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    boring dreams

    by , 09-10-2019 at 03:41 AM (118 Views)

    Had this one tuesday. I was in a house with A jamie look a like with a british accent. No not THAT one the card reader. A different one... A McDonald's franchise owner is also in the house I keep making jokes about him being super rich and stuff. The girl seems to like the jokes. I am sometimes finding myself also with a british accent, maybe because I'm trying to achieve rapport? She laughs at my jokes and stuff. IRL this person doesn't exist.

    Micro Dreams

    Ha these on a bus heading home after work. One i fell asleep for a second and C was sitting in front of me. Next one was Jamie pulling me away.

    Jamie again

    Had one where we were both in b.C. Exploring some abandoned house or something.

    Note: She hasn't been very affectionate in dreams lately, at least not physically. but, I do get very loving vibes from these dreams.

    Dark Crystal

    Saw the entire season of the Dark Crystal this weekend. My Review:

    In this dream I am actually a Dark Shadow that can grab onto the puppets. Unfortunately this dream doesn't play out long enough for me to do anything.
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