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    1. Too Nice and Distracted

      by , 07-15-2011 at 02:15 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at SD's house. We were hanging out and he was having a party. He showed me a cool website that was a lot like grooveshark, except one would reserve certain songs for certain says. The front page had a calendar of the week with songs lined up on it.

      "Do you hear that...?" He whispered.

      "No...I don't hear anything..." I responded.

      "Shh...Sounds very low, very bassy..." He added.

      I didn't hear anything. We went to the bouncy house in front of his house and I finally heard what he was talking about. Somebody was playing their guitar outside!

      He came inside the bouncy house and started rocking out. I tripped and accidentally bounced into the netting on the backside of the bouncy house...And when I did, I had a strange vision. It was like for a moment I had poked my head into someone else's dream.

      There was something strange about what lay past the white netting of the bouncy house. Very strange and curious. I pushed myself into the netting. It was like trying to walk through elastic saran wrap.

      I began to see that I was traveling through a psychedelic tunnel. On the sides of the tunnel were sometimes snippets of scenes and people as if they were on film, acting out their lives as if everything was normal.

      I saw a scene of a guy I knew, he was sitting in a locker room alone. I pushed my way into the scene, until I was standing there with him.

      "Woah, woah, woah, shorty!" He said as he realized that I was standing there.

      "What's up?"

      "You look like...A shiny, glossy, metallic person from another dimension!" He exclaimed.

      I looked down at myself and chuckled. Indeed, I looked exactly that!

      I sort of looked like that guy above, but more gray metallic.

      "So, what are you doing?" I asked.

      "Waiting here for my parents to come. We're supposed to do some weird family photo together. It's their dream or something to have a photo together since we are always apart," He responded.

      Dream...Hmmm, I should do a reality check, I thought.

      I did a reality check and found that I had five fingers and a thumb. I dismissed it at first, then did a double take. I couldn't believe that I was dreaming!!! Everything seemed so real.

      "We're dreaming!" I told him, "Do a reality check!"

      He looked puzzled for a moment before I explained that he had to see if he had the correct amount of fingers.

      I wanted to stabilize before I went out to try and do the Nightstalker Tasks. I walked around the locker room and went into the girl's bathroom. The entire scene was very yellow and green. It was kind of creepy. I was trying to read the words that were written on some of the bathroom stalls. All of them sounded rather despairing and unfortunate. It was hard to make out the words because of the nature of the dream. One of the sentences said something like, "All there is left is false hope."

      Once I decided I was stabilized enough, I left the bathroom to try and find a graveyard.

      "Wait! Wait! Don't leave without me!" He yelled. I had completely forgotten about him! I decided that if he has never lucid dreamed before, then I should take him flying.

      We left the locker room and went into the main school hall ways. The halls were flooded with students. We easily navigated our way out.

      As soon as I got out of the door I looked to the sky. Perfect blue skies in hyper clarity.

      I told him to grab my hand and I launched off into the air. He seemed absolutely delighted. I let go so he could fly on his own. We landed back on the sidewalk.

      He tried to launch off on his own, but stumbled.

      "How do you get back up in the air?" He asked.

      "Anyway you want," I replied, "you can flap you arms, pretend to swim, whatever. Don't try, just do."

      He got the hang of it immediately.

      "You're a natural!" I shouted out to him.

      Even though I feel like I got completely distracted from what I was supposed to do, this was honestly one of the best flying experiences I have had. Everything was in HYPER clarity, and I could feel the wind rushing against me as we flew, and I could feel the height that we were at, it was just awesome.

      We landed back down on the grass so he could bring some more friends up there with him, but I woke up.
      memorable , lucid
    2. The Chaos Tasks

      by , 07-11-2011 at 06:27 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      There was a tree in my yard. I was examining it carefully. It was a very strange tree, because it was made out of beads.

      I went out to the backyard where I saw a huge, beautiful cliff. The cliff steeply dropped off into a river of black water before coming up again. There were steep stairs leading down into the dark valley, but near the bottom they were submerged by water.

      It was beautiful, yet sinister.

