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    Dreaming with a pendulum.

    by , 12-17-2010 at 01:48 AM (625 Views)
    new song:

    note: bought a pendulum that chose me. I asked it before bed instructions for getting my recall up and getting a lucid. I followed it tot he letter. It said i should put it under my pillow and it will aid dream recall and here is what happened.


    Dream of hanging with spencer... but only remembered buying her her brand of particularly thin smokes.


    Had a dream that jared came to battle me but I forget what happened.

    Stay out of my dreams justin beiber

    Had a dream me and my cousin pete were outside a house by a stage at night time. Justin beiber was singing and he asked me to film him... So I kept running in front of his camera and making retarded faces and saying "it's justin beiber," in a really retarded voice tone. Gave up and sat with Pete who suggested we should change the song to metallica or megadeth. i agreed and tried fiddling with the Ipod. But alas, couldn't change the damn song. Then a dog came and bit my arm.

    Uncle Royce super wtf dog nammit

    I was in Ontario driving to work with Royce and Jossie. I was in the back. I looked out the window and I saw Royce's face as gigantic in the sky. It looked like the painting of his face but instead it was pure blood. A pure bloody royce face setting in the sky. I said we should get out of here before it chases us. Royce laughed and said this will get him his revenge on quetzecotl, because in a past life he was quetzi's right hand man and never got his reward. I said he should be carefull because some people think That I am the re incarnation of quetzecotl.

    Jossie wants me to plug some headphones into a jack that's behind me. I try but the cord is too short. I keep plugging it in but everytime she moves forward slightly, it plugs out of the jack. This happenes several times.

    We arrive at a large job house with lava in the basement. Dan is there priming the walls witha paintball gun hooked up to an airles machine. Trevor looks like big bird and is trying not to get his feathers splattered in paint.

    Before I can get to work 3 big dogs come out of nowhere and start biting my arms, (warning me that Asuka is in trouble). Their bites burn my flesh and my arms. Some big guy helps and fight's the dogs off my arms. My dad hands me this weird stuff to heal myself I apply it to the burn marks. The lava is making it really hot and I butt out a smoke onto some tinfoil that I was using to help with the treatment of the burns. My dad keeps asking "Can I leave now?" I say yes.

    Lucid one

    I'm in my inner world house. A dog bites my arm when I become lucid but I forget what happened with the dog. I am sitting in a room with children around, they are asking me when I will bring asuka home? I ignore them because I am poking my fingers through a sheet of paper with no holes. I say, "Isn't that cool?" They roll their eyes and then walk out of the room. I then remembered that I should look for Asuka, I was about to open a portal before I woke up.

    Lucid 2

    I'm in a grassy valley looking for asuka lucid. A small black dog with a red jewel on it's forehead approaches me. I hold out my arm so that it can bite it, but it shakes it's head no. I ask it if it's my pendulum, it barks and nods yes.

    missing time

    Finding Asuka

    I found asuka imprisoned in some weird building. Michael Jackson had her strung up by chains... He was biting ears off of children and then spitting the ears at her. I think I rescue her but forget what happens after.

    basement suites

    I was in my house with my dad. I was coming in from a smoke and wanted to finish it. I walked to the other end where I thought a door might be, but it led to another part of the basement filled with furniture I didn't recognize. I then remembered there was another door and kept walking. I found yet another part of the basement and finally found a door that led outside... but outside there was no space to move around.
    i walked back and saw some family that said they lived there. They said several families lived in separate suites in the same basement, and I had just walked through a couple. The suite on the end where I just had come from... belonged to a family that recently moved out.

    weird house

    Was in some house populated by weird scope creatures that came out of holes in the walls and floor.

    Super long wtf dream.

    Started out... I was at someone's house for dinner and James was with me from red deer. The host was this really creepy guy. he was pissed off that I didn't finish the food from my plate... His vibe reminded me of moppon... but it wasn't him. This was the same house with the scope creatures...

    I was talking to James and saying that I understood the host and I made a joke to which we both laughed and agreed with it. But then the host came a long with a new plate of food and dumped it on me. I was like WTF, and explained that I can't stuff myself silly all the time so it's nothing personal against his cooking.

    Me and james left the place and we were in a city that looked like calgary and chilliwack. It was neear night time and we were walking around and trying to find a main road. James said that the host is known to follow and stalk people he doesn't like. We came to one end of a street and said goodbye... but the way I continued walking only led to condo complexes and not a street. i tunred around and went the other way.

    found myself on a busy street during daytime and was asking people where the main street was. i followed their directions and found a road layered with cafe chair which I was walking on top of. An old lady smiled at me as I walked past her.

    found myself at a weird C train station with futuristic elevators. I saw this asian woman (asuka?) walking into the tube that housed the elevator before the pod came. I saw her almost get squished when the pod came but she thinned herself out to not get hurt. i walked in the pod and made it up to the platform. the asian woman got out and boarded the train with me.

    Wound up downtown on a hill near princess island park where I found my brother and some of Jaas's friends. Asuka went up to Haley and walked away with her talking like they were friends. Jared was there and said we were going to a nirvana concert... I never thought that it was impossible since Kurt was long dead. Jared sid we should do LSD for the concert as we walked down the hill with everyone. My memory fades here.

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