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    by , 04-17-2024 at 01:12 AM (77 Views)
    Mainly remember 2 dreams. One from each night.


    I'm with Jamie and Asuka at a theme park or something. We are climbing some stairs that go way up. It seems to take forever to get to the top. At the top two people are waiting. One is that annoying girl Gina, from Tik-Tok... The one who got famous making funny faces and saying, " No Chick-Fil-A sauce?". Jamie seems to know who she is, Jamie looks at me and gives a devilish smile and ditches out the door. Me and Gina go through and the "ride." Is actually just flying. We both start flying and I see Jamie. Me and Gina start singing an 80's song. I think it's the love theme from,"Ghost.". While I do like 80's, I'm not a particular fan of that song, but I sing along anyway. When it comes to a high pitched part in the song, I stop. Gina looks back at me and laughs. Don't remember after.


    I'm in a basement with a bunch of people. I test gravity and Become lucid. I want to look for Jamie, but as I move around, I lose the dream.


    I'm in the basement again. Asuka is there and some children. My brother's girlfriend is there but is hitting on me... Fucking ew. Too tall/manly/ short hair. But I somehow sense it's Jamie. Not sure why she looks like that in the dream. She is holding my hand first and I go to sit down on a couch. Jamie goes to sit on my lap. But she sits right on my... You know. My memory fades after.

    Nothing much else to report. The head voice relationship thingy is really stable, compared to how it was months ago. I am pleased.

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    Tags: asuka, gina, jamie