towards the exit, or outside actually, and I meet Sudevi, the mystic that has a YouTube channel.

      I get closer, and it really is her! In the most minimum value, a projection of her, but a vivid and nice one at least! I told her that I've seen some videos of her
      (I actually watched about 2 yesterday of her for the first time), and how cool it was to finally get to meet her her. I don't think I declared how excited I was to meet her in a dream, just her being "here," which is probably that biggest "piss me off moment" for not being able to do a reality check in this dream.

      She seems to be a bit shy towards me, probably shocked that I'm exerting so much effort into portraying my amazement of her personality on the videos I watched her on. I presumed she owned the Laundromat in here, or at least is a frequent customer.

      I asked her, stuttering for a little bit, maybe 3 seconds (paraphrasing here),

      "How much does it cost to use a washer and dryer?"

      She responds by declaring in a questioning tone, and I mean that I couldn't tell if she was saying it in jest or being earnest about it,

      "The dryer isn't operable because of its Ajna chakra." I take a moment to absorb all of this, and I just stand there looking puzzled. She then puts on a smile, and I realized she's just joking around. She's probably one of the more lively dream characters with a sense of humor, which is why she kind of made me stumble a bit when she stated the joke.

      I look at some area in front of us, and I looked up to find a sign that stated, "Tranny Women" something something. I think it was like a hangout for Tran-sexual Women, but the derogatory term kind of turned me off a bit. Then out of the blue, I told Sudevi that I have a fetish for Transgenders and essentially Post-op Transsexual females (MTF).

      *cough* *cough* *cough* *COUGH* MOVING ALONG........No comment.

      The sign was in white rectangular form, and the font was dark blue for the name of the area, and there's an image of those pictures of silhouette women you see on a car front or something like that.

      For some weird reason, this area feels like Hawaii, or maybe it's related to the environment in a video I watched of Sudevi with tropical trees, gray clouds that are actually a beauty to see, and having a calm atmosphere.

      She then looks at me with a neutral facial expression of questioning, probably to see if I'm returning the favor with the humor, but I was actually being serious with her. So after that conversation killer, I just declared,

      "Ahh....I probably shouldn't have said that huh.........."

      I find something random to say to distract her, but can't remember what...
      there I go again, being serious...and then having to do something stupid to distract people...I swear this habit of mine in a dream is kind of scary.

      What if I said, "I love it when women put their ass cheeks on my face and rub it back and forth." And then try to change the obviously TMI awkward conversation with some random joke like, "Why is 8 afraid of 7?"


      She's wearing the outfit I put above, but I think it's mostly a green shirt or transparent dress with a red collar instead. After her little joke with the Dryer with a bad Ajna Chakra, she tells me the price for using a washer and dryer.

      "It's $2.00 for the washer and $1.00 for the dryer."

      For some odd reason, I thought that the pricing was outrageous, and asked her how much can the washer contain. She stated that it can take a big load, and the dryer the same, but just a bit smaller.

      Then I came back to my senses and stated,

      "Oh, it's just like the laundromat at my University....okay." and I tell her my thanks and left, probably to somehow magically find a bag of my laundry that I didn't have with me AT all in this dream.

      I wished I could've hanged around her a bit more. I know she's mostly likely just a projection of Sudevi, but she had the potential to be someone I could REALLY talk too...despite it essentially being a projection of myself in a vague way. Her sense of humor that shocked me is what entices me still when I'm recalling this dream. Okay enough of that slightly romantic attraction for a DC.

      The dream shifts, and it seems I'm either in the same laundromat, but with bright light sources, or a different one. There's a few Indian people coming in, and they all have Black trash bags stuffed with clothes or something like that.

      I remember that on my left, there's a fairly taller Indian man who is pretty skinny. He's wearing a dark blue sweater type of jacket, and regular long jeans. He seems to be taking out of his black trash bag some candy and other random stuff. I think the other people started doing the same, but I can't recall if they were taking out candy as well.

      The dream shifts again where my father comes into the laundromat, but here's the thing, he doesn't LOOK like my father at all, and yet I still had the conviction that he is my father.....

      He starts singing like Richard Cheese,
      here's a video below of his voice.

      I get attracted to this man's voice (not the guy mind you), and I didn't have any awareness of the name of the voice this supposed father of mine is doing an impression of until I texted Alyzarin this morning.

      He starts augmenting the tone of his voice, and I can't remember what the song was about, but it obviously altered the environment in the Laundromat from a white light atmosphere to one of a vibrant orange light.

      The dream shifts where I see Calvin from Tyler Perry's "House of Payne" wearing a brown leather jacket, and brown leather long pants. He's doing some weird dance moves with someone, and I'm not sure if that's even dancing.

