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    Ocean of Calm

    by , 12-23-2015 at 01:15 PM (381 Views)
    I had a couple of dreams I remember from last night.
    1st I was doing some crazy digging with some people, it was more like sculpting, of pavement and rocks under the ground. Then it all started to collapse so I pulled people out, eventually we got out.

    2nd I was on a boat, things were happening then we were going to run aground into a bay with fishing nets and people in the water and on a sandy beach.
    Nobody was going to do anything so in the end I got annoyed and I grabbed the controls, they seemed pretty easy to operate. Just some switches to flick to get things moving, accelerate etc and it responded instantly to my touch.
    Then I looked around me, I could stop of at the beach and swim/have breakfast or I could head round the coast, or as I looked at to sea, I thought I could go anywhere. A wonderful feeling of calm came over me.
    I realised i've had this background mood of panic all the time, but it subsided for a moment, to reveal an ocean of calm.
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