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    24/5/15 Failed WILD Attempt

    by , 05-24-2015 at 08:03 PM (510 Views)
    I decided to post this up because I had some interesting dreams when I fell unconscious. Originally woke up from normal sleep at 9:10, started 12:30, woke up 14:35, fell unconscious around 13:00. This makes about my 6th failed nap WILD, but the first one where the problem was I fell unconscious. I'm usually too awake to WILD.

    I'm lying down prepared to WILD. I'm on my stomach and after what feels like 7 minutes, I use KingYoshi's "Rolling Victory" and roll over to my side. I didn't really feel very comfortable so I rolled over again on my back. After another about 10 minutes, my body went very numb but my head didn't feel very comfortable so I decided to roll over again to my other side, my normal sleeping position. I felt my body go really numb here after a bit of time, but I just couldn't go to full body paralysis. All the while, even though I felt sleepy enough to fall asleep, I was still a bit too conscious, so I was thinking a dark void and of course, my anchor. After a cycle of this and back to my normal sleeping position again, my motivation dropped significantly and here was where I didn't pay enough to my breathing (my anchor) and fell asleep.

    I had a dream where I was trying to WILD. I was having the regular problem where I was way too conscious of my surroundings and couldn't sleep. I got up and went downstairs down to my laptop and was just doing stuff. While walking there I'm pretty sure my brother was on the couch trying to WILD (in waking life he doesn't even practice lucid dreaming), but I'm not very sure. I was sitting there on my laptop when I suddenly decide to close my eyes. For some reason I could still see everything in front of me but I knew my eyes were still closed. The scene was exactly the same with my eyes closed, except that it seemed to be night time because it was really dark and my sister was standing in front of me. Or so I thought. She looked the same but seemed demonic when I recall it but at the time I wasn't phased, and I was thinking I should WILD, right there. So I set the intention to and while still viewing the static scene, full body paralysis was gradually affecting me. I was waiting for it when it suddenly stopped coming. I was trying really hard to make it come but couldn't. It just stayed at about 85% paralysis. My body felt extremely numb but not completely paralyzed. I was going to become angry about when the dream ended.

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