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    Whole lotta WTF.

    by , 06-03-2017 at 03:54 AM (271 Views)
    Getting my sleeping schedule back to normal... Which will be adjusted again when I start nights next week.


    Kind of a divergent dream. I'm standing in a kitchen or on top of a wooden landing. In both versions a woman is pointing to a ladder which I go to climb down. In the kitchen version it's Asuka who is making herself look like bjork because she knows I like her looks, and there is also a trap door in the floor where the ladder is. In the wooden landing version it's bjork, but her smile is a little less sincere, a smile that is only trying to conceal something else. It's almost as if she's telling me to leave almost the way you tell a drunken customer that he's not only overstayed his welcome and is on the verge of causing an embarrassing scene - that he has already almost crossed the line. But what that line is: I'm not sure... I don't have much to go on as usual, no context, just half remembered dreams and tail ends of conversations that don't say as much and are as ambiguous as ever. She is also smiling in a way that says," come back tomorrow or another day when you are more yourself and we can conduct our business as usual." But what that business is exactly is a mystery wrapped inside and enigma and buried in so deep in Pandora's box that I could spend a lifetime, no... an ETERNITY trying to solve without more information or proper information...

    I think what asuka is doing is kind of replaying the scene and trying it make it a more happy moment. I guess that's a better thing for Asuka to do, instead of giving bjork a series of nightmares.

    Creepy Hospital

    Well, I've worn myself out typing that last dream so I will type the rest with less detail. In this dream I am outside a hospital that is a top secret military science gone wrong hospital. No outsider is allowed in and I'm with a bunch of protestors outside the fence clamoring to be let in. Me and another passerby have a small conversation about it at some point. we both agree that we saw a large skin sample being carried by a window that was made up of pig and human. At one point a giant black baby with acidic skin crawls out of the window and burns the grass. People in hazmat suits with flamethrowers burn it to a crisp. Disturbing.

    I get bored of this somehow and check my phone. I'm on a bjork app where she is about to have a live chat with her fans on the app. I immediately want to ask her about my dreams. Does she think I'm mad for having them? Does she still pay attention to dreams? Does she remember me in her dreams? etc etc. But I decide not to, because I remember she already has a history of stalkers. The last thing I wanna do is scare her with strange questions so I put my phone away.

    FA, I get out of a sleeping bag by the hospital. K from work walks by and says we better head to work soon. but instead I find a trapdoor that leads me to a basement where Alex Jones is living and is doing a live broadcast on the hospital. He says I can watch TV on one of his monitors. I begin watching one but he changes the channel and I give his shit for changing it because the show was getting good dammit. He just shrugs and continues his broadcast.

    Dark Tower Craft

    Third person perspective dream of me watching. Roland from The Dark Tower and his Ka tet consisting of Jake, Eddie and Susannah are in a land rover driving by a mountain. Oy is running behind the vehicle. At the base of the mountain right below a sand cliff. They run into a Zergling Hatchery and get pulled under ground by a tentacle. I'm supposed to save them so I send a bunch of dragoons to destroy the Hatchery. they start getting killed from Sunken colony tendrils. I look and can't see any sunken colonies, but I spot that the earth is different in a line directly behing the Hatchery. so I shoot a gun at the line and kill all of the sunken colonies. I am about to spawn more dragoons when the dream ends.
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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      A Dark Tower dream with dragons! That's one I wish I'd gotten in on!
    2. Man of Shred's Avatar
      A dragoon is a ground unit in starcraft.