      I thought about how someone needed to build a bridge to the other side because the stairs were now underwater. There was another guy with me, not sure who he was or my relation to him, that was having a blast jumping off the cliff and into the water. The water was shallow so I was surprised that he wasn't seriously injuring himself.

      I got distracted and went off to play an old video game. I was about to get to the interesting part when I get a phone call.

      "Hey, you need to get down here. It starts at 5," The man on the other side of the phone whispered.

      "What starts at five...?" I asked.

      "The Chaos Tasks."

      Hmm, play a video game or meet up with a mysterious cultish figure? I chose the latter.

      I was summoned to an area with glass doors. So many glass doors! It was like a maze. Trying to find which door was the real one so I could get through this. I followed another guy half way through it before losing him.

      I eventually made it to the cave where we were meeting up to do the Chaos Tasks.

      There were maybe 8-10 people there. For sure Saltyseedog was there, Nomad was there, and Nephanim was there.

      Saltyseedog seemed to be leading the tasks. He was telling us everything that needed to be done. There were about 10 tasks and we could chose the one that we wanted to do. Some were easy. I remember that one of the tasks was "To lay in the river of black water and absorb the darkness".

      "But first, it seems like we have another issue to deal with!" Salty yelled out from the cave.

      You could see in the black dreamscape sky a satellite emerging and growing. The satellite filled the sky and then broadcasted blue waves to the people walking the streets. As soon as the blue broadcast waves hit them, they instantly turned towards us like zombified dream murderers.

      We set out to defend ourselves and kill all of the hypnotized people that were attacking us. I became lucid at this point.

      I was having a lot of fun experimenting with fighting styles while trying to defend myself from 4-5 people at once. I rarely get to do this because my lucids are normally too calm and peaceful.

      At first I tried a martial arts style of fighting. It worked pretty good. Uppercuts, blocking their advances, and an awesome new kick I invented. I was getting bored of it though, I had many things I wanted to try.

      I wanted to try dream magic. I created an invisible energy shield around me while I harvested energy from the attackers around me. When I had enough, I broke through my own shield and exploded with a force field of energy that wiped out any living creature around me.

      I now fought the attackers with invisible force. I didn't need to touch them to push them away. It was so easy.

      "We have...reinforcements?" I heard Nomad yell. There were people on our side coming to help us, but we didn't know them.

      I fought through the masses until I saw something that caught my eye. It seemed to be the leader. She was a woman and snickering at the control that she had. Nomad set her on fire. That made me think about trying to fight with fire.

      Nephanim, Nomad, and I met up in a corner of the dreamscape near what looked to be an elevator. Nephanim told us that he had been busy hacking into the computer program that was broadcasting control signals and trying to disable it. We had killed off most of the vicious people.
    3. Wind of Eternity

      by , 04-19-2011 at 11:21 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Something caused me to become lucid. It was really dark though. I wanted to be able to see...

      I teleported myself out of darkness and arrived at the peak of a mountain. I wondered what I could do here. I wanted to get myself involved in something, so I decided to find a yeti.

      I flew up near the clouds and searched for a yeti. I found one quick enough, and flew back down.

      I lost sight of the yeti as I flew down, so I just decided to sit on the top of the mountain peak and think of something else. I knew that there was something I had to do, I just really couldn't think of it right now. The view here was amazing.

      On a rock next to me there was four small little insects. They looked like tiny scorpions. I watched them skitter around on the rock.

      A strong wind suddenly picked up, blowing away the tiny scorpion insects. The gust of air carried flower petals along with it. I followed the flower petals that rode with the wind.

      I traveled with the gust and the flowers down the mountain. This divine wind lead to a temple hidden in the valley. The view of the temple was astounding - so much so that upon seeing it I lost most of my lucidity.

      The inside architecture of the temple looked similar to that. Instead of having "square" frames, they were all arches.

      There was a small contained river running through where the floor would be in the above picture. The river was held by marble. I looked down into the small river, and noticed that there were many, many flower petals floating in it.