      It's just sticking out his legs and arms in random positions....

      After a while, dream shifts again, and I see Ryoma Echizen from prince of tennis.

      At first, I see his legs, then it pans over to his torso and then his face. He's just standing there, and I think he's looking at me or someone else. Behind him, I see a blur of someone, and it looks like Nanjiro Echizen, his father.

      Nanjiro Echizen is wearing his default clothing in the series, which is just a simple black samurai type of robe (after all, he is referred to as a Samurai in Tennis in the series). Ryoma Echizen suddenly grabs the right side of his top torso, and is holding on to it very tightly.

      It seems he's having a heart attack, but he's grabbing on the wrong side....maybe just a reflex for him to touch the closest area on his chest?

      Anyway, he falls down slowly, and Nanjiro notices he is falling, and quickly comes over to him.

      After that, that's all I can remember. I think that same scene at the end of this long ass dream is an association when Nanjiro was trying to rescue his son from possibly drowning in the OVA episode 24 or 25 I believe.

      Runescape Waterbirth Island Dungeon Running (Non-lucid)


      I see a runescape character wearing a Proselyte torso and legs, along with some kind of Pope like hat with a layer that conceals his face. It was basically a white helm with gold linings on the side with a long point going upwards.

      He is also wielding an Arcane Spirit Shield, except the Arcane Sigil (white thing) isn't on it at all, and a Staff of Light as well.

      I don't know if it's me controlling him, but they're running inside the Waterbirth Island Dungeon.

      Heh, reminds me when I used to Tribrid solo Dagannoth Kings before....fun times....
    11. Dream Views Shuts Down, Amon and Large Ghost Rider, Ordering Breakfast Tacos (SDE Pt.2 Day: 06)

      by , 10-11-2012 at 02:10 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Dream Views Shuts Down (Non-lucid)


      Alex decides to close the DV forums, and Opheliablue makes the announcement that DV will be closing soon.

      It remains inaccessible for a few minutes, then I checked on Meta to find Alex made a thread stating what happened. He decided to sell it to a person who's French.

      Alex didn't state why he had to leave, but I guess he was going to leave everything to the French guy's hands now.

      Eventually, the same French guy who is now admin is using the site for a French class, not for lucid dreaming overall. I get irritated, and there's a bunch of threads that seem to be deleted since it's not related to French class at all.

      I looked at the Notifications section on top of the screen, and saw I have a few likes received. There's one like where I made some post that had some naked lady with her breasts covered by hands. I think I made the post in response to someone who did post pictures of breasts.

      The other likes looked like I posted in threads that died a long time ago.

      Then after all that, the dream shifts to me being outside now, and it seems that the area I'm in has Europe vibe to it. It's a completely new environment to me, and I'm presuming it have a France vibe to it.

      The concrete had rock material fused together, like those little bumps you see formed close together. I realize that I'm sitting down a small bleacher bench while looking at some people to the right/left of me.

      These looked like randomly generated DCs, and then I come to the realization that the new admin really didn't buy Dream Views to sustain the forum, but to make a new site for French classes.

      I end up leaving, and I think I see SpaceCowboyDave leaving before me in this weird area.
      I Have SpiderMan Powers and Facing Huge Ghost Rider (Non-lucid)



      I'm inside of an area that's reminiscent of the LOZ: Windwaker's section where you would face Puppet Ganon, except that the area has shades of brown, mostly because the surface of the whole area seem to be made of wood.

      There's these wooden surfaces that would be on some parts of the wall that were surprisingly stable. There was a long wooden path high on the wall you could walk on the right side of the area as well.

      The walls have a lighter hue of brown, but since this area has a dark vibe to it, it isn't noticeable immediately. There's a few torches lighting up the place, but it doesn't really make most parts any clearer to see. This place also seem to be reminiscent to Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones' area where the Prince had to move a statue before the place burns to a crisp.

      I seem to be flinging around the place like I have Spiderman's abilities to web-shoot and swing. I do this for a while, and I hear Amon's voice from The Legend of Korra. He comes out of of this black and opaque opening, and he starts saying some things to me.

      I can't recall what he said, but he does have my attention for sure. I eventually get on the lowest surface in this area, and I was somewhat close to Amon. I get a little scared, and decided to quickly jump and web-swing again away from him.

      The dream shifts to where a HUGE ass creature forms, and it looks a lot like Ghost Rider, except it's 1,000 x bigger. I don't know what to do except to keep flinging webs and swinging at random areas.

