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    Catching Apples Like A Boss

    by , 05-29-2012 at 12:51 PM (785 Views)
    I am riding a bike down the road. It is starting to get dark, and I remember feeling very cold. I'm also starting to get tired from pedalling, so I slow down and eventually stop the bike. I get down, and drag it to the side of the road, where I gently lay it on the ground (there was no bike stand). I sit down on the ground beside it.

    I notice that on the other side of the road is a riverbank, and I can hear the faint sound of running water. For a moment, I think about going over there and maybe try some waterbending, but I feel too lazy to get up. I look down and notice that my right shoe is untied, so I reach over to fix it. When I look back up, the riverbank is gone. Instead, I now see a massive church structure. It has a magnificent black facade, with dozens of colorful stained-glass windows. I also notice that it is now completely dark outside, the only illumination being the light coming from the church's windows.

    I get up. Weird, I think. My bike's gone as well. I shrug it off and start walking towards the church.

    The massive doors are closed, albeit unlocked. They are also quite grimy, mostly from being so old. I easily push them open and step inside.

    Woah, this place is huge!, I notice. The inside of the church looks very old and unkempt. There is an altar at the far end of the hall, and where the pews should be, there's just a massive space. There are also a lot of green and orange leaves on the floor.

    Out of nowhere, I start to smell apples. At first the scent is really faint like the leftover odor of dilute perfume, but a few seconds later, it starts to smell really strong, and my nose starts to itch.

    I look down at my hands and notice that they're very dirty -- probably from pushing the doors which were covered in age-old dust. I clap my hands twice to get the dust off of them. *clapclap*

    THOK! I hear something drop on the floor in front of me. I bend down too see it clearer. It's an apple!

    I look up to the ceiling and see that it is fully covered with branches and leaves, and there are many apples hanging from them. I instantly get the urge to grab some, but they are far too high, there's no way I can reach them. Unless...

    I clap my hands twice again. *clapclap*

    THOK! An apple drops and hits me on the head, before falling on the ground. Oww, WTF!, I curse. It hurts a lot. I pick up the apple, and I think about taking it home with me. Eughh this one has a huge dent, probably from the impact when it fell.

    Okay, you can do this, I mumble to myself. I look up and focus on one perfectly plump and red apple directly above me.

    *clapclap*. Immediately, the apple falls. But this time I'm ready, I take a step back and put both my hands in front of me. PLOP. Perfect catch. I put it gently on the floor, while I try to catch more apples.

    I walk around, looking up, trying to decide which apples look best so I can bring them home.

    Ahhh that one's nice! *clapclap*.
    PLOP. Another perfect catch. Pffft, so easy.

    I do this a few more times, inspecting each apple for dents or other imperfections, and throwing out any apples that don't meet my standards.

    *clapclap*. PLOP.
    *clapclap*. PLOP.
    *clapclap*. PLOP.

    Soon enough, I have a bunch of perfectly plump and red apples stacked up on the floor. I look at them in delight and eagerness.

    Okay, just a few more and I'll be on my way.

    *clapclap*... Huh?

    Wait, why isn't it falling?
    *clapclap*... Still not falling...
    Still nothing...

    At this point I'm quite furious. I start clapping like crazy.


    I don't know how exactly, but at some point in my clapping madness, the dream shifts. I'm still clapping though, apparently for some Asian boy band on a stage. But I can't quite remember what happens after this.

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    1. Dreamprofesser's Avatar
      Now i have a taste for some apples after reading this dream of yours Paige! Lol
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