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    Mini Lucid #28

    by , 02-10-2016 at 07:53 PM (354 Views)
    At college. Take a new sexy dance class but it ends up being a spelling class. I want to leave but donít want to seem like Iím better than everyone else. The teacher calls on me and asks if Ďthrillí is spelled correctly on the paper. Itís spelled ďthrilkĒ. I tell her there shouldnít be a k and before I can finish she says there also needs to be another L and I agree. The class takes a break and she cleans the tables. I ask if she would mind if I left. I canít hear what sheís saying so I just leave. One girl is talking about a certain type of meditative yoga and I indulge her by mimicking what she says as though sheís teaching. She likes it and I think that class would be fun.

    In the shower and the drain isnít working. Iím in there with D and another girl. The water is to my calves and it looks like somebody peed in it. I canít believe someone would do that. I start shaving my legs and have to finish in the living room. For the first time ever Iím really scared to shave my legs. They feel fragile and I have huge, bulging veins. I notice the area Iím standing is really dirty and I yell out, ďSomeone needs to clean this floor, itís a fucking mess!Ē but I canít use my voice.

    At gmas looking for something to eat. Thereís milk leaning next to a box in the fridge. They keep their cereal in the fridge and one is called ďSea Organized OatmealĒ. They have name brand cereal all over the kitchen. I poke my head outside and thereís someone barbecuing. There are fresh fruits on veggies on the side railing of the stairs but Iíve never seen that kind before. I go inside and try to get water from a sink at the base of the stairs. I assume itís an automatic faucet but the knobs are to the left hand side. Gpa tries to sneak up on me and scare me but it doesnít work. I go and hang out with Rachel on the couch. Theyíre missing a couch, though.

    I start feeling vibrations and hearing people on the radio from the 40ís. I see myself lying in a bed from that time period with kids, reading a book and listening to this broadcast. I am thinking about past lives and wondering if I will reincarnate in the future (after the 40ís) and wondering if I will remember my last life if I do. The vibrations keep bringing me back and they feel really intense and uncomfortable. I try the method of rolling to my side and they subside and it feels like my whole body is on the ground by my current bed, except for my feet. I try opening my eyes and now Iím flying in a city. I think, Ďthis is what I want to be doing.í then I hit my head on a pole and wake up.

    Supplements: NA. Ate toast, sunbutter, choc chips
    Bedtime: 10:00
    Mantras: NA
    ADA rating: 1
    Moon Cycle: 5% waxing
    Menstrual Cycle: 26
    Nightly Awakenings: 0600-0630
    WBTB: NA
    HH: Vibrations in morning
    Dream Type: RD, LD/OBE
    Wake Time: 7:50
    Total hours of sleep: 8-8.5

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