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    Night of April 30 2015

    by , 05-02-2015 at 02:12 AM (398 Views)
    Playing a game

    I was in this empty living room with two girls I can recognize IWL. They had these bags of candy with them. One of the girls wanted to be kind and give me something (probably candy, but I can't be sure.) but I was mad and didn't accept it. I walked upstairs and said I'll go back down. So I did and when I went up to the girl again I took her away from her. The strange thing is that the bag was magnetically attached to her so there was this force trying to resist me taking it. It wasn't strong enough to completely stop me though. The girl then mentioned, while she was slightly angry with me, that if I go too far the bag of candy will instantly pop back to her. There was then this circular area outlined and I avoided stepping out of it. So I very carefully managed to get upstairs. Keep in mind that the whole time that magnetic-like force kept going on. I then felt very triumphant. The scene changed into this sort of save the princess like game. The setting was the same though, a house. The princess, who was that same girl from before, was out the porch and was being held captive by this lizard monster, in some ways similar to the lizalfos from the legend of zelda skyward sword. I tried to save her but instead the characters changed. I wasn't the person saving the princess anymore and the princess was a different person as well. As well as the monster, who was this snake like creature spewing corrosive substances out of his mouth. There was also much more people around, and they seemed to be filming but me, viewing the scene from a 3rd person perspective and not being visible, never really minded them and thought it was real. The creature spewed the acid and it landed on top of the princess. I was thinking "oh no! the princess is going to die!" but she never did even after the acid came up on top of her again. The savior then slayed the beast and they sat there on the porch interacting with each other in some way.


    I was on the wall with other people, one of them being a friend IWL. We just recently finished a game of league of legends and wanted to do another. My friend was telling me that he wanted to support this time, which is a role in the game, and I didn't mind. We then went on to play a game.
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