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    low recall.

    by , 01-23-2018 at 04:28 AM (403 Views)
    Falling off a cliff.

    I was in a desert like the one from the first dark tower book. I was with my dad and brother and we were climbing a deep ravine. At the top of a cliff was a horse and I was planning on riding the horse. I got to the top of the cliff but the last part was really hard. There was nothing to grab. I grabbed at a plant root but it had thorns in it and I hurt my hand. My brother was there and I asked him to grab my hand and pull me up. He did and I was almost up the cliff but he let go and I fell backwards to my death. Don't remember landing.

    There was a nother vivid dream that i did recall but no details are coming to me.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      O.o It sucks that he let go but its a good thing it was just a dream. ^^ its also good that you still write your dreams despite low recall. Im trying to do that too.