      It doesn't seem the Ghost Rider thing isn't concentrated at me at the initial periods of it manifesting. It seemed to be attacking some random people in what I thought was an empty area with just me inside.

      After a while I get so scared that I decided to hide behind a wall on the same long wooden path on the right that I stated before. I seem to have found the Ghost Rider Giant's blind-spot. The wall I was behind I think let to an exit, but I decided to stay there.

      While I'm hiding behind it, I can still see what's happening behind me. The Ghost Rider Giant starts punching the walls randomly, probably aiming for more randomly generated dream characters. It tries to get me, but it simply is not able to get through small spaces.

      After that, I don't know what happens, hell, I don't even know if I can even kill this thing.

      It just appears out of nowhere....what the hell.
      Ordering Breakfast Tacos (Non-lucid)


      I'm with my mother, and we're inside of a store that probably sell Hispanic food. It's similar to the environment you see in Starbucks, but that was probably because I wasn't paying attention to the rest of the store with my peripheral vision to the left.

      I just stood near the cashier, and waited with my mother. When she received her order of what seems to be Sausage and Potatoes wrapped in Tortillas, I told her that I would like a Breakfast Taco. She looks at me as if she's a little annoyed that I didn't tell her sooner, but she quickly changes her demeanor from irritated to kind towards the employee.

      It takes quite a while for the order to be finished, and I was wondering if they forgot or something. I was looking at some Asian man wearing a dress shirt and probably dark brown dress pants as well. It seems he's writing on something, and when I take a little peak, he seems to be writing on a PINK Intuos4 Tablet.

      He's writing on it with a ball-point pen without the ball-point in it instead of a tablet pen. The tablet seems to respond to this object that shouldn't even make any kind of response. I think there was another Intuos4 near the cashier counter, and I started to touch it.

      Man, that tablet is very sensitive, it picks up my movements with my finger pretty well, and the harder I press on it, the large the cursor increases. I take my fingers off the active base of the tablet product after playing with it for maybe 15-30 seconds.

      My order finally comes, and it's inside a brown lunch bag. I take a peak inside, and there's two breakfast Tacos for myself. I also feel that I could've been younger in this dream, like 14 years old or so rather than 19 years of age.

      The breakfast tacos looked very enticing as well...the eggs, potatoes, and whatever meat is in there (sausage or bacon) closely packed together. The eggs seemed to be the main thing that attracted me, they were so fluffy and yellow.

    12. Girl brags about DBZ Hentai, Mall, x+y^2 Equation, Windwaker Possessed People (SDE Pt. 2 Day: 04)

      by , 10-09-2012 at 06:15 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Girl watched DBZ Hentai (Non-lucid)


      There's a girl who looks like someone in waking life from my Organic chemistry Lab, and she's in the ROTC or Corp Cadet as well. She's wearing a dark greed cadet uniform with some fancy badges on her chest. We're sitting at a lunch table on the opposite sides.

      She's a few seats to the right of me on the other side, and I seem to be alone, but I to distract myself, I just listen to the people on the right, and the girl. The girl is bragging how she looked at DBZ Hentai all day, and starts making fun of herself, even doing a pretentious crying reaction.

      Then the dream shifts or resets where she said that I would sit next to her?
      Mall with Parents (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside of a mall, and I'm walking with my father and mother, and my father asks what would be his favorite kind of food, and I make an assumption that it's Whataburger.

      He then says, "No your real father,"


      I'm a bit puzzled when he told me that, and then passed it off and said "Panda Express." I don't know why I'm saying these things, since I don't know what the hell he likes, and my mother looks at me weird when I said that fast food place, like she's surprised or something. I see some different Asian restaurant outlet when I declared it.

      As I'm following my parents, I think, I see two men to my right stilling on some rotatable stools, and the one on the right looked very familiar, at least based on the profile view I saw him in. It ends up being "Rup" (nicknaming) that I know in waking life. The other person on the left is probably a relative or friend of his, but I don't know his name.

      Father shakes hands with Rup and the other guy, and I do the same. When I get to the other guy by saying,

      "I'm Brandon," I move my ears closer to wait to hear what his name is.

      He says it, but I can't recall what he stated, and he declared that we've met before, when I used to be quiet.

      Ummmmmmmmmmmmm............don't think you were around when I decided to be quiet as a child....

      The mall has a lot of contrasting colors, the most apparent being Blue and Red.
      x+ y^2 Equation (Non-lucid)


      I'm going inside of a classroom, and I see an African American male teacher who is fairly tall, about 6'6''-7 feet tall. He's wearing long sports pants, and a shirt. He seems to be doing last minute reviewing for the class before the exam starts.

