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    301215: A Friend And Bruce Lee, Seeing U2 In Concert,

    by , 12-30-2015 at 09:45 AM (463 Views)
    Old Friend and Bruce Lee
    It's nighttime in a shadowy and sparsely-lit apartment. I see an old Australian friend, didn't she move? I ask her this and she says she moved back since she missed everything too much. I tell her I'm glad she is back and that I always liked talking to her in a rare moment of candidness.

    She asks if I'd want some weed and I'm hesitant, not really wanting to say no as to not hurt her feelings but not really feeling it at all. She comes from the kitchen with some green spacecakes and I eat one of the small ones she brought, it should be relaxing.

    I sit and wait for it to take effect. I feel relaxed and light, anxiety and tension melt away. I don't feel woozy at all. I begin to walk around. I see a wooden part of the house appear, it has a hall on the second floor to the right. It is lit with candles and has a spiritual feeling to it. We see Bruce Lee appear and he begins to do some martial arts moves. He is doing them really fast and furiously, his manager or his mom tells him to take it easy so he doesn't hurt himself. Despite her warning, he keeps on doing roundhouse kicks in the air, jumping onto a piano.

    On the second floor I look down at the floor below and feel relaxed, almost a spiritual calm comes over me. An old master is in the other room behind me, working on something.

    U2 in Concert and some Tortilla Chips?
    The sky is a light blue like an early Spring morning. I enter a small concert hall, the size of a large classroom. U2 has just finished a concert and the crowd is going crazy. They play a final encore song, it's one of their greatest hits. I'm glad I had a chance to listen to at least one song of the concert. The song is weird in the sense that it sounds normal but everyone in the band is playing the drums. Weird how they got all the parts of the song to sound right only using drums.

    After the song ends Bono asks The Edge to find a woman who fell with her roller during the concert so she can come backstage and meet the band. Bono asks this very politely and the I think it's a sweet gesture.

    I'm in my grandparent's old house. in the living room, daytime but the curtain is drawn like usual and give the room a grey and dreary light. I see a bunch of barbecue-flavored tortilla chips. They are sticky and brown with a flavoring sauce. I eat them all up, I'm very hungry. My clothes are all over the floor, I try to gather them up and to separate the dirty ones from the clean ones. They are all over the place and it's hard to get them together.

    My mom comes over and she is going to give me a ride to my friends place. She is being very loud and obnoxious as I try to gather my clothes together, intentionally trying to embarrass me in front of people in the room. I feel angry and aggravated, in frustration I bite my arm. There is no pain.

    In the blue morning daylight I head to my friends old place.

    Cousin in College?
    I see a very stereotypical picture of my cousin in a college shirt smiling widely. It looks very 90's. A man talks about how she is his girlfriend. I keep staring at the weird picture.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Ok most people have to pre-book ages in advanced to watch a concert like that, but you just pre-incubate and watch that night, nice.
      I just noticed cats and school are high in your tag cloud
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    2. m4ra's Avatar
      I know, right?

      To be honest I can't say I'm a huge U2 fan at all. Weird I had a dream about them, I can't imagine why. Something like Tool or Mastodon or something I could get, but U2? I can maybe name one or two of their songs.

      I'm glad you noticed that, I've been thinking of making a point to notice dream signs more. I usually pick up on weirdness in waking life and then immediately RC, but it hasn't bled into my dreams as of yet. Let's see what happens, I'll keep the cats and school in mind! I've also noticed I dream of the machine shop a lot.

      Sleep well!