      There was a swinging bridge connecting one side of the temple to the other from across the small river. The swinging bridge was made out of vines and flowers. The temple was just insanely beautiful. It seemed as if divine light was shining through the archways.

      It was evident that I had lost the majority of my lucidity when I got out a sketch book so that I could sketch this view of the temple. I wanted a great picture of it so I could post it on DV when I woke up.
    4. Cryptic Lady

      by , 03-28-2011 at 10:57 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was just waking up. My dad had parked his car in my bedroom, or my bedroom had became the garage. Anyhow, there were people hiding behind cars and in the shadows. They smiled when they met eye contact with me.

      I didn't bother even getting ready for school and just hopped in the car.

      "Hey," I heard a dark whisper of a man. It was still dark outside so I could barely make out the silhouette. Apparently, this guy was my exboyfriend.

      "I'll drive you to school hun" He said. I didn't really remember this guy too well, was he even ever my boyfriend? I didn't trust this guy. He hopped in the car anyways and he drove off.

      He was speeding, swerving, and not even driving the right way to school. I told him to turn around or else I wanted out of the car.

      "Ok!" He cheerfully yelled, slammed his foot on the break and did a U-turn.

      As soon as I thought that PERHAPS I would be on time to class, he made a wrong turn (it was right for him, ofc) and he laughed saying that I should know him better than that. It was an awful drive.

      I finally made it inside the building and swore to myself that I would never let that freak in the car again. I looked at the time... 7:34 ... I was going to be late! I realized that I didn't even have my books. Grrr.

      I took off to first hour, but started flying up in the air...Huh..Interesting!

      I thought to myself how this only happens when I am dreaming and that this is a dream sign. I did a reality check and I had six fingers!

      I continued to float around for a bit, enjoying the zero gravity. I did summer salts and flips. Then I realized - Oh! I am DREAMING. I have some stuff to do!

      I knew that I had to find Nephanim, but I wasn't sure how I was going to do that. I wandered out of the building and looked the the sky. Our plans were to meet on the moon, but it was a perfectly clear day so there wouldn't be much in the way of reference points. I could always make reference points, but the thought of trying to fly up there still shook me a little.

      I decided to find other means. At first I walked into the building again and tried calling him, but there wasn't much success. The strange thing was that I wasn't calling him by Nephanim, but something else. It may have been his dream name, I'm not sure. But I remember thinking that I should probably start calling out Nephanim instead of this other name.

      I walked back into the school (which really wasn't a school anymore) and found a fridge. I told myself that inside this fridge would contain useful objects, stuff I could use to perhaps find him.

      I opened the fridge.


      Being lactose intolerant in real life, I gladly took this opportunity to drink the chocolate milk to my heart's desire. But I also had other plans for the jug of chocolate milk.

      I took the jug of chocolate milk and flew outside and on to the roof of the building. The roof was about 2-3 stories high. People were outside enjoying the sunshine. When people came out of the building, I would pour my chocolate milk on them. It was entertaining.

      Oh...right...I have to find Nephanim!

      I flew back down from the roof of the building and landed on the pavement. I noticed that people were gathering outside for a marriage ceremony of two men. I realized that pouring chocolate milk on people in marriage might look bad on any kind of dream analysis...

      I went back to my Fridge, spawned more items inside of it, and opened the door again. This time, there was vegetable oil, my cell phone, a strange fruit drink mixture and a decapitated head. I picked up the decapitated head and the fruit drink and left the other two objects behind. I examined the head closely...She was alive! But dead. She looked very old, I could see all of the wrinkles in her face and her eyes looked like a brown and blue supernova. She had white hair, but her countenance resembled that of a bird. She looked mean. If I made a facial expression, she would copy it. She wouldn't talk to me, but just mimic my expressions. She looked like someone I know...But I couldn't figure out who...I kept staring into her eyes, they stared back into me daringly.

      "She thinks that I am Russian just because I have a Russian accent!" I heard a lady from behind me. I turned around to see a woman (who looked Russian despite her protest) standing with a small girl. I wasn't sure if the woman was talking to me or the girl.

      "Hey," I greeted the woman. We walked down the hall together. I told her about my fridge of useful items.