      A student queries on a concept on what they would use for some random equation I can't recall too well. The teacher was in the middle of passing out something that seemed to be given in the order of colors ranging from yellow, red, and blue while the student was asking the question. The colors are probably just different exam forms.

      The teacher then shows how to do the problem requested, and there's two models where you would graph it. One is a basic line with some points on it, and the other seems to be just half circles curving downward and in a chain.

      Then the paper I'm looking at with these models changes into a sepia colored hill slopes with black ink outlining the top and at least some of both sides of each hill-like structure. I guess the black ink with the hill slopes were the answers, so I decided to memorize that before the exam begins.

      The teacher finally gets the exams handed out, and I see a yellow paper and small packet handed out to me. I presume this is my exam, and I quickly get rid of all my stuff I took of my backpack to prevent from being accused of cheating.

      Then the dream shifts where I still feel I'm taking an exam, and this time, I have a gray laptop open in front of me. It seems to have the same Acer Aspire Series background I currently have in waking life for my Acer Laptop, but I didn't notice it at the time.

      I was stumped on a question that had something like:

      (X value here) + (Y squared) = Value here

      I seem to have difficulty remembering a basic concept here, and I just stare at the laptop like an idiot. There's a person sitting next to me on the right. I didn't want to pay attention to her too much, so I kept her within my peripheral vision, so I can't recall her visage too well.

      Something about her makes me presume she must be an Asian female that I knew in waking life, so let's call her "Jen"

      I wasn't sure why Jen was looking at my laptop, considering we're still taking an exam, but it seems she doesn't care, and is looking at my laptop still for some weird reason.

      It gets irritating and makes me nervous because I had feelings that she was looking to see how I'm having trouble figuring out what would've been a simple problem if I didn't have basic logic eradicated in this dream.

      I tried entering a random equation of x+4^2 = something, but it doesn't help, even though the problem is clearly an x+y squared format....


      I started to tense up more, and to prevent myself from looking like an idiot to Jen, a DC that just happens to conform to the body composition and visage of her, I clicked a forward arrow button on the bottom right to move on to the next problem, and planned to go back to the one I stumped on later on.
      Windwaker Windfall Island Possessed??? (Non-lucid)


      I seem to be controlling Toon Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker, and he's walking around in the front section of Windfall Island, and everyone's eyes look weird.

      They all have some kind of dark orange aura around their pupils, and every time I go near an NPC, they always come up with the response,

      "I remember!"

      WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE...It's LIKE A FUCKING CREEPYPASTA of Majora's mask or something, except it's just for Windwaker....holy shit......................

      Instead of using them using the typical response in white font on a black box with the green circle thing on the bottom from the actual game, it's on the blue-violet type of box that would show up if you were to get an item or it couldn't be used.

      After looking around a bit more, I feel I finally like I'm really just playing Windwaker as a game through a gaming console, and I see one person's eyes who are normal, but they quickly enter some building.

      From the quick glance I took, it was Orca from Outset Island in the game, and I quickly go into the random house/store (which seems to be the bomb shop in Windfall placed near the water instead of the hill).

      I finally see Orca to my left on the other side of a small border that's like 2 feet tall. He has no shirt on, just like in the game and concept art, and his the blue pants or whatever along with holding his long spear too.

      I try to catch up to him, but it seems he breaks some vases that concealed a portal that looked a lot like the Twilight Portal Midna uses in Twilight Princess to warp to several main areas.

      He uses it, and I don't know where the fuck that portal is headed, and I can't remember if I decided to chase him.

      What the hell is going on in this dream?!?!?!

      Seemingly possessed people with orange pupils all saying "I remember!" every time I go near them....and then Orca who just magically wants to disappear through a portal on a floor?

      UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH, how the hell am I supposed to interpret this?!?!

      Bleh, N-REM bullcrap.

    13. Pepper Seed Jar, Angelina Jolie Spams God mode, Sensui and his New Light

      by , 09-24-2012 at 05:36 AM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      I took a nap around 4:15 PM, woke up to alarm set for 7:00 PM, set it to 8:00PM and slept until I woke up around 7:50 PM.

      Pepper Seed Jar and Biochemistry Adviser Office (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside an office, and there's a lady to my right sitting at a desk. It has a computer, a bunch of papers spread out, the usual thing. From the front left, I see there's another door opened to another room near the main office, probably 10-20 feet away from me. Inside of that same room, I saw my Biochemistry Adviser sitting down looking at the computer.

      Before I describe her, the office itself was slightly different than the waking life counterpart. My adviser's room is designed to where you can't see her unless you actually go into the room, because when the door opens, only half of her room is visible when you come into the main office before looking inside. Here, I could possibly see everything there, if the door was completely opened in the dream.

