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    Chronicles of Ethos

    Basic Task ii; Advanced Task ii (January 1, 2013)

    by , 01-03-2013 at 07:33 AM (1056 Views)

    Basic Task ii

    I didn't sleep very well last night. It felt like I kept going in and out of a dream for over an hour. I hardly remember the dream however. One of the times I woke up though, I managed to become aware of what was happening. I took advantage of it and performed a DEILD. I soon found myself standing on the side of a street around sunset. Krystal and Lucia were there with me. The dream wasn't very clear. The scenery and details were very lacking.

    I had the task of the month and the task of the year on my mind. The only task that came to mind was the second basic task of the month. The number I was thinking of was 76. I told Krystal and Lucia, "I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, what is it?" Immediately after saying that, they both replied simultaneously, "76." "It's no fun when you can both read my mind." I said. They laughed and the dream faded away again.

    Advanced Task ii

    It was nearing sunset in a city that reminds me of what I think I Mayan city would be like. I was running along the main road towards a temple. I then began running up the steps. Running eventually turned to crawling and I was exhausted when I reached the top. A man was there at the top of the temple. He grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet. He appeared to be the king of this city. He was wearing a crown anyways.

    Standing on top of the temple behind the king was a large palace. On the right side of the temple I could see a group of people who were most likely the king's subordinates. On the left side of the temple I saw Chris, Claire, River, Krystal, and Lucia. The king welcomed me and guided me over to them.
    I became lucid around this point because I tend to associate the five of them with dreaming.

    I was going to go over to Chris to talk to him, but I noticed Lucia somehow got her foot stuck in a hole. I walked over to her and pulled her out. I then went back to Chris and asked him, "Where are we and what are we doing here?" "Didn't you read the invitation? It should be in your pocket." He said. "I have a million things in my pocket you know. It's easy to lose track of things." I said. I reached into my pocket and pulled out an invitation. Most of it was either gibberish or simply forgotten. Basically it said that we were invited to the temple as honored guests for a traditional festival. I looked down to the city below and the city was filled with people and decorations. They set that up pretty fast.

    Some time passed as I talked with other people about things. I think it was about some adventure I was supposed to be going on soon. Unfortunately I've forgotten most of what we talked about. I remember me and Claire were pissing each other off as usual. She tried to throw me off the temple at one point. I just transformed into a dragon and flew right back up. Later Chris handed me a box of fireworks and wanted me to launch them for the festival. He said he was supposed to take care of it, but he had something important to do with Claire. They ran off somewhere before I could even ask questions.

    I walked over to River and asked, "Where should we launch these fireworks?" "Oh, I know! We can launch them from the launch pad!" She said. "This place has a launch pad? Can you take me there?" I asked. "Yeah, it's this way." She said.

    This next part is kind of hard to describe. We walked to the side of the palace and there was some kind of ladder there. It was more like climbing the side of a cliff though and it was enclosed. For this reason I couldn't just fly up there. Or maybe I could have but was to stupid to think of it. I strapped the box of fireworks to my back. River went up first and I followed her. It was incredibly awkward and difficult climbing up. When we reached the top, we were in some sort of chamber with a helicopter pad.

    We had about 20 fireworks or so. Originally I was just going to scatter them randomly around the room, but River wanted to arrange them into the shape of a smiley face. So that's what we did. If you looked at it from above, it would look like this . "I'm guessing you want a smiley face pattern in the sky, but I don't think that's going to work." I said. "Why wouldn't it?" She asked. "Never mind, this is a dream so I may as well work." I said.

    We stood back and I prepared fire in my hands. I shot tiny balls of fire at each rocket to ignite them. I then plugged my ears and watched the show. There wasn't really anything significant for me to go on about except that one of the explosions was in fact a smiley face.

    After the fireworks show, the king told me that it was time for the hot air balloon ride. Oddly, he said it as though this was absolutely necessary. He said I could only bring two people with me. I immediately chose Krystal and Lucia. We then had to climb back up that weird ladder to the launch pad. I didn't think Lucia would be able to climb on her own, so I carried her on my back as we climbed. On the launch pad an air balloon was waiting for us. We stepped inside and someone released the rope that anchored it to the ground. The balloon immediately began to ascend into the air.

    After we were really high up above the city, I looked down at it. It turns out we were higher than I originally thought. The city was built on top of a very tall mountain. I spent a great deal of time just observing the landscape below. It was really amazing. I think Krystal and Lucia enjoyed it even more than I did. They couldn't believe how amazing and beautiful everything was. I'd like to describe the scene more, but I don't think I would be capable of that. As the ride went on, I began to lose stability and things got blurry. I woke up soon after.
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