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    Aquatic Safari

    by , 09-21-2022 at 02:39 AM (36 Views)
    While visiting a city by the ocean, I was offered a tour by two young men working at a park. This was what they called an "aquatic safari." They took tourists out on their kayak to view the wildlife.

    As I went on the safari, though, I realized there was more than just wildlife to see. Further out was the ruins of a city just beneath the water's surface.

    I also noticed a "now hiring" sign and applied to for the job, being intrigued about this underwater city. I got the job and started training under the supervision of the two young men.

    I used dream control to get tasks done faster, and turned into a bipedal creature similar to my dragon to use my tailblades for the kayak—allowing me to push it through the water faster. I also surfed on the tailblade, very fun.

    But the training was interrupted by a siren. The entire city was to be evacuated for an emergency. A tsunami was coming.

    It turns out that underwater city wasn't just some random city. It was a portion of this same city, which was recently flooded—and the rest was about to be flooded too.

    The two young men went to call out of work to evacuate, but their boss angrily refused, telling them that it was just a false alarm and they needed to stay and tend to the park.

    They couldn't afford to leave and didn't have the means anyway, so they begrudgingly continued to work despite the risk. So I (secretly) manifested some plane tickets and gave it to them, so they could safely evacuate.

    Woke up after.
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