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    by , 05-14-2024 at 03:23 AM (24 Views)
    Still confusing stuff going on with the voice... Really hope it gets resolved soon. I've had it..

    Jamie dreams

    Only one night out of the 3 nights had Jamie.

    In one she is by a white pickup truck and jokingly giving me shit about something.

    In another fragment. She is next to me on a street in Didsbury and she seems happy with me.

    Last fragment is I'm seeing her sit by a window with a child sitting on her lap.

    Almost lucid.

    I'm walking with someone in a highschool. ( Might be Jamie) . I start floating but it seems normal. I cross my legs in mid air but still go walking level and speed. I float up to a landing above some office doors and walk along it. Some Filipina woman is sitting on top of a ladder leading to the landing. Forget what happened after.

    Last night. I sensed fragments. Don't recall Jamie.

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