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    by , 06-04-2017 at 04:16 AM (388 Views)
    A visit.

    I'm in the lobby of Cowboys casino where I occasionally play poker on my weeks off. A dog approaches me. It's C's dog Daisy the mother of my dog. She has a strange white knitted dog skirt on her. I pet her and rub her belly. C comes up to me and we leave in her van driving around. I forget what happens after.


    I get badly beaten by remote viewers dressed as cops. I wind up in a courtroom with Bjork. She's ordering a restraining order and give a bunch of false testimonies against me. I'm given a chance to speak so I tell the court she's not even herself it's all manipulation by the remote viewers. I play a video for them of Bjork in a strange market, A person at a stand who has a dark aura give a sales pitch for a large flat item which she buys and then takes home. I then say that is how they got into her house to control her. Everyone looks at me like I'm insane. Judge rules I'm not to go near Bjork's house and that a shield will be put up with armed guards to keep her safe. They ask me what do I say to that: Piece of cake.

    Animal Guide

    I'm going for a walk with my dog but I'm in a wheel chair because I can't walk from the beating. I'm on a street like one in chilliwack when a Lion crosses our path. My dog is suddenly off leash and approaches the lion. I am terrified that i will see my dog die. the lion acknowledges him but doesn't harm him. I turn my wheel chair around and the lion crosses my path. I am wondering why he isn't eating me or my dog right now. He just stys blocking my path not doing anything as if he's trying to tell me something. Note: When Asuka used to get attacked a lot I would get dream of a dog biting my arm. I'm curious if this is a similar messenger from Bjork?
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    1. Raven Knight's Avatar
      I think it's time to kick some Templar ass! 😠 😠 😠
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    2. Nefets's Avatar
      Why so conflicted with bjork, how and when did it all began?
    3. Man of Shred's Avatar
      Because I share dreams with people. I'm really curious about my bjork dreams. Is it really her? A lot of the dreams imply romance, but I don't remember specifics, just mainly the feel of the dream. She has a very strong and addictive dream presence... She also behaves like a dreamer, she vanishes when she "wakes up," I have seen her question the dream around her and do a failed RC. So is it Really her? Or some sentient dream entity pulling a fast one on me? While I'm awake Bjork is a celebrity, a sort of untouchable larger than life figure who as so far has given me any indication that she is aware of my existence. And I am really curious if she still pays attention to dreams (Her early songs and interviews she will mention she does pay attention to sleeping dreams. ). My mind goes in circles like this. when this started I tried telling Bjork in a dream that I want them to stop. But she kept following me into every other dream to talk me out of it. This started a month ago. Go to my tag cloud and click Bjork. scroll to the bottom and read your way up. Like I said: so far there is no evidence that I'm sharing dreams with her. I would need a nod from her end, but since I have no way of asking her personally I have no way of knowing for sure. Plus in her current situation it would be a bad idea for her to acknowledge them to me personally or publicy. For all I know she may even be reading these dreams. I've had so many of them that it's not hard to find them in a simple google search. I have no way of knowing for sure what her reaction would be if she ever read them, or if she has already read them. In all instances so far where she was treating me like a creep in dreams it was just after an attack by remote viewers. Me and Raven knight healed her twice so far after this. And after that our friendship resumes as normal. I'm not willing to say it's romantic so far, but it is very close.