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    My paranoid adventure into the mind.

    Night of April 26 2015

    by , 04-27-2015 at 10:02 PM (611 Views)
    I could actually recall one short dream tonight!

    Next class

    I was in the gymnasium for my first class. It just ended and everyone seem to have left. The gym had around the same shape as my current one but there was a stage set on the far wall. A bunch of little kids, around 5th graders, came and they were getting ready to play pin dodgeball. I was leaving too but I accidentally knocked over a pin and bent over to pick it up. The bottom was slanted and it took some effort to set it straight. I was heading by the door and for some reason the teacher of my next period class was there. He was going to lead the class I just had over to the next. Bear in mind this teacher was the one I had last semester, he doesn't currently teach me. We were heading up these stairs and we went through these hallways which looked very similar to a basement. We then reached a three way intersection and we went through one way. But around 3 other people went the other way. I was worried they were going to skip so I followed them and they were just sitting around this area. I forget what they said but I wasn't worried anymore so I went back to the classroom. I had to sit in this very deep black chair, which I assumed to be painted that way, so I was about to sit down when a girl behind me left her chair and sat down there. I told the teacher and asked me if I think she was actually a girl. I don't know .-. . All her friends were staring and giggling. I said no and they all burst out laughing. The girl, who was just smiling at me with a mad expression just turned around and I went in her chair. I don't know what happens after here.

    I think it's safe to say that school related things or people is my dream sign, but I'm not assuming anything yet. I'll give it another week (If I can remember any dreams during it ;-; ).

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    1. Icyice's Avatar
      If you're having trouble remembering dreams as you're beginning to write them down, as you said a few entries ago, one thing I could suggest is to first jot down some keywords about key points in the dreams.

      This way, if you forget something, you can get a quick glaze of how your dream went.

      I hope that would help.
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    2. ParanoidLlama's Avatar
      Thank you!