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    1. Another Night of People Trying to Kill Me

      by , 02-20-2014 at 04:22 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      A Little Scissor Happy (Non-lucid)


      It is 11:00 pm. I'm watching tv with my mother in our old house when she abruptly says that it's time for bed. Thinking she means it's time for her to go to bed, I say that I'll go later. "No," she orders, "You need to go to bed NOW."

      Put off by her telling me what to do since I don't even live with her anymore, I refuse. We argue for a while until I get sick of it and stomp off to my room to gather my things. If she's going to be like this, I'll just leave. Thinking that I'm obeying her, she goes off to bed as planned. While I'm packing, I hear a CREEPY girl's voice outside my window--- "Don't you wanna play?" Disturbed, I run to my mom's room.

      "You heard it too?" she asks, wide eyed.

      We go into the living room, where we hear someone breaking into the back door. There's no time to go grab one of my knives as a demented-looking girl with wild black hair bursts into the house, brandishing large scissors. Her choice of weapons reminds me that there are kitchen shears in the nearby cabinet--- I lunge for them, arming myself just as she begins psychotically trying to stab me. I stab at her as well, right in the jugular. The only problem is, her skin is as hard as steel! I do no damage whatsoever!

      ((Somewhere along the line, the dream deteriorates into me cutting all my hair off.))

      More Attempts on my Life (DILD)


      The townspeople of Storybrooke (from Once Upon a Time) and a couple of other characters are all gathered around a large tree late at night. They are discussing my fate, which seems to be in jeopardy due to some dark forces.

      While they're busy worrying, I come across Dr. Lauren Lewis from Lost Girl and we quickly become very fond of each other. The storyline "pauses" itself as we have sex. When we're done, the dream resumes as if there was no interruption.

      I somehow end up in Wal-Mart with Lydia (from Skyrim). She still looks like Lauren, but in the dream it is understood that she's Lydia. Just as in the game, she is my wife.

      We're currently being pursued by the cohorts of an evil botanist who wants me for some plant spores that have cultivated in my blood. I am armed only with a small screwdriver. This seems to be weapon enough for now: I easily slide my make-shift shank into my enemies' throats, who subsequently choke to death on their own blood. It is quite satisfying to watch.

      There are a LOT of enemies, however. Lydia and I decide to split up so they'll have to divide their efforts. I'm worried, because while they're ordered to bring ME in alive, the botanist gave no such orders for Lydia.

      As one of my enemies grows too close for comfort, I stab in in the neck like the others--- and my screwdriver breaks off into his flesh. Great, now I'm weaponless...

      I suddenly remember that I have a knife in the pouch I carry, which hangs from my belt.
      I quickly draw it out and, partially lucid now, rejoice that it is somewhat bigger than in real life.

      Lydia meets back up with me just as I slash out the throat of yet another henchman. He is one of the few remaining. The man is still alive, begging for mercy through a gurgle of blood. Even so, I see that he is reaching out to kill me. Lydia finishes him off wih a sharp kick to the head.

      The man had possessed a large serrated blade, which I proptly give to Lydia so that she can better defend herself. We walk arm-in-arm from the stor, bragging to each other about our victory.
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. Sea Monsters and the Yule Lord

      by , 02-20-2014 at 04:13 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I've been pretty busy with school work lately, but I've still been recording some dreams. Finally have a bit of time to post.


      Mind Over Matter (Non-lucid)


      The hood of my special jacket allows me to breathe under water. I go deep under the ocean with my dad to search for a buried treasure that is very important to us. I know that as soon as I begin digging, this infamous sea monster will begin attacking me. The water will make it difficult for me to fight back, so I'm thinking of a proper strategy of defense beforehand. My dad suggests using my telekinesis to kill the creature.

      Previously, we had run into trouble because my brother used telekinesis to kill things, which caused dark forces to stir and pursue us. I've never used tk for this purpose and am wary of bringing too much darkness upon myself. Plus, I'm not strong enough to kill the sea monster anyway since I've never used my power in this way before.

      My dad instructs me to practice so that I CAN kill it. He throws a black widow spider on me, which I swat off onto the ocean floor before it can bite me. I love spiders, but this one is venomous and is actively attacking me. Left with little choice, I use my telekinesis against the spider. It writhes in pain--- though it takes three tries to kill it. Now I should at least be able to do a bit of damage to the sea monster.

      Krampus (Non-lucid)


      I am wandering the streets of Mexico dressed as Krampus, the Yule Lord. Everyone is afraid and trying to kill me. They succeed multiple times. Every time I die, I must respawn at the start of the street and try again. Finally, despite a tense moment where I make a little boy cry, I win the trust of his older sister and the people no longer see me as a threat. They give me a necklace of skull beads as a peace offering.

