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    Saucer TOTY: A che ora la fine del mondo?

    by , 03-18-2017 at 04:19 PM (317 Views)
    I'll just skip the earlier, NSFW lucid...

    Feel whole body shaking sensations and my face being crushed into the pillow. After this fades I can see the bookshelf next to the bed clearly, in a presumably identical state to real life. I stand up and phase through the curtains to get outside. The phasing results in black shapes obscuring part of my vision. It takes several attempts to clear it - cleaning an imaginary visor/lifting a visor, rubbing my eyes.

    At this point the last Task of the Year comes to mind - the saucer one. So I hum a song that an Italian work colleague shared with me yesterday - a cover by an Italian singer of It's the End of the World as we Know it by REM. The sky fills with fighter jets involved in aerial battles with smaller, round, saucer-like alien vessels.

    I spot a small round drone which looks like a smaller version of the alien saucers. Leaping high into the air I grab it and disassemble it, making the battery run low so it will return to the mother ship and take me with it. Sure enough the drone flies off and me with it.

    We reach an empty warehouse. There are other people inside, moving around the wreckage of various space ships. All sort of weird aliens start arriving, but there doesn't seem to be a usable saucer here.

    The dream destabilises and dumps me back in bed. I don't fall for it and remain lucid. This time I use the door to exit the bedroom. Four guys, room-mates - are making breakfast. One is holding a frying pan. The other side of the kitchen there is an open window. I climb outside and start looking around for another alien space ship.

    A silver saucer swoops down and lands on the lawn. It is large enough to stand on, so I just jump on top and surf it. Controlling the saucer with my mind, I make us fly higher and higher through the skyscraper buildings around us, looking for empty sky. Then, up through the clouds, we emerge into space.

    The blackness is filled with distant stars and a collection of larger planets. I fly towards one of the planets and surf down into the atmosphere.

    Strange buildings formed from orange clay surround an open square. The ground is also a reddish-orange colour. Two humanoid looking women walk past. They don't look that weird - tattoos on the sides of their heads but still pretty. "Hey! I'm a human. From planet Earth!"
    "No way!" She replies.
    "Yeah true story! I come in peace too. Teach me something!"
    "Um, like what?"
    "Well, uh, what's your name? Tell me about yourself."
    "My name is Blancmange" She replies.
    *cough* (trying not to laugh) "Neat."
    She then introduces her friend by singing a song. She explains that in their culture everyone has a song that describes them. It changes over time. The two alien women take me on a tour of their city which is all made from the same red-orange clay.

    Blancmange continues singing her friend's song. The other woman looks very unhappy at her 'private' song being sung and taught to me.
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    1. Psionik's Avatar
      Blancmange like the desert?
    2. obfusc8's Avatar
      Yeah! I did nearly burst out laughing when she said it.