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    She's back?

    by , 08-21-2023 at 03:34 AM (80 Views)
    Recently moved reluctantly to my old area.

    one HH vision of Jesus's crown of thorns, or like a giant version of it lain down on the property where I live. It was all over the shrubs and stuff.

    2 Jamie dreams: I'm at a convenience store (the one I was in the other day where I spotted a Jamie Look a like - I say that because mysteriously running her look a likes is a common occurrence for me, especially in convenience stores.) in the dream Jamie has a huge hole in her chest. I'm then dreaming from two perspectives - one as Me trying to stop her chest from bleeding so much - The other from her perspective laying on the ground in shock all the blood pouring out and I'm fading out. As I fade out so does the dream.

    Second dream: I go into the convenience store again. The person in front of me turns around and I am seeing a T-shirt (Metallica- Ride The Lightning). I look up and the face is of Jamie smiling. And that's all I remember of that one.

    I'll try not to take these occurrences too seriously unless I know all the facts.

    Vague other dreams: One where I run into a gut I use to work with in Canmore.

    The other dream I ran into my cousin, who I use to live with but nothing memorable happened.

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    Tags: canmore, jamie, jesus
    non-lucid , side notes