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    1. 2.8.2011:Damn DCs

      by , 08-02-2011 at 08:34 AM
      Dream Lucid Me DC

      I can't remember the beginning of the dream, but I was supposed to go and save some captured king or something. I have a sword that, for some reason turns into a powerful two-handed sword when I'm in the throne room of the king, but shrinks into a dagger outside of it. Outside the castle I get attacked by someone, but am teleported to safety by someone who gives the sword it's power back. (A.K.A now it's a two-handed blade all the time.) He tells me it's the Master sword. He creates a portal to the person who attacked me (Or to the place he attacked me or something.) and I jump in holding the blade on top of me and shouting that that person should beware. Can't remember what then happened, but the next thing I know I'm somewhere with two people and some evil guy is trying to stop us. He's flying in front of us and is about to use some magic, but I throw my sword like a boomerang, killing him. I grab the sword when it comes back and the other person with me says something about how dangerous that was. I give him some sarcastic answer and we continue. The next thing I know I'm with my classmates in some sort of harbor. There's some woman there who lives there. I can't really remember the details or what was going on right now. Next thing I remember is that we're all sitting in a bar. My friend is sitting next to me. There's a lot of sailors in this bar. I guess that's logical because we're in a harbor. We see some commercial on the TV where some captain and his first mate or something tell about their tour ride or something. Then notice something weird. The text in the commercial is in finnish, even though we're nowhere near Finland. (I assume.) I become lucid. I go outside the bar and try to open a portal. I'm still holding the blade, so I try to thrust it forward into the air. Some circles and stuff appears. I think I succeeded, but then they disappear. I try again a couple of times. I get the shapes back once, but they won't last. I'm really angry about this, because I think (And still do.) that this dream is screwing with me. My friend is standing next to me. I start to explain to him that all I ask for is to be able to teleport and that he should help me at least a bit. He says OK and starts to build something. It takes a while and I tell him to hurry up. He finishes it, goes into the bar and attaches the device into a lamppost. It's some kind of box with an on/off switch and a white light on it. He tells me to put it on and look at it. I do what he says and the white light turns on. Slowly everything starts to turn white. Then I start to feel the dream fading. I hear my "friend" tell me that I fell right into his trap. Or something. I turn around and swing them with the sword that I'm still holding. I run up some stairs away from the bar and stabilize the dream. The DCs are coming up the stairs. I can't run away because something invisible has grabbed my ankle. I fight them for a while before the dream fades away.
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