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    3. Not So Great Recall

      by , 02-06-2014 at 06:40 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Sooner than Later (Non-lucid)


      I receive some kind of precognition that an airplane is going to kill me. I'm standing outside on a dark hill, when I see an airplane about to crash from the sky above me.

      I run, barely escaping the impact. Then, another falls and I barely dodge this one as well. I realize it does not matter how many times I try to escape-- death will come for me in the end. I decide it is best to let it happen now.

      As I stand still, waiting for the next plane to strike... Nothing happens. It seems that my acceptance of fate has caused me to circumvent the accident.

      More Bullies (Non-lucid)


      Alternate Universe. I seem to be a 7 or 8 year old boy, sitting at a table in a classroom. There are two larger boys sitting across from me who always like to bully me. I'm reading a book out of a large stack I have, trying to ignore them.

      Out of the corner of my eye, I see them steal several of my books. I've decided that I'm tired of their crap, so I set my book down slowly and give them a dangerous look. "Give those back," I growl.

      They laugh mockingly. "What're you gonna do about it?"

      "I'm going to count to 5," I tell them. "If you don't put my books back on the table by then, I'm going to stab you." They seem unsettled by my sudden change in demeanor. I pretend to continue reading my book nonchalantly as I count. "1.... 2..... THREE....." The boys hurry to put the books back on the table. The largest boy gets up and walks off to sit at a different table.

      The boy who's left picks up another of my books and begins to flip through it. He reads a bit of it out loud, then sets it back down. "Um, that's pretty cool," he says.

      "I'm surprised you were able to read that much of it," I scoff, not quite ready to forgive his misdeeds against me.

      "Me too!" he says happily. He doesn't even realize I was making fun of him...
      Tags: death, school
    4. A Night of Bullies and a Dead Princess

      by , 02-05-2014 at 07:32 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I listened to a subliminal mp3 to help with my recall last night. It seemed to work pretty well!

      Intimidation (Non-lucid)


      I seem to be in a high school gym class with Alex and other random students. We are about to begin a swim lesson. Oddly, we have on regular clothes and are standing at the steps of an empty pool.

      While we're waiting on the teacher, a gang of older boys approaches us. They begin aggressively insulting us, to the point that I'm afraid it will get violent. I decide to step in with my own unique intimidation tactic. I take a step toward the guys and begin barking like a rabid dog, setting a crazed look in my eyes. My friends giggle nervously, but the guys take a step back. I continue my crazed barking, practically foaming at the mouth and spewing spit in the leader's face with each angry snarl. The fear in his eyes is perfect.

      "Man, we don't want anything to do with you freaks, anyway." The leader scoffs, calling off his gang. As they walk away, I can't resist making one final jab at them.

      "Oh, sorry. You guys are so ugly that I must have mistaken you for dogs!"

      The boys turn around slowly, dangerously. "Oh, you're gonna pay for that," the leader fumes. He comes at us again, this time brandishing what appears to be a prison shank. Alex and I use our martial arts skills to wrest the shank from him, just as our teacher arrives to send the gang away.

      Land Sharks (Non-lucid)


      I am at my mom's house with Cheyenne, though no one else is around. We're trying to figure out where everybody is when we hear a huge commotion outside. Looking out, I see two huge construction vehicles completely demolishing the front yard. When I go out to confront them, the vehicles burrow underground and attempt to come up underneath my feet to kill me. I am forced to fly in order to avoid death.

      Lost (Non-lucid)


      I've already missed my first class of the day because I can't find my way out of the college's main building. I'm getting desperate since it's not much longer until my second class is supposed to start.

      While wandering, I come upon a party being held in one of the upstairs rooms. I had forgotten that there were supposed to be several parties up here today. This one looks extremely high-class and fancy--- aside from the strippers pole dancing at the corners of the room! My boss and coworker are running the sound system for this party. They seem to be focusing more on the strippers than on their job.

      I'm not supposed to be here, so I try to leave without drawing attention to myself. I go out a door, thinking I've finally found the exit. Instead, I come out on the roof. It is a very nice view, but now I am beyond frustrated. "WHY!?" I scream. "Why am I on the roof!?" I hear a girl laughing behind me.

      I turn around to see a girl dressed as Sleeping Beauty. She is one of the staff of another party that the school is hosting, which involves fairy tale princesses. "Took a wrong turn?" she asks.

      I grin sheepishly. "Yeah. I'm kinda lost."

      "Want me to show you the way?"

      I think about it, but I'm pretty embarrassed about the situation already. "Nah, I'll find my way out eventually. I should really know my way around my now anyway, since it's my second year here."

      She giggles. "Yeah, you really should."

