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    Night of May 5 2015

    by , 05-07-2015 at 02:28 AM (455 Views)
    Tried MILD again today with no luck as well, only this time I could remember a short amount of one dream and fragments of others. Along with yesterday though, I woke up in the morning before my usual awakening time. Maybe I'm getting better at waking up in the night?

    Bus washroom

    In this dream I recall going from one bus stop to another and going back again, or at least it involved riding the bus lots of times. I can't really remember where I saw them but I remember having the presence of my father and other siblings. I finally stopped at a stop and really needed to go to the washroom. So I went in from behind someone, and there apparently was a shower out in the open of the room. It turned on and to my surprise, instead of water, it was bringing out liquid human waste (you know, THAT). To add to my surprise the guy in front of me went and started drinking it. So I went past him, avoiding the liquid, towards a stall.

    Dream Fragments

    I recall washing the dishes at one time. I left and went back to find plenty of dirty cups in the sink, and they were cups that I have in my own home IWL. My mother was telling me that I shouldn't leave it like that and wash the rest.

    Aaaahh... there was so much more fragments but I can't recall them..

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