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    by , 07-27-2023 at 05:39 AM (190 Views)
    3 Jamie dreams. one where she is looking at me expecting something of me. Like what? other two she is unreachable, being like a celeb you can't be near. Yeah not happy with these dreams at all.

    Asuka was in a nughty dream...


    Became lucid in some empty basement. mainly just a white hallway with a living area surrounded by 4 rooms. KI vaguely remember walking down the stairs I found and the level below looked exactly the same. Reminded me of some Backrooms stuff, so my mind continued with that. Went down the steps a few times and each time wound up in exactly the same place. inspected a few rooms. Just blank generix rooms with beds. Went in the room nearest the stairs. Tried to manifest a lover in the bed. The sheets rose up as if someone was underneath. Started pulling the blankets off but there was only more crumpled up blankets underneath. got bored again and went down the stairs and wound up in the same place again. went walking to the far room and woke up.


    Yes, I was browsing disney+ and managed to binge watch it twice after not seeing it for 10 years or so. anyway had 2 related dreams. One vague one where there is a plane crash on the beach and a bunch of people are running around and screaming. Second dream I am swimming towards wreckage. This blond hillbilly guy swims up on a part of a raft and points a gun at me. He's yelling at me saying I took the kid. An angry black guy is asking me where his kid went? I try to say something but they won't let me speak. The blond guy (Sawyer), says I was there at the crash and then i vanished for a month and now I just came out of nowhere and keeps calling me an other. I'm just confused and don't know how to get out of the water. Sawyer comes close enough to knock me out but I wake up.
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