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    Aquatic Safari

    by , 09-21-2022 at 02:39 AM (172 Views)
    I accidentally deleted this DJ, so this is a brief rewrite.

    I went to a city that was underwater. It was beautiful! The water was shallow in most places, just barely peaking above rooftops in some places, so the sun could shine through with bright golden sand below.

    There were two young men employed to take tourists out on a boat. They were hiring more workers and I applied. They started training me for the job and I used my dreamer abilities to cheat around the work sometimes when they weren't looking. At one point for example, I had to pull one of the canoes back to the dock and turned into water my dragon for this, using its massive tailfin to paddle back in record time.

    Anyway, some slarms started to go off in the city. Another tsunami was on the way, and the two guys called the boss to tell him they were evacuating. Their boss started yelling at them to stay put despite the risks. He was angry at the evacuation, claimed it was scaring his customers away and he didn't want to lose business, so everyone better stay and run the place as if nothing is happening.

    It was nonsense. I gave the two guys a big sum of money (that I used my dream powers to manifest secretly) so they could catch one of the evacuation flights last minute. They happily took that and left.
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