      I go back inside and wander into a room that appears to be an occultist bookstore. I never knew this was here! I am about to look around, when I hear the Sleeping Beauty girl behind me. "You're going entirely the wrong way," she teases. "You should go to the north-west wing."

      I admit that I have an atrocious sense of direction and have no idea which way northwest is from where we are. "Just follow me!" she insists. I relent, following her though the door that FINALLY takes me outside. We seem to be on the street rather than on campus, however.

      Sleeping Beauty is very enthusiastic as we walk, bursting into song and twirling around the sidewalk. I smile, unable to help being smitten by her liveliness.

      Suddenly, the scene changes as the dream begins to deteriorate. Sleeping Beauty is narrating a story from her childhood, in which she wants to catch a phoenix to bring an end to the harsh winter. I am shown flashes of a phoenix, then the terrible scene of the girl's frozen corpse nailed to a wooden stake, alone in a blizzard. The last image before I awaken is the face of an evil dragon, mocking the girl's death.
    5. Magica

      by , 02-03-2014 at 06:07 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Magica (Non-lucid)


      Note: I have been watching "Puella Magi Madoka Magica," a magical girl anime with a ridiculously dark plot. My dream is based on this.

      An evil witch has trapped my friends and I in a large castle. Within the castle are metal giants that are systematically hunting us down. No matter where we hide, the giants always find us. One of my powers as a magical girl is increased intuition, which allows me to discover that the witch is somehow seeing through our eyes to alert the giants of our location.

      Squeezing my eyes shut so that I (and the witch) can no longer see where I am, I stumble blindly through the castle. I manage to avoid the giants and confront the witch.

      However, our leader Homura has been using the entire situation as a distraction so that she could get to Kyubey, the being who turned us into magical girls. She kills Kyubey, ensuring that no other innocent girls get pulled into this madness. Unfortunately, our own contracts are still active so we must continue our fight. The witch escapes in the aftermath.

      *time lapse*
      Some time passes. I have recieved a burst of intuition involving something known as the "Black Fox." I try to get in touch with Homura, but she is nowhere to be found. I have a terrible feeling that something big is about to happen.

      Currently, I'm visiting my dad on a farm that he seems to own. He is working on one of his cars and tells me that he needs a new brake system for it. "Would you call Advanced Auto and see what kind of system I need for this car?" he asks me.

      "You know more about it than I do, why can't you call them?" Before he can answer, someone pulls up nearby in a van. A silver-haired woman in a wheelchair rolls out to meet us. To my supreme irritation, I realize it is the most annoying reporter in the world (who I have actually dreamed about before, a long time ago). She is a retired magical girl, whose wish upon making her contract with Kyubey was to be a famous news reporter. She clearly wants an interview with me, for some reason.

      "I have nothing to say to you," I snap before she can speak.

      Ignoring me, she begins filming. Her camera is a laptop that she has set up on her wheelchair. "Woah, I did NOT give you permission to film me!" I exclaim. I don't need my enemies knowing anything about where I am. I immediately turn around and back into the camera, so she is filming nothing but my rear. She continues trying to question me, so I walk backwards, pushing her wheelchair as I go. She screams in protest the entire time until I finally push her off down a hill.

      Laughing triumphantly, I return to my dad. "I figured out what kind of brake system I need," he tells me. "Will you help me buy it online? It's called the Black Fox."

      I freeze at the name. The Black Fox? What could my father's brake system have to do with my vision? Deciding to find out, I tell him I'll help. He pulls the product up almost instantly on ebay, under a seller that is CLEARLY my roommate. "Um, I have to make a phone call."

      I leave the room to call Alex, asking her about the Black Fox. "I found the brake system in my house this morning," she tells me. "Whoever put it there must have also hacked into my Ebay account. I don't know, it sounds like something Homura might do. You should ask her."

      I call Homura, who finally answers. She only gives me really cryptic information that doesn't answer any of my questions.
      Tags: giants, magic, witch
    6. A Night of Wolves and Death

      by , 02-01-2014 at 05:43 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      To Be A Wolf (Non-lucid)


      I am sitting in the floor beside my roommate's bed. We have both performed some sort of ritual to transform ourselves into otherworldly creatures. Alex is about to become some sort of undead dark lord, while I am going to be a werewolf. We know that the process will be very painful, but we are prepared.

      Her transformation begins first. She clutches her arm and screams in agony as a green-gray bruise-like sheen begins to overtake her skin. I sit in the floor and awkwardly watch, knowing that people in the hallway are going to think she's being murdered. After a few minutes, her screams stop and the transformation is complete. "Look!" she says excitedly. "I've completely transformed."

