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    My paranoid adventure into the mind.

    Night of December 18 2015

    by , 12-19-2015 at 03:22 PM (450 Views)
    It's been such a long time since I wrote in my dream journal. I may not have the consistency to write every single day, but I can surely manage once every two days. Of course, I'll be having a physical dream journal I'll write in everyday.

    I couldn't remember most dreams during the night, but I can easily recall one when I woke up and went back to sleep.

    I need to WILD!

    I was on a bed getting prepared to WILD. The vibrations came rather fast, only a few seconds after getting relaxed. Must've been very tired. I fell right into another dream, where I simply got up from the bed I was sleeping in, and was disappointed as I thought I failed the WILD. I went into the washroom but as I wasn't focused on the mirror I never saw my reflection. In the bathroom I realized I might have already been in a dream, and did a successful reality check, and before I could even say "I'm dreaming!" I woke up right back in the first dream. I went to right back to another WILD and when I woke up, I did the reality check where I look at my hands, but I couldn't see them clearly so I tried levitating, and it worked! I tried to call upon a thoughtform I wanted to hang out with in the dream but found myself waking right back up again. I got pretty upset, and it only made it worse that my family came in saying I had some errands to do so I had to wake up. Strangely enough around the sides of the rooms were glass walls where prisoners were mining up ore deposits. To much world war two in history class. When my family left the room, I thought, "maybe one more shot at this". So I went back to sleep and woke up again, and gained lucidity again. This time though, I immediately went to a wall to ground myself into the dream. It was getting much more vivid. The room wasn't well lit, and on the corner of the room I could just make out a younger version of myself who wanted to help me find that thoughtform. Also, I saw what I thought to be my aunt (She's came to visit yesterday, and also now that I recall this part of the dream it seemed more like some demonic being, something like the monsters in amnesia) lying on the bed. I decided to stop touching the wall but when I stopped I started feeling as though the dream would fall apart. So I went to the opposite wall and started feeling that. It felt close to reality now, and I could stop now. I was looking towards my aunt and she had apparently turned into a blue sheet and attached herself to the wall. I could distinctly hear the words "Ding! there we go." I had lightly laughed. I gave a glance towards my younger self and said, "Hey, instead of doing that to find the thoughtform, why don't we teleport to where she might be?" So then, I tried the spinning method, as I heard it helped with grounding as well as teleportation, but it made the dream unstable and I woke up for real.

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