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    by , 09-24-2019 at 02:07 AM (105 Views)
    Recall is still shit this week!

    Jamie 1

    Short snippet of a dream just a few seconds of making out with her.

    Jamie 2

    Another short dream. I'm dreaming from Jamie's perspective. I'm trapped in a house out towards the three hills area (I think). the entire house is a giant room of rotting corpses - mostly skeleons) I'm being crushed by something pushing me down inside the pile. Feels like I'm Literally drowning in them.)


    I go see Walms/hukif, because of my nightmare. He's in a field with lots of dragon flies or something. He's creating fighting techniques with their hairs or something. He seems really friendly.

    dog walking

    I'm in a wierd dream where I'm walking my dog but I'm hired to mow a lawn or something. I use my dog somehow to push the lawnmower (Or whatever device I'm using). My dog doesn't like it and keeps ducking out of his collar and leash. I try three times to make him do the job.

    Jamie 3

    A dream memory that is just black, but Jamie is there.


    A dream memory of ramp rushing for some reason.

    fortnite again

    A dream where I'm on a really oldschool part of the map with a big mountain or something. I'm tracking someone down and get lost in his house or something.

    Jamie 4

    Another dream, this time this morning, of making out with Jamie, There is music in the background. It sounds like me playing vivaldi on guitar or something. but the allegro is slowed down and I hear more harmonies, seems more romantic or something. Why not "Careless whisper," Or something? Wait... That's a break up song. Nevermind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLM7Vl4YL6s

    Lots of jamie dreams this week, I'm impressed.
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