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    Short dreams

    by , 01-16-2018 at 04:39 AM (314 Views)

    First dream is of being trapped in a staircase, you could go up and down but not exit.


    Had a dream of being outside my house at night time. Youtuber Pewdiepie was by a garbage can telling me to take out the garbage. I opened the bin but pulled anouther garbage bin out exactly the same size. I told him there's only more garbage cans. He laughed at that and Asuka was standing near us just smiling.


    Dream of walking up to a gas station where my friend from high school rob was at. I asked him if he was doing anything later. He said he was too busy with work.

    Locked outside

    I was locked outside of work with some girl from work. We were talking about stuff but can't remember what. I leaned against her for warmth and we started kissing...


    I dreamed I was escaping some death camp. I remember hiding in a giant fenced off area with a bunch of dead bodies in bags. The stench was more horrible than you can imagine. I found I could run super fast and float by the wall of the tall fence. I flew up higher and kept escaping that way the smell wasn't as bad.


    Had a dream I got a visit from Jamie at my house. All the rooms were out of place. She arrived with all these people and had strange hair. She didn't seem interested in talking to me. I kept asking if she wanted to talk but she was getting angry. Recalling conversation isn't my strong suit. She wound up running out of the house and into a strange garage that led to strange basement complexes. Found another friend from childhood named Gary and started talking to him. I was with Asuka and Data later and we were looking for Jamie. We found her guides wandering around and they were saying Jamie was too stubborn.

    Water jetski

    First part I am with another girl from work. She is talking about moving to BC. I said I'd like to go too.

    Some how wind up on a water highway on a big jet ski. I am enjoying the feeling of going fast. Wound up in a dry valley and decided to turn back. That's when I turned back.
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