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    Night of April 17 2015

    by , 04-18-2015 at 05:07 PM (620 Views)
    Finally had a good lucid dream tonight! Also, I was originally planning to post about last night's dreams, but delayed it so much to the point where I just decided not to do so. Anywho, here is tonight's dream:


    The dream started in this vehicle like area, like a bus. I was sitting at a reasonably far distance from this person who I could not recognize and a friend I know in waking life. The person said to my friend that he was dreaming. Hearing this, I was curious so I decided to do a reality check. First I looked at my hands, but there was nothing odd with them. Then I tried pinching my nose and breathing, and when I could actually still breathe, I knew I was dreaming. I tried breathing through my mouth while it was closed just to make sure, and sure enough I could. I then walked up to my friend to convince him that we were dreaming. To prove it to him, I tried putting my thumb through my hand, but my hand was really stretchy, like rubber. I was scared I would've really broken my hand, which is strange if I knew I was dreaming. I then tried putting my thumb through the bone under my finger, and I made a dent through it. It was awesome. My friend believed me, and we both went separate ways.

    The dream scene then changed, but I held on to lucidity. I was in my house. I remembered I wanted to look for my subconscious, so I opened the front door while visualizing a person, expecting it to be my subconscious. Instead I found my angry mother who appeared to be yelling at me for something I did. I then hugged her and her mood changed. She came in the house followed by the rest of my family, except my dad. Apparently they were all on vacation, and came back. My dad asked for a souvenir, which for some reason what he wanted was a suit and a briefcase, but they didn't have any souvenirs. Then I expected there to be a briefcase and a suit, and on my second try it worked! Only, the briefcase was huge. My dad was happy with it anyway. Suddenly, everyone in the living room disappeared and the area seemed to be a mess. Then a woman appeared. I felt she was my dream guide, or subconscious or someone important, so I approached her. She didn't seem to be interested in talking at all. She then disappeared and left this book. I tried to read it and change it, but I couldn't control the book. When I read through it, I found surprising things that reflected me. Though I completely forget what was written in there, haha. The dream scene then changed and I lost lucidity. In this dream I was in class and I was trying to create this DJ entry. Funny.

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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      :D The way you convinced your friend and made your dream dad happy was great. Maybe you should try paying attention to key words when you read dream books. That's what i tend to do to remember better.
    2. AnotherDreamer's Avatar
      That's so cool how you made your angry dream mom nice by hugging her, very neat!