      She notices that my canine teeth are beginning to protrude much farther than normal. "Oh, your transformation is starting now, too." I go to the mirror and watch in fascination as my teeth grow sharper and more wolf-like. However, my interest is cut short when the pain in my gut begins. It feels like someone is grabbing my organs and squeezing hard. I fall to the floor, convulsing, shrieking with each stab of pain in my stomach. After what feels like an eternity, the pain fades and I black out.

      *time lapse*

      A month has passed. It is the full moon once more, and I am excited to experience being the Wolf for the first time, since I was unconscious for the duration of the last full moon. It will be much easier for me the second time around, I know. The only problem is, people know a werewolf is living nearby and they have formed a mob to kill it. I will have to be extremely careful not to get caught.

      Unfortunately for me, it is summer, which means that the moon's power hits me early in the evening. I'm attending an outdoor dinner party with my mother when the feeling begins. I know I will turn soon. "I'm going to step out in the woods for a minute," I tell my mother. She doesn't know that I'm the werewolf everyone is concerned about.

      "I'll go with you," she says.

      "No. I'm going alone." I tell her firmly.

      "Then you're not going at all!" she snaps.

      I'm beginning to grow angry and a bit desperate. "I'm 20 years old. You can't run my life anymore!" I storm out into the woods before she can stop me. I take my wolf form almost as soon as I'm out of sight from the party. It feels wonderful! A sense of power and freedom so powerful is coursing through my veins, that I throw my head back and howl. The sound echoes eerily through the forest, sounding more dangerous than any wolf. Damn. I'd forgotten about the mob.

      Someone comes crashing through the woods towards me--- it was my mother. She has a shotgun, pointed directly at me. I desperately try to signal for her to not shoot, but she can't understand me! It is too late. She fires the gun.

      The bullet pierces through my stomach, knocking me to the ground. I'm too weak to feel the pain. As I begin to involuntarily shift back to my human form, my mother's look of realization and scream of horror at what she's done are the last things I experience before everything goes black.

      To Be The Prey (DILD)


      My brother and I are standing in our back yard when we notice a chicken and a rooster down the hill. "Let's chase them!" I say excitedly. He agrees, so we take off after the birds. Using what little flying ability they have, the birds easily flutter out of our reach. Suddenly becoming lucid, I fly off after them. Flying, it's much easier to keep up with the chickens, but we still manage to lose them after a while. I also lose lucidity.

      My mother has read a task in her scouting handbook that requires the participant to mark their favorite pages in a book and then leave the book outside to show the dogs. I think this is completely stupid and want no part in it. However, my mother is trying to make me complete this task. She is SO annoying that I finally concede, but when I walk outside with the book it occurs to me that the dogs will just chew it up rather than try to read the pages I've marked.

      Irritated, I walk to the back of the yard where my dad and brother are sitting. I'm complaining to them about how irritating my mom is being when suddenly coyotes begin howling nearby. The dogs go crazy, and I decide to stir them up even more by howling along with the coyotes.

      However, just before I start howling I notice that the "coyotes" are walking directly into our yard. "Woah, are you sure those are coyotes?" I ask my dad. They look more like large wolves.

      There are two of them, and they both lay eyes on me at the same moment. They drop to a hunting crouch, growling furiously and stalking closer to me. One of them lunges. I manage to jump at the same instant, kicking the beast so hard in the head that he falls limp to the ground. My timing isn't so great with the other one. He barrels into me, knocking me over. However, I still have my grip on the book, which happens to be a pretty heavy hard back. I begin beating the wolf over the head with my book. It is a long a bloody process with such a terrible weapon, but I somehow manage to beat him to death. My book is now sticky with his blood.

      I am irrationally furious that my book has been ruined despite not following through with my mom's asinine task, so I stomp off toward the hill to bury it. But as I approach the edge of the forest, I am at first horrified to see more wolves. However, it seems they are impressed with my fighting skills. They have come to make me an honorary member of their Pack.

      The biggest, toughest wolf does not agree with this decision. He attacks me without warning, intending to kill me. His attack knocks me off balance, but I use the momentum to roll on top of him. There are no real weapons nearby. I somehow manage to get a hold of a deer's leg bone, which I promptly shove into the wolf's mouth when he tries to bite me. I shove the bone deep into his throat until he chokes to death. Upon dying, he finally accepts me as an equal.
    7. A Night of Nonsensical Dream-Logic

      by , 01-31-2014 at 04:04 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      VooDoo Baby (Non-lucid)


      I have to drive my stepdad's big truck for some reason. Inside, he has an evil shrivelled up baby hanging from the ceiling that must be kept happy in order to have a safe trip. I make a funny face at the baby, who laughs maniacally. Later he gets mad and I have to figure out how to make him happy again.

