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    a few short dreams

    by , 06-19-2019 at 03:55 AM (132 Views)
    Gonna try to journal daily for a bit maybe. Keep my motivation up.

    Dream 1

    Walking around in a Building with jamie. Dream was very vague. Just a couple seconds of walking with her.

    Dream 2

    At mcdonald's with the store manager that left. She made me lean till. Had to deal with this horrible woman customer. Saw her go outside angry, but outside was in a grassy field with trees.

    Dream 3

    Jesus is with me and Jamie on the hill. Me and Jamie are hugging in reconciliation. Jesus is smiling at us. Don't celebrate yet, I have yet to hear from her.

    Dream 4

    I'm at home but everything is out of place. I'm with my dog, when I notice and exact living replica of my dog. I pay attention to one dog and the other whines for attention. I realize this sucks. I have to spend twice the food, give double the attention and everything. I wonder if this will ever end when I wake up.

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