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    lots of dreams

    by , 03-26-2018 at 09:40 PM (329 Views)
    I should have posted sooner.

    Ghost house.

    Mainly remember being outside a house kind of in the country. I was in the backyard where all these walkways and bridges were. I went up to the back door and found that it was locked. A woman came to the window and said to go around front. She was outside suddenly while we walked to the front and said that the front area is where you hear all the ghost voices.


    I was hanging with A and we were trying to get into an abandoned area. We were in a townhouse complex at night. He motioned me to follow him across a parking lot. So I followed him. As I was running across the parking lot I noticed A wasn't there. But I saw him a few seconds later by an open door. I ran to the door and noticed that in the door was a change room. It was quite populated. I notice A looked really young in the dream.


    I woke up on a couch in a locked room. I have false memories of being trapped there and tortured. In the room is my captor, a balding fat man in a wife beater. He says it's time to eat and pretends he's making food for me. I stand up on the couch and see a small window. I can't open any of them, one turns with a handle but there's a space open to small for me to crawl through. I sit back down for a second when the man comes to the couch. I realize one of his arms is like a deformed half arm and half wing. It's wing shaped but messed up and has 3 human like fingers sticking out of the side. I go to the window again when he turns away and hear a voice in my head say, " get out the window now.". I turn back to look at the man and for a second i wanna clobber him while his back is turned but i am too afraid. I go back and shut the window quick before he notices wind. The man then pulls out a rubber suit and tells me to get in...

    More exploring

    Brief dream of walking into some woods with people one guys says his spirit guide is with him and asks if I see him, he then points in the direction of where his guide is supposed to be. I look back and see nothing but wind blowing. We walk farther and I say be careful because there's wolves in these woods. My brother is also there and he says, "Yeah they have huge teeth like this," He opens his mouth and suddenly has huge wolf like fangs.


    In this dream my dad is driving me into the country to visit Jamie. Or it could be her dad driving. I can't remember,
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      If it was night it'd certainly be a bad time to be walking in the woods. That's when the predators can catch easy prey. But with teeth like your brother you'd have protection.

      The bald fat man in your nightmare sounds like such a creeper. Reminds me of a similar dc I had in my castle dream that kept me from leaving. why do people have to be so creepy and controlling in this world.. Thankfully it was just a dream.
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