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    It Get's Real

    by , 03-25-2017 at 01:58 AM (511 Views)
    Winning at Poker

    I have a brief memory of winning a pot. I won something like $50 or $100. Everyone gets up from the table and leaves. I get seated at a table with a total of 6 players. Me being the sixth, I pull out my cash and I have 250. I consider buying in for only 200 which will give me 100 big blinds at a game of 1/2. Two more people show up and we all decide to sit at a bigger table that seats 10 players. A dealer comes in and leads us to an outside table. It is nice out and we seem to be in a big city.
    Note: I wake up for reals at 130 AM. Take my dog for a short walk, then have a sip of coffee. I then remembered reading a thread on DV about using peanut butter as a lucid or vividness aid. I try it out with a big spoonful. Back to sleep.

    Lucid Class

    I'm in a classroom in school. The teacher looks like she just stepped out of an anime/video game cosplay convention - she's wearing some sort of Assassins Creed costume. She's older than me and kind of grumpy. She's arguing with an Asian female student but she agrees with the student eventually. Can't remember all of the conversation but they both turn and look at me. They are now trying to convince me that I'm dreaming right now. I'm uncomfortable with two people almost cornering me and I get stubborn. They ask me to do some tests to see if it is a dream. I humor them so that they will leave me alone. I half hardheartedly do a test not paying attention to the result. The Asian girl goes up to me and has something like a cracked egg. She tells me to count the sharp points of the egg crack and it will make the dream stable. She spins it around as I start pretending to count them not really paying attention to the egg thing. I count upwards and the dream begins to roll up like a scroll until all I see is black.

    note: I'm pretty sure it was Raven Knight and Asuka trying to make me lucid!

    Super Mario Maker

    I was 3rd person viewing myself on some mountain. I was on a train track thingy for a while going down a slope. I ate a mushroom thingy that turned me into a wolf. I noticed a mario level flag like in the super mario game hiding beneath a peak on one of the mountain. I see my character reach it.

    FA, I'm really dizzy. I stumble into the bathroom because I have to pee. I won't mention what happened because it was disturbing.

    FA, and it's daytime out and I run to the bathroom to pee again. Something even more disturbing happens which I won't mention, a knock on the door interrupts me and some old lady wants to use the washroom. "Just a minute ." I say and I am frantically trying to figure out how to hide my dilemma and walk out normally.

    Kill Everyone Class

    I'm in another classroom. Some weird spanish guy walk in and says. "I'm going to play a game with you all. you all have guns and bullets under your desks. You have 5 minutes to figure out how to load your guns and then you must kill each other until there is only one student left. If you don't comply I will be forced to kill all of you." He leaves through a door on the right. Everyone quietly pulls their guns out and starts fiddling with them. I open the chamber and see it's empty. I find a box in the desk with bullets inside. One of the bullets grows large and breaks in two as I try to put it in the revolver's chamber I try to fit the two pieces back together. I manage to load all 6 chambers in the gun with real looking bullets. I try look for a a device which will load more bullets into the revolver part as I shoot, I find an attachment for the gun designed to do just that. But I can't figure out how to load it. I reach in the box and some of the bullets are actually nails. The whole ordeal seems unfair.

    The Five minutes seem to be up. Can't remember if I take the gun with me or not but I run through a hallway left of the classroom. I hear other people start to get up. I pass another hallway adjacent to my hallway and see an exit with a window and a door. The door opens and a cartoon Asian girl runs through the door wearing a pink shirt and blue overcoat, and there's someone else behind her and I don't know who it is. I am too startled so I run into the other hallway which is just in front of the class room. as i run I hear someone calling my name. I hear, "Radma or Ranma." I think that's my old username who calls me that? I remember Walms or Hukif use to call me that, this gets me even more scared and run to another door which leads outside. When I go outside I get woken up by my alarm.
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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      Cool, a confirmed shared dream! I also remember that dream where you were in a classroom. I'd been teaching a class on lucid dreaming, and a student started trying to make me lucid, that was Asuka. I'll journal it soon.
    2. Man of Shred's Avatar
    3. Mazerg's Avatar
      Oh wow, after reading Raven Knight's latest journal entry I can see that shared dreams are actually possible (I think). I find it kinda hard to believe, but I don't think it's impossible. Is this a common occurrence, and can it be induced on purpose?(from your experience)
      Updated 03-25-2017 at 10:18 PM by Mazerg
    4. Nefets's Avatar
      Good lord...