      Holding it Together (Non-lucid)


      Gender bent dream. I am a young man who just lost his job. I'm trying to get enough food to feed my little sister. Both of our parents are dead, so it's just the two of us. In a gas station buying cheap food, the cashier is blind. She asks for my ID in case anything gets stolen, so she'll know who to look for. I remember that my sister is a cleptomaniac, so I make a mental note to make sure she hasn't stolen anything before we leave.

      Later, we are camping in the forest. Late at night a huge wolf walks up. My sister somehow thinks it is a moose. She has a gun and offers to shoot it so that we can harvest it for its meat. I tell her she'd better do something before it kills us. We then argue about whether it is a moose or a wolf. When it is about to bite her, I chop its head off with my knife. It has now turned into a duck. I decide a duck would make a good meal, so I take it with me.

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    8. Determination and Nostalgia

      by , 01-31-2014 at 04:02 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      I've been reading over all of my old dream journals, which has me feeling quite nostalgic about LDing. It's hard to believe I first stumbled upon this site nearly 7 whole years ago! A lot has changed since then, but my love for dreaming hasn't. Which is why I'm more motivated than ever to be active on here and to make more of an effort to keep up with my dream journal.

      So, here are a few of the dreams I managed to log during my extremely stressful last semester.

      Wolf Rider, Vampire Slayer (Non-lucid)


      I am taking shelter in an old colonial-style town with a girl named Rachel and a few other friends from college. Rachel and I are spending a lot of time flirting with each other, though it is a bit awkward.

      One morning, I'm talking to the town council about supplying food if we have to stay here over the winter. I suggest we use the corn field, but they tell me it is infested with squirrels. "It can't be that bad," I scoff. they take me to the corn field where THOUSANDS of squirrels are feasting on what's left of the corn. "Okay," I relent, "I see what you mean."

      While we stand here pondering what to do, wolves and giant deer emerge from the forest and into the field. The wolves seem to mean no harm, but the deer are a different story. One of them is angry with me and tries to trample me. A large wolf comes to my rescue. He lets me ride on his back, taking me safely back to town.

      In town, I'm trying to figure out the location of a Vampire nest that has been plaguing the area. The blueprint of the town shows me that the large church at the edge of town includes a system of underground tunnels--- this must be the nest! I remember that the whole town is supposed to meet in this church later. I have to warn everybody!

      I go to Rachel first, but as I'm explaining my discovery, the Vamps decide to strike. They quickly surround us, herding us to the church. I hold Rachel's hand, doing my best to protect her, keeping myself between her and the vampires as we walk.

      At the church, we are led to a back room where we're supposed to wait. I become separated from Rachel, but come across my brother. He is back from the Army, where he served as an expert Vampire slayer. He tells me that we should fight them and escape to save the town.

      I find a large colored pencil nearby (as this seems to be a Sunday school room for children), which I realize would amke a lovely stake. I brutally stab the first Vamp I come across--- right through the heart--- three times. I find more colored pencils on a table. I use them to gouge out a female Vamp's eyes as she lunges at me. She screeches terribly.

      Drink and be Merry (Non-lucid)


      I am semi-lucid, with a HUGE bottle of delicious wine. My German professor is giving a lecture outside on a hill. I am attending this lecture with my bottle hidden behind my back. Every time the professor looks away, I take a drink. The wine is REALLY good and little sips just aren't enough. I slip away so I can enjoy the drink more thoroughly.

      I somehow end of in the house of a woman who seems to be in her mid 30's. We drink the entire bottle together, becoming very drunk and giggly. I'm so drunk that my face is tingling. We make out in her bed for a few minutes, then completely pass out.
    9. Possessing Myself

      by , 11-19-2013 at 03:33 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      The Demon Within (Non-lucid)


      I am with my mom. I'm trying to eat a sandwich, but something really confusing and disconcerting is happening that is making concentration difficult (can't exactly remember very well). My focus on attempting to eat is broken when my mom tells me that I'm not "me" anymore. She says "The Beast has taken over you. You're not who you used to be."

      I look in the mirror and see that I'm no longer having problems eating my sandwich. Quite the opposite. I am now savagely stuffing it in my mouth, eating as though I've been starving for years. Upon realizing this, I stop and stare at my reflection in horror.

      My mom's words suddenly make sense to me. I'm not who I always believed myself to be. I suddenly remember that I'm a demon who possessed the body of this girl when she was much younger, and our memories integrated. Our identities are practically inseparable now, a perverted integration of myself as a demon and her as a human.
      Tags: demon
    10. Of Shapeshifting and Invisibility

      by , 11-17-2013 at 05:39 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Not so great recall last night, and what I do remember is a bit vague.