      My advisory wore a dark gray polyester female dress shirt (it was a thin material), and a light gray dress underneath that. The door was slightly opened, and I assumed that I talked to her previously in the dream, but I can't recall what we talked about. But by judging my feelings in the dream, it didn't seem anything too serious, and as I'm close to leaving this section of the Biochemistry Department, I just happened to see to my right, pepper seeds.

      They were contained in a circular jar, like those types where the ends would be cut (not literally) with rectangular ends, so the jar wouldn't roll off the counter or shelf. There was a black text that showed the price to eat the pepper seeds I'm assuming, and it was for "15 cents" each, with the logo for cents.

      I didn't know about this until later on, so I took one pepper, and quickly put it in my mouth and chewed on it.


      OH MY.......SPICY!!!!!!!! Its taste is hitting certain areas around my tongue.....

      Ooooh, tasting the salt there......ooooh tasting the bitterness there......OH OH OHHHHH THAT WAS SPICY]

      All that I said in brackets is how it felt in those few 2-3 seconds of chewing it (Note I wasn't really saying that, just added expression to how real the taste was).

      I prepare myself to leave the office, but I immediately hear the lady that was to the right of me before I turn my back declare,

      "15 Cents will be taken off.."

      I respond,

      "Ooooh....Oh! Sorry, I'll go ahead and pay for that right now!" (the pepper seed).

      I take my left hand to dig through my left pant pocket, and heard some change jingling around. I take as much as I can out of it, and I quickly counted 15 cents and gave it to the lady.

      I think she said "Thank you," and as I'm turning my back again to leave the room, I turn around once more and declared,

      "Oh! I gave 20 cents instead huh?"

      She quickly looks at the change with her hand opened, but before she could say something, I professed,

      "Oh, don't worry about it..."

      I left the area, and that's all that I remember.

      Angelina Jolie Counterpart spams God Mode (Non-lucid)


      I looked up Pepper Dream meaning signs, and most of it foreshadows danger of some sort, be it through quarreling, financial loss, etc....but I feel that previous dream was just prelude to this one.....I can't really take dream meanings as set in stone notions of truth...but still....

      *sigh* Anyway

      Ugh....not this kind of dream again.....

      Invincible DC+ me being a crappy aim or them spamming God Mode = GETS ANNOYING.

      I'm inside a gym, and the carpet is dark blue, there are mirrors attached to the walls on all sides, excluding the entrance and exits I'm assuming. There's a pretty large collection of treadmills around this area. I happen to be close to one, and I believe I'm just observing what's around me.

      There's this man who looks like he's an inspector of some sort, like to see if the gym equipment are in good conditions for gym members. He's a really picky guy, he has that really really really analytical eye going about these treadmills and other gym equipment.

      There was one treadmill where he put his finger around some buttons, and he didn't like it at all. He takes his index finger off the machine, quickly wipes it off his pants in disgust, and declares,

      "I don't like this at all!!"

      Not sure who he's talking to, but he was looking at someone. I also recall that same man wearing a dark colored dress shirt tucked into some long Khaki pants I believe.

      Then the dream shifts a little bit to where I'm near a dark-skinned lady, and she wants me to look through something that resembles that scope thing you see in submarines to check what's out there. As soon as I put my eyes near the glass to see what's going on through the scope, it's like I'm being transported to a completely different dream environment.

      It feels like a video game now, and I'm in it. Whatever area I'm confined in now, it's moving, and it's moving fairly quickly. I find out I'm inside a vehicle or some sort, maybe it's not, but it is moving. I still have the feelings that I'm looking through the same scope.

      While I still am, I zoom in on a lady that's inside of the back of a truck that's also moving. Before I go into details on her, here's how the environment looks like. There's a huge brown boulder, or mini-cliff on the left side, and there's a huge body of water on the right, though me and the truck that this vehicle I'm in is following are way above the water level.

      (click for bigger picture)

      I see some area that looks like a town is coming up to the right far away, and finally, I see the lady. The scope has Thermal vision, so I'm mostly seeing blue, green, yellow, red, and some orange colors, but it's mostly just cool colors I'm seeing....that's weird....barely any body heat on this woman?

      I don't think she's human.....she's mostly showing up as colors of blue and green throughout her whole body, and maybe a little hint of yellow and red on her forehead, but it was a very thin vertical line.

      She's wearing a pastel green sleeveless tank top, and probably some short khaki dress. She looks like she's looking at me directly, has her lips slightly opened, with her teeth together, and she has pretty big lips. She wears some sunglasses with a thin metal frame around the lens, and she seems to not mind me looking at her.

