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    sky tram and theater bombing

    by , 04-28-2013 at 05:48 PM (245 Views)
    went to sleep a little on the drunk side. finnally getting back to where i notice my wakings during the night. the dreams are still very murky - probably a 4/10, but at least i'm pulling a little more back again.
    sleep 130am
    wake 440am
    wake 730am
    wake 1030am

    Locked up in a movie theater because someone was heard threatening to blow the place up. I had been trying to get back to the party with my mate. went through a door that was supposed to lead back to the party, but just opened into another theater room. when we tried to go back to keep looking we weren't allowed out. I was having claustrophobia/extreme issues with the restriction. (was crying/panicking and hiding in my mates shoulder)

    We all got on this mass transportation thing - me and a friend or two and just random people. It was really really fast cart that traveled through the air like a tram but really really high up (impossibly). one person that seemed squeamish about getting on the tram launched herself out the side - she was dangling from ropes and very much enjoying herself. maybe she was just claustrophobic or something. I dangled a little as well, but it was unintentional - I slipped or something. I was fine - i used her ropes and she supported me a little. i was also enjoying the rush.

    There were cats and kittens in a different dream - cant quite seem to place them though. was positive. I keep seeing their adorable little faces.

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