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    Swamp Shack Not Nightmare

    by , 07-22-2023 at 01:36 PM (172 Views)
    I was a tourist visiting a shack in a swamp in the middle of the woods with my family. We chatted about things that happened in waking life. I was lucid, but the DCs weren’t, so I didn’t mention it to them, but I had good memory of waking details. Shared all accurate info.

    We ordered some food, but it never came.

    The barista said they’re out of an essential incgredient needed to make our dish, but they have a food cellar with more in stock and her coworker is currently getting it.

    After a while, I walked over to the kitchen and saw that the food cellar was down a set of stairs through an open door. The lights wers flickering off and on.

    “Yeah. My coworker hasn’t come back yet. It’s been a while…” the barista said with apparent concern. “Someone will need to go check on her, but it’s so busy in here with all the customers.”

    She seemed far too busy as she served drinks to the shack tourists. So one of my family standing by and volunteered to go.

    About halfway down the stairs to the food cellar, the lights flickered again and I was like “Yeah, no.”

    I backed out and told my family member to not go down there. She went down anyway and, lo and behold, she never came back.

    My spouse wanted to volunteer next and I dragged her away, telling her not to go down there.

    But she eventually did anyway and it got her, too.

    I thought to myself that I didn’t feel like having a nightmare tonight and would not engage with it, so I went outside.

    I was curious though, so I confirmed just by “knowing” that it was a monster. Originally, it was a monster for children designed to prey on kids with unfinished homework (hence the flickering lights and being in a food cellar). It was supposed to be a silly kid’s monster.

    But… as logic has it, you can’t do homework if you’re dead.

    So it started killing people (kids, adults, anyone, even people without homework due). It wasn’t just a silly kid’s monster anymore.

    That’s it. I didn’t engage with it further.
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