      But something about her bothered me.....it seemed she was up to something.

      You know like one of those shows where some random person sees someone, but they look completely normal to them, but they don't know they're probably kind of serial killer or bank robber? Yeah, it felt like that.....

      Something made me try to aim a weapon at her, but by the time I do that, the back of the truck seems to be covering half of where she is probably behind right now. Maybe it could be that the right side of the truck cargo she's in is exposed rather than the back. Or it could just be that the thermal vision from the scope can see through thick metal, and I assumed that the backside of the truck cargo was exposed.....hmmmm.

      The truck makes a sharp right turn in this enclosed road we're on, and the moment that happened, I decided to just shoot the damn thing.


      Then all sorts of things happen, there's this rush, so many events happening....the truck speed up, along with the vehicle I'm in speeding up. Sometimes I wonder if I was just running as high speeds, because I don't recall seeing any kind of car roofs or windows at the time.

      Anyway, the dream shifts, and now I'm in a room...I don't pay too much attention to it. All I know is that it consists of light colors of brown and white...like a Calypso type of setting...yeah, this whole dream has that vibe. I open a dark gray door, and I slowly peek out to my left....and I believe the Angeline Jolie counterpart is with some random old guy.

      He's wearing a dark dress shirt that's unbuttoned, and probably a light gray shirt with some dark pants and shoes as well. The guy is fairly shorter than her, and she's pretty tall, probably 6'4", something like that. The mini hallway they're in, there's a window in front of them, and it's fairly bright, must still be sunny out there.

      (click for bigger picture)

      The floor tiles are vanilla colored, and as soon as Angelina Jolie and the old man start, I quickly take aim at try to shoot her as much as I can. Crap...is my aim this HORRIBLE???? I panic, slam the door shut, and quickly looked at the gun I'm holding. It's like a default pistol with a gray coating around the gun head, and studded black material around the holding base.

      It also had some weird attachment to the front of it that seems that it can be pressed for some kind of feature, though the split second thinking I'm running out of, I didn't have the time for that. I looked at the gun a bit more, and saw "Bronze Hatchet" labeled on it.

      Ugh...another Runescape item reference? But the gun doesn't look anything like a hatchet!!! It's a gun....bleeeh!!

      I need to find a place to duck for cover before she opens that door. I quickly find a table that has a decent covering spot, and I hide under there. The door opens, and I see just Angelina's legs walking, searching around the area in her first few seconds of entering it. Then I realized, my father is sitting down on the floor, bracing his back against the wall next to the opened door.

      Shit....I get up quickly and aim my gun at her...and by this point, I just start going crazy, I can't recall perfectly on what happened. But based on me going nuts and worrying if she'll shoot my father or something, I assumed I just shot at her in fear, and it didn't seem to work at all. I noticed the gunshots sounded like the M1 Garand "ping" sound.

      Nothing is working on her....there's not a dent on her....and I think she has her gun in her right hand aimed near my father's head, and she's looking at me with her glasses off I believe. It definitely looks like an Angelina Jolie counterpart, or a doppelganger.

      I aim my gun at the old dirty, and probably smelly guy, but the gunshots aren't affecting him as well. I know I'm not a crappy aim in a close-ranged situation, so these two probably just have God Mode on full blast.

      I can't think straight, I don't know what to do, I don't know what she's going to do with that gun aimed at my father. They're just STANDING there, doing nothing, waiting for me to do something, but I'm dissociated from myself that I eventually just try to end the dream
      and woke up somehow out of fear of what would happen next.

      Sensui and his New Light (Non-lucid)


      I'll keep this dream short, because the second dream.....took a quite a while because I was distracted with some things, and I really should finish this lab report and pre-lab questions too before it gets too late at night.

      Alright, I'm in a void....it's really.....dark...so empty...I don't see myself, maybe I'm just looking at this void in first person view, but I hear Shinobu Sensui's voice from Yu Yu Hakusho.

      He talks about how in the darkness.....the blood was his new light.

      *sigh* Too much ambiguity...
    14. Sakura, Ada Wong's Black Wings, Ada and my Scooter, 6 Paper Towels, Izanami and Tobi (SDE Day 12)

      by , 08-26-2012 at 07:17 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Sakura Haruno Driving (Non-lucid)


      I remember getting on a train, and as soon as I take a step to go up to the train, I take a sheet of paper and placed it parallel to the step, and then decided to put it perpendicular to the step instead. The paper had red eyes on it, and it could've been random images of Sharingans. I see someone coming on the train, and tell them to step on the piece of transparency sheet before they get on the train....I think?