      Transformation (Non-lucid)


      I am on a secret mission that somehow involves stealing a particular item from this girl's bedroom. To accomplish this, I knock on her door and proceed to transform into an adorable black bunny. She comes to the door, squeals in delight, and carries me up to her room. I notice that it feels kind of nice being held while in this form.

      In her room, I change shape again. This time, I'm a black cat. A talking black cat. I talk to her and trick her into helping me out with my mission.

      Ghost Hunters (Non-lucid)


      I am with a friend in the lower rooms of an old, creepy building. My friend is hunting a ghost, but I happen to really like the ghost she's trying to get rid of. I turn invisible and screw up my friend's hunt while trying to help the ghost girl get to safety. There is also an evil spirit there that we're all avoiding. The ghost girl is terrified--- she holds my hand the entire time.
    11. Worst Family Reunion Ever

      by , 11-15-2013 at 03:02 PM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Worst Family Reunion Ever (Non-lucid)


      It it snowing, and there is word that the largest blizzard ever is about to pass through our area. My dad and I rush out to get groceries. Unfortunately, he passes the grocery store and says he has to get his car washed first. I figure we should get food as quickly as possible and get off the road before things get even worse, but I hold my tongue.

      Along the way, we meet up with some old family friends (who don't exist IRL). One of them is telling me that her daughter is dying to hang out with me, even though we've only met one time many years ago. Somehow, my deceased Aunt Linda is with this group. She is smoking in a very ostentatious manner, blowing the smoke in my face as she talks. She accuses me of thinking that she is some kind of hobo.

      My dad and I leave, but instead of going to the grocery store, he ends up in some kind of insane work-out cult. He tells me to wait for him while he exercises with the trainer. I wait for an extremely long time until he finally comes back outside. He now looks like a freakish body-builder, and has shaved his hair except for a big greasy mohawk. He tells me that he has to continue working out here and that I need to wait for him. I get really mad and tell him that I'm leaving. He refuses to give me the keys to the car, so I decide to walk.

      For some reason, I decide to walk to my grandmother's house instead of my own. Big mistake. My Aunt Linda is there, along with one of my cousins and several rough-looking partying types. They're all drinking, and there seems to be a small orgy beginning. Completely disgusted, I decide to sneak around to the other side of the house so they won't notice me. I fly over their heads ((I'm not lucid, but I know about my dream powers somehow)) but Aunt Linda notices me. She says my dad has called with instructions to keep me here. They lock me in the house.

      A boy who lives nearby has seen my plight and is waiting in the house for me. He's supposed to be working with my captors, but he likes me and wants to help set me free. We both jump through a window and he keeps them away from me before joining me in the grand escape. We make it to my house, where I give him a huge hug for helping me. It is a really nice, warm hug--- better than any I've experienced IRL. Unfortunately, my feelings for him are only platonic while he seems to have fallen in love with me.
      Tags: cult, escape
    12. Epic: Journey into the Requiem

      by , 11-15-2013 at 02:54 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      Facing the Goblin Hoard (Non-lucid)


      My faithful companions and I enter the palace of the light goblins, seeking the Goblin Princess named Whisper. She had sent word to my Knight that she has some important information for us. The light goblins may be less savage than their kin, but we still must be careful. Humans in the palace are subject to intense scrutiny: one wrong move and we'll all be killed.

      A young female goblin servant slips my knight a letter from the Princess. It reads: "I'm in the subconscious right now. You must meet me in the Requiem." We all exchange anxious glances. The Requiem--- home of the dark goblins--- is exactly where we did NOT want to go.

      We begrudgingly make our way to the Market and buy as much fruit as we can, as tribute to the dark goblins. You won't get very far in the Requiem without a substantial food offering to pacify the greedy little beasts.

      Then the time comes to enter the massive cave system known as the Requiem. We decide to go in groups of two to ease suspicion. The Dark Goblins tend to find humans amusing, even going as far as inviting large groups of them to attend events in the Requiem's inner chambers. However, getting to these inner chambers is easier said than done. The goblins along the way will find any excuse to snatch a human away before they reach their destination.

      Because the goblins are confident in their vast numbers (and rightly so) we are allowed to bring in our weapons under the condition that they are sheathed at all times. I decide to bring my faithful scimitar, though I hope I won't be needing it.

      I enter the caves with my friend Alma, a healer who is actually quite knowledgable about Goblin culture. After giving the doorman his part of the tribute, we make our way inside. An older she-goblin stops me a few minutes into our slow, wary journey. She wants to play a game with me. Apparently this game involves slapping me in the face with a mostly deflated balloon. I stand there and take it, hoping that she'll grow weary of the "game" and let me go. She tells me I'm not doing it right, that I'm supposed to cry out in pain. I realize she is kind of like a child who hits an adult and finds it funny when the adult pretends that the weak attack has injured them. The next time the she-goblin hits me, I cry out and pretend to be in pain. Unfortunately, an older male goblin watching nearby lets out an annoyed "shhhhh!"

