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    Spring Competition day 4

    by , 04-21-2017 at 03:05 AM (136 Views)
    Nerimeno again (frag)

    Think I was watching another dream battle scene with Nerimeno in it.

    Getting back from work (full nld)

    Started I was leaving work and found a truck waiting for me with two people in it which may have been Data and Asuka. Asuka looked like T for a bit. I may remember some other woman in the car.. because I remember having some conversation about how guys dick size doesn't matter? Not sure. After a while asuka looked like R a manage i use to know from Walmart.

    Data pulls the truck to my house apparently but he drives through the back yard. It looks like a total mess, and to be honest the whole place looked like choppy graphics from GTA San Andreas. In fact my house could have been CJ's house on grove street.. It looked really rundown and ghetto. Half the yard was dug up as if Ryder had been there looking for his secret stash. I thought it was all weird when I woke up.

    Co worker prank (frag)

    Brief frag of being at that house. The next part is gross so will put it in a spoiler
    Spoiler for gross:
    I was spiking a nasty co workers water bottle at Burger Shot with semen or something.

    WBTB at 3:45 am. Probably slept around 4:50

    Back to school (full nld)

    Dream of Asuka, data, finding my dad in the school from the night before. We were walking my waking life dog Buddy around.

    My dad mentioned how he was inheriting money from his friend R. I thought that was wierd. My dad went through a door to a class but instead it was a house and street... maybe his inner world? We walked on a bit and turned to a stairwell that also had an elevator. We went in there and I was just with my dog and some other dog. My dog fell asleep in the dream and I did the same.

    FA, somewhere in the school, started walking around again but woke up.
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