      I look behind me and I see Itachi from Shippuden looking at me with his Sharingan. He didn't scare me though, and I think Sasuke who wore the white samurai type of outfit in the show as well came along for the train ride.

      The dream shifts, and I'm in the back seat of a windowless jeep with no roof and sides. I look to my left and the person driving the car has light pink hair, and it's Sakura Haruno.

      I can't remember anything after that.
      Ada Wong's Black Wings (Non-lucid)


      Lol, I can't wait to draw this dream, it's so scary, but oh so FUN! And besides, it's not everyday I have a female that makes me warm and fuzzy inside while still scaring me.

      I believe I was helping someone, a male, but I can't remember the exact details on how they look. I'm helping them kill someone, and all three of us are located at a circular base.

      The base has a smaller circle in between the base we're standing on, so think of it as being shaped like a donut. In the middle of that hole is water, and the outside of the outer ring also has water. The walls look like they're made of rock, and it feels like we're inside of a small section you can reach by going underwater.

      As I'm moving around the base, I'm trying to shoot at someone, and when one weapon didn't work, I mentally brought up the Inventory Screen, and decided to go for the Chicago Typewriter because I believed it was the best thing I could use. Infinite ammo and rapid firing rate, surely I can kill whoever it is I'm shooting at.

      After equipping it, I quickly aimed at my target, which ended up looking like Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4. I didn't have time to flinch and think about what I'm doing, because I felt I needed to shoot her for some reason. I aim the laser sights near her, and start blasting away. I kept holding the trigger, but none of the bullets are affecting her.

      She's just standing there with her arms folded, looking at the ground to her left side. She's not feeling any of this, and she's wearing a red dress as well. As I'm trying to continue shooting her, she comes behind me so fast, wearing a different outfit this time, the one in the mini-game Assignment Ada from Resident Evil 4.

      I turn around, and I see things in slow motion for a few seconds. She was kneeling down on the ground, and quickly rose her body up, and I saw her face close-up too. I believe she had brown eyes, and she had a neutral expression on her face.

      She does some weird stuff that I can't remember, but I do know that she took off the belt I had on, along with a few mini black storage cases that were attached to the belt, and they're just placed right on the floor.

      She also has black Angel wings........

      and she does a leg back kick right on my stomach, I take a hard hit to the ground and look up at her. She's completely lost it, she's holding a black object with her left hand, and as I look up more to see her face, she has a sinister look on her face. She slams the object she's holding on to the wall, and tells me,

      "You have 31 seconds before this place blows up."

      I look at the object, and she's not joking. She quickly takes a dive into the inner ring I mentioned and disappears. Seeing that there are no viable options of escape other than to do the same thing she did, I also take a quick dive into the water without hesitation.


      Ada Wong and My Scooter (Non-lucid)


      I'm in a very large city, though there's not a lot of people in it at all. I'm riding a scooter casually, just thinking about going forward and not looking back. In front of me was a beach with a few houses spread out.

      For some reason, I wanted to go to one of those houses, and as I'm pushing my feet off the ground to accelerate the scooter, I feel as if someone's following me. I turn around, and I see someone in a red dress, and it takes me a few seconds to get an idea of who it is.

      It's the same dream figure that looked like Ada Wong from RE4 again. I quickly turned back, hoping she didn't see me stop and turn to see her there. She was really far away from me, she was literally on the horizon behind me if that makes any sense. I could feel that she was a bit calmer than her direct and dominant behavior from before, but I couldn't help but feel worried.

      I try my best to calm down and continue riding my scooter, still feeling pressured to take a few more glances back to see if she's gone by now. I could've just dropped the scooter and run as fast as I could, but I was worried that it would make things worse for me. I'm still maybe quarter of a mile from reaching the random house I want to go into, and I have a sidewalk path that looks weird.

      All I can say is that it looks curvy, and that there were several paths for me to ride on. I turn back quickly and find Ada's a little closer than before, probably a quarter mile closer than before. Okay...no problem, just turn my head, and keep riding the scooter.

      The feelings of fear kept growing and growing, and all I wanted to do was get away from her because of what she did to me in the last dream. I ride a little faster, and then decided I should go to a random path instead of going to the house near the beach-like area.

      I take a random path to the right, and then turned back to find Ada is even closer than before, maybe 50 feet or so close to me. This prompts me to just forget the scooter and run like hell. I realized by now that whenever I stop to look back to her, she stops as well.

      I go to an area where there are barely any sidewalks, and I tried thinking of some place to teleport, because I felt that if I stayed for a few seconds more in this area, Ada would be right behind me. I'm seeing things in third person by this point, and I see a light green poof of smoke appear when I disappeared.