      "Ah, a shush from him means an execution. Too bad!" the old she-goblin cackles. I sigh in frustration and weigh my options. Resisting their attacks wouldn't do much good--- there are far too many of them to fight. Even if I could, it would put Alma in the middle of the danger. I have no choice but to run.

      So run I do. I barrel into the annoying she-gob, sending her sprawling to the floor. I bolt through the door before me, cringing at the sheer number of goblins who begin chasing after me.

      I run for a very long time, deftly taking unexpected turns and even throwing myself through a large stained glass window, but they always keep right on my heels. Maybe it's time to make a stand.

      I climb up a pillar in a large cathedral like room, all the way up to the rafters. I figure that the goblins could only move single file along the narrow beams, thus allowing me to chop them down one at a time. But more by luck than anything, I somehow fall through a nearby window into a large courtyard where a lot of other humans are gathered for an event (including my comrades). Goblins are notoriously bad at recognizing individual humans in a crowd, so I blend right in and successfully escape. As long as I can hide my limp from the fall, they shouldn't recognize me...
    13. Crow Monsters, High Schoolers, and a Little Pig

      by , 11-15-2013 at 02:51 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)

      Rebecca Rostrid (DILD)


      After an annoying library incident, I am hiding on the front lawn with my dad as giant crow creatures circle over head. They want nothing more than to tear us limb from limb and devour our corpses. We bury ourselves under piles of mown grass--- unfortunately, they spot my dad and drag him away.

      I lie there for a long time before
      realizing that I'm dreaming. Now itching for a fight, I conjure up a machete and teleport inside my house. I intend to run out the front door to fight them, where I'll be in a better position for battle. Unfortunately, my brother stops me before I make it out. He claims the machete is his, and I end up fighting him for it.

      Physical attacks do no damage. Instead, I somehow "grab" his energy and threaten to crush his existence. Terrified, he surrenders.

      I go back outside with the knife, more than ready for my battle with the crow creatures. I look to the sky where one is flying. It bursts into flames and falls at my feet, where it becomes a crow-shaped medallion with the name "Rebecca Rostrid" engraved into it with firey letters. I wake up with the name burned into my mind.

      Finding Rebecca Rostrid (DILD)


      I am jogging down the road in the neighborhood outside my college. My legs are not working properly and I keep nearly falling. A friend who is with me finds this hilarious and intentionally pushes me over. I angrily think that this is like something that would happen in a dream. The thought triggers me to RC, and I become lucid.

      I immediately remember that I want to find out who Rebecca Rostrid is. the setting has changed to that of a typical high school. I ask my friend if she knows Rebecca, but she is no help. I shout her name--- it reverberates throughout the whole school.

      Nearby, there is a group of guys leaning agains the lockers. They tell me they know who Rebecca is, and we have a brief conversation about her. They mention something about her apparently pleasing appearance and, to fit in, I make a rather inappropriate joke involving her. They all laugh about it until I realize that Rebecca is standing right behind me. She doesn't look pleased with what I've said. "Um, that was just a joke," I mumble awkwardly.

      She is somewhat short, with curly/frizzy red hair tied back in a pony tail. We have a short conversation that I no longer remember.

      Little Pig (Non-lucid)


      I become best friends with a little pig who is so eaten up with fleas that the entire left half of her body is deteriorated to the point that you can see her internal organs--- or what's left of them. she is sad because everyone thinks she's ugly.
    14. Of Cat-girls, death, and new lives

      by , 11-15-2013 at 02:45 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)

      Animal Planet (Non-lucid)


      I have entered an alternate timeline in which animals rule the world and consider people a lower form of life. In the city, I see busses with writing such as "PETA Daycare." I find this very amusing. My mom and I are attempting to return to our hometown, but when we come across some temples and holy statues sacred to the animals, I break away to explore. In the process of exploring, this human-looking girl who claims to be half animal begins chasing me. Humans are not allowed to wander around alone, so I am deemed a fugitive and a rogue. (Apparently animal-human hybrids such as the girl chasing me are raised as animals).

      I run away but the animal girl always finds me. I still have a bottle of alcohol from a previous dream, which ignites a plan within me. The bottle has different settings of strength and flavor, so I turn it to the highest strength and trick my pursuer into drinking it. Now that she's drunk, I figure that escaping her will be twenty times easier.

