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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 2.2.2011: another LD

      by , 02-02-2011 at 02:43 PM
      Dream Lucid Me DC

      Dream 1
      This might be a part of dream 2, iīm not sure.
      I was standing on a platform. Joe (From Family guy.) was laying there because his wheelchair was gone and I needed to get him out of there. I saw some floating thing in the air and when I got closer, I realized it was a floating eye. I also knew it was an enemy. I locked on to it (Another gaming dream.) and pressed a button to get information from Navi. (The fairy from Ocarina of time.) "You can absord its laser by blocking it", she said. Once I did this, a power meter appeared. It went up and down and I turned from red to normal with it. A text appeared saying, that if I would press R2+L2+both side buttons, I would hit my sword to the ground and create a portal. I could do this 84** times. I killed the enemy and grapped Joe. I started riding a camel (What?) to a ramp which had some arrows on it. They were some kind of speed boosts, and once I touched them, I flew through the air to another platform. After I did this couple of times, I started a new lap. This time new platforms appeared, allowing me to reach higher places. Then comes the part iīm unsure of.

      Dream 2
      I was in some cave-like room with 3 other people, 1 woman and 2 men. One of them was digging of some ground tile or something. "Iīm ready, boss" , he said to the other man. Then the tile collapsed beneath him and he fell to a cavern below. "What is that?" ,I asked. "Looks like a cave. Go get some rope", the other man said to the woman, grapped a flashlight and jumped down there. "You better take a shovel with you" , the woman said. I nodded and jumped to the cave. Once I landed, I stepped aside as she dropped an shovel to me. I grapped the shovel and walked to the other guys. Then the whole cave went pitch-black. "Oh great, now this dream turns into a nightmare", I though. (Didnīt became lucid.) I put my arm around the leaders shoulders. "Is that you?" , he asked. "Yes, itīs me", I reply. I feel someone else touching me. (I just knew it wasnīt the other man.) "Um... Is that you too?" , the man asked. "No?...."

      Dream 3
      I have an FA, my vision is still bad. I look at my clock. It shows 9 oīclock. I assume itīs 9am, ignoring the fact that my alarm didnīt work, my parents didnīt wake me up and iīm hopelessly late from school. I do the nose RC and it works. I do it one more time just in case and then step out of the bed. Itīs still very dark and I try to fix it, but I fail. "Iīm not allowing some darkness ruin my LD", I think and fly through my roof. My vision gets normal as soon as iīm outside. I look around me and see, that my house is some sort of church, and theres an old man walking up stairs to my front door. He says something, which I donīt remember. I fly higher and begin to stabilize my dream by looking around me and touching the bricks of the roof. I remember my goal of going to Lucid crossroads and decide to use the "Fly on top of the clouds and search for a hole" technique. I look to the sky, but theres only a few little clouds up there. I start to summon more and start flailing my arms around, like I would be saying "come here", but without, you know, talking. Just as iīm about to give up, I see one really dark cloud on the sky. I continue and more and more of them start to appear. Soon the sky is black and I can see some lightningbolts up there. I start flying upwards, but I got scared. What if a lightning hits me? Plus my "flap your arms" style of flying is too slow. I give up and think of another way. I decide to try to go underwater and then rise from the fountain in the Crossroads. I begin to look for water, and land. I pull away an curtain and see, that there is an pool on the other side. Well okay, I wouldnīt call that little hole full of water a pool, but it will do. I was in third person and iīm not actually sure if even did go underwater, but I failed. After this all I remember is, that I start to see some random scenes, bouncing between lucidity and normal dream until I woke up.
    2. Nightmares and fake awakenings

      by , 01-02-2011 at 09:32 AM
      Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Im not sure in which order I saw these, but I think they went something like this:

      1. I had a FA. I walked out of my room, but then it turned into a nightmare (like my FAs allways do). And like allways it was about my parent/s trying to kill me. This time I was given two ways to die, other one was cooking me (how pleasant). Fortunatly I allways get lucid in FAs, but unfortunatly my dream control is pretty near 0. Im not sure what happened next, but I remember hiding in darkness/smoke that suddenly filled the room.

      2. I think this was the part where I had about 5-7 FAs in a row (frustrating) before i woke up.

      3. I were in my school, but the teachers were unfamiliar (someone explained that it was another school that looked like ours). We watched a film that was about some sailors going on an island (at least I think it was an island) where some men had been murdered in the forest, but the people living in a village didnt know about it because the governant didnt want anyone to know about it. But the sailors heard about it from the kids in the village and thats all I can recall (movie plot worth an Oscar). I felt really tired, so I tried to sleep all the time.

      4. I was going to store with a scooter, but for some reason I started going back home before I reach the store. I come to a street where i think my home is (it isnt) and at the end of the road there is an replica of my grandparents house and yard. I accidently fall on top of my grandparents dog and two (dead)cats and they start chasing me (that "dead" means that the cats are dead in real life).I close myself into a closet and realise im dreaming. I try to teleport somewhere else and kinda succeed, but instead of getting somewhere else my dream changes and I lose lucidity.

      5.I saw an sloth chasing a grasshopper in somekind of white box (like universe would be nothing but flat, white floor as far as eye can see) then they both fell out of the box and then it changed to some kind of game where you had to activate "soul totems". Soon after that I woke up.