      When that happens, I see random image of Penny Proud from the show "The Proud Family." The image starts to distort and then it blanks out and starts repeating itself randomly and makes the sound of, "D-d-d-d-ddd-dd-dd-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-dd-d" like a broken record or something.

      I think the last dream was to get me to pay attention to her, and when I dived into the water to go into this dream, she was a lot calmer and didn't have any intention of trying to attack me. It's just me being afraid of her. Wish I was braver and stopped to see if she wanted to say something to me.

      6 Paper Towels (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking around in a random area, and I believe I'm asking random dream characters for help on where to go find some people I wanted to meet. Most of them showed me a path to follow, like following a lighted path, or that I would have to look for a door with a blue stream of ink running along from top to bottom.

      I do all of that and eventually go into two people's houses where they wanted my 6 Paper Towel rolls. I didn't know why they needed them, other than for obvious reasons, but after they were typing on the computer for a little bit, it turns out that these 6 Paper Towels are valuable.

      Like $6 a stack, and without thinking at all, I'm shocked and was angry that I basically gave them something that would've gotten me a lot of money. They smirk for a little while, and I count the stacks they made. I had trouble counting...so much for reality check there, but then again, the stacks were kind of misaligned that it was easy to confuse two stacks to be one.

      I counted 10 in total, that's $60 for paper towel stacks.....LOL. I re-counted, but didn't bother to remember if I counted right or wrong. I finally asked one of them how many pieces of paper is considered a stack. I can't remember what they declared exactly, maybe 20-30 are considered stacks, but whatever amount it was, it made the value less than $60.

      I think they were selling this stuff on eBay, even though I didn't check, it just felt like it.
      Izanami and Tobi's Love? (Non-lucid)


      I recall reading some kind of site that looks like the Naruto Wikia, and there's things about Izanami. One thing that really gets my attention is how Tobi claims he has an ability that is so powerful and deadly, that he doesn't want to use it, because he fears that it would affect others and that he wants a world of love and not war.


      I see a picture of Tobi wearing the mask when he has both the Rinnegan and Sharingan, there's other link that I could've clicked, but decided not to. It had some stuff that looked out of the norm, but that should've tempted me to click on them though.


      Oh and 42 days of a dream recall streak starting from 7/15/12

      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsss let's keep this up!!!!!
    15. Bank Statements (SDE 10)

      by , 08-24-2012 at 02:44 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Bank Statements (Non-lucid)


      I'm inside a completely different house consisting of dark cool colors, and most of the major features inside of it were blanked out, probably to make me pay attention to my father and mother instead. My father is holding a sheet, and is looking at me seriously for some reason. I look at the paper and saw that I spent $10 on one day and then $2 on another.

      Oh god, here it comes....

      He starts asking me what these payments were for, and I already had the answers, but how he asked me made me stutter a bit. It's as if I wasted on a Ferrari or something lol. I eventually told him that one of the payments was for some drawings that were of interest to me. I can't remember what the drawings tried to represent, just that they were mostly line art and/or graphite portraits of random people.

      As I'm trying to explain him what I made on these small purchases, I walk around this house that I barely even know about and pointed to him that the drawings on the walls are what I bought with the money, most likely with the $10. I do recall one drawing where I see myself, and there's a bunch of muscle on me, which looks deformed.

      I'm doing the archer pose on the left side of the drawing, the one that Usain Bolt does. I looked so weird, seeing my big head and then a larger deformed muscular body on me. Then when I'm done explaining things to my father, he suddenly calms down and leaves.

      I really hate it when this happens in the dream, he's suddenly boiled up and the moment I say something simple, he just calms down. I mean, sure I want the dream projection of him to calm down, but how he goes through it is way too abrupt that it looks like he's bipolar or something.

      After that little episode of unnecessary acts of anger from him, I go into a room to play a game. I don't pay attention to the controller I'm holding, I just know I have something in my hand. It's a weird game, but the objective is to try to match the words on top, and then you'll have an individual square for each letter than you have to scroll up or down really fast to go through the alphabet.

      There's a timer for around 5 seconds for each letter, which is why you have to down or up so fast. I think the word I'm trying to match is:


      Though I don't know why I needed to do that, since I felt that even though this is a game, something tells me this was something as a hint for me rather than a randomly generated word. Anyway, I have trouble matching the word "TALES" and ended up with the word "TRAPES" or something like that.

      But I'm still not sure how it ended up, it's just the first thing that comes to mind.

      I think me, my mother and father were planning to get ready to go somewhere, since I had feelings that I had to finish this quickly.

      That's all I remember, I didn't get much sleep last night.

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