      Unfortunately for us both, I am wrong. The girl follows me to a strange area where a set of monkey bars reaches over a span of incredible height. I am carefully making my way across when she tries to pull me down. I tell her to cut it out or she'll get us both killed, but she is drunk and not in her right state of mind, so she keeps trying.

      She almost falls herself, but I manage to catch her and help her down to solid ground. I gently lay her down; she is no longer as drunk, but she's bretty shaken up from the scare of almost falling to her death. She mumbles out an embarassed "thank you."

      In response, I unexpectedly lean over and kiss her. At first she is startled, then she kisses me back. Sadly, a group of pure-blood animals have come upon us while we were distracted. They are furious, screaming that a relationship between humans and animals are forbidden. We are forced to flee. She is very angry with me for making her an outcast, but we have no choice but to stick together to evade capture. I find the whole situation very amusing.

      Guardian Spirit (Non-lucid)


      I have died and I think I've been born again. A bit of time passes until my brain has the capacity to think. I am a bit disconcerted when thinking about my new appearance. "I... have blue eyes...?" I ask out loud, more to myself than anyone else. I remember having green eyes. Why are they blue? My mom says I have blue eyes just like my father's. I soon realize that I am not actually the child--- my spirit is simply connected to hers. She is actually my brother's daughter; my niece.

      I am somewhat sad to be dead, but I decide I will make my death worthwhile and watch after my niece as her guardian spirit. I will not let any harm come to her. The child sees me as her imaginary friend. Now one suspects that my spirit is still lingering. My parents are raising the child as their own--- I have no idea what has happed to my brother, but I suspect he may be dead as well.

      Second Life (Non-lucid)


      I have my personality, but I am a different Person in another life, apparently in high school again. My best friends and I have a strange inside joke about our group’s “rulebook,” which contains arbitrary rules about our friendship. We are in the cafeteria getting lunch. Friend #1 walks away to get tea. While she’s preoccupied, I strike up a conversation with Regina, our school’s bitchy head cheerleader. She is talking about hair with her friend, and I mention that I’ve given up caring about my own hair. She makes some snide comment about it and says something about me being a nerd. I tell her I am proud to be a nerd. The entire exchange seems to be more out of routine than actually malicious. I am enamored with Regina and enjoy these little encounters. I’m beginning to suspect that she does as well.

      When I return to my table, I obviously have a stupid grin on my face. Friend #1 asks me what happened.

      Me: *still smiling* Nothing.

      Friend 1: Nothing my butt. Did you meet someone? Did you have a romantic encounter?

      Me: No. I just had an amusing conversation with… someone.

      Friend 1: *sudden realization* Oh god, tell me you weren’t flirting with Regina again! I can understand if you like the cheery types but seriously? Regina?

      Me: Hey, it’s not---

      Before I can defend myself, Friend #2 sits with us. She notices that Friend #1 is once again carrying an empty pocket book with her (an apparent weird habit of hers). “New rule,” she says. “No carrying empty pocket books.

      Friend 1: What? Why not?

      Friend 2: Because, it looks dumb and I’m embarrassed to be seen with you.

      Friend 1: It does not.

      Me: Actually, it makes sense. What if the apocalypse suddenly happened? Yoou’d need a bag to carry important items you find, like in Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

      Friend 1: *stares at me like I’m crazy, then turns to Friend #2* Okay, you’re right. It’s stupid.
    15. Rise of the Mutants

      by , 11-15-2013 at 02:40 AM (Death's Other Kingdom)
      My life has been pretty hectic since this past summer, but (as always) I miss being active here and talking about dreams with everyone. So I'm going to attempt to bring this journal back up to date with a few highlights from my written DJ. I'll group them by month so there won't be an overflow of posts from me.


      Rise of the Mutants (Non-lucid)


      I go into a strange Japanese restraunt with my friends from college. We are only stopping by to use the bathroom after ((some events I can't remember)). All of the prices are listen in Yen, so I have no idea how much everything actully costs. It looks really expensive though.

      I am admiring a fish tank in the back that has extremely exotic creatures that I've never seen before. One of the creatures is fairly large, about the size of a dog, has webbed hands and feet, a lizard tail, fish fins coming out of its face (like the Hyoo-mans), and a drill for a nose. The creature stands pressed up against the glass, staring at us.

      Somehow the thing escapes, along with others of its kind. It turns out that they are somewhat sentient. We are supposed to stand perfectly still while they sniff us and nothing will happen, but everyone is freaked out and one of them slaughters Hannah.

      Years pass and these things have taken over. We have taken refuge in the sewers, but as part of a resistance force we've been above ground doing some scouting. We get caught. The creatures are sniffing us. I manage to stand still until they try sniffing up my skirt, then I freak out and squirm around, trying to get away. This triggers their wrath, and we are forced to run away.
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