      "It's pretty cool, but I realize that the objects are only as useful as I make them." I explained, thinking of my chocolate milk fiasco.

      "No. Your mind makes the items only as useful as you allow them to be." She responded in her think accent. She talked very cryptically, and sort of looked that way too. She had brown hair that was in a bun, and her cheeks had a pink blush. She was wearing a black outfit.

      "I was able to spawn this drink, it tastes really cool. You should try it." I handed the drink to her. It was red and yellow.

      She instantly moved back, repulsed.

      "No no no! The fumes, they are choking me!" She exclaimed.

      I was in shock for a moment, then puzzled at how a smell could choke someone.

      "You're lying, a smell alone cannot choke someone," I replied, in a bit of an accusing manner. She continued to act out as if the smell of the fruit drink was hurting her. At first I thought that perhaps it was, but this wasn't logical unless she had some allergy to it, and even so it couldn't truly "choke" her.

      "LIAR!" I yelled out, mad that she was putting on a scene.

      She stopped her fit immediately and smiled.

      "So, you do think and understand," She whispered as if this were an epiphany to her, or some kind of test.

      Realizing that there was a chance that this DC could perhaps possess some intelligence, I asked: "Do you know where I can find Nephanim?"

      "Yes! Turn around, and I will draw the map on your back." I turned around and felt the ink pressing against my skin. I knew this was some kind of riddle again. I wouldn't be able to see the map on my back, so I tried my hardest to picture what she was drawing inside my head. I tried to make out the shapes from the pressure of her hand. This is what I saw in my head:

      The two triangles may have been two domes, I wasn't sure.

      "You are ready to go now." The lady said in her thick accent, and I awoke.
      lucid , memorable
    5. Random Little Adventures

      by , 11-21-2010 at 07:32 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      My friend and I had decided to race buses. I think she beat me, but her bus needed some heavy work if it was going to work again. We parked our buses in my driveway. She got out and went inside while I hung in my bus, cleaning up some stuff.

      I heard growling, and looked out the back window. Behind my bus, there was a wolf and a bear attacking each other. Wow! The wolf was winning. After the wolf finished off the bear, it stalked around the bus. It could see me and wanted something else to fight.

      I ducked onto the floor to try to avoid being seen. It clawed at the windows and wasn't giving up. Something made me think to wonder if I was dreaming. I don't remember if I did a reality check or not, but I was pretty sure that I was dreaming.

      I jumped out of the bus and the wolf and I engaged in combat. The wolf didn't stand a chance, he was finished within the minute.

      I wondered what I would do in this lucid. I needed to learn to teleport. Should I snap my fingers and will myself somewhere else or close my eyes and spin, or should I zoom into a picture? I thought about that for a minute, and decided to try each option.

      I can't snap my fingers IRL. So, maybe that attempt was already doomed for failure because it didn't transfer well into the dream. I realized that I really didn't have a specific place in mind that I wanted to go to. Could I just ask my subconscious to create a random place? I sort of liked the scenery here. Bright blue open skies, warm, and in my backyard. I wasn't sure where else I would chose to go.

      I was going to try the spinning technique when I remembered what happened last time, a few years back. I had been lucid and decided to do a spinning teleport. Once I arrived at my destination, I forgot to stop spinning and open my eyes and I ran into a pole. It was fail. At least it had worked though.

      The last technique that I was going to try was where you zoom into a picture. I felt the urge to pee. I willed myself not to, knowing that it would just be a waste of time and it was only sensation in RL transferring over. I found a dried up leaf on the ground and examined it carefully. It was a dark red color and had many striations on it. Looking deeper, I could even see the cells! The striations reminded me of mountains, which is where I decided that I would teleport to. I tried to focus my vision into engulfing the picture, but I was failing.

      "Hi Steff!" I heard Joe behind me. Oh no, not another ninja Joe to fight off ! I turned around, and saw that he was holding a dobak. He wasn't in karate, so I asked him why.

      "They are holding a scary movie marathon!" He exclaimed.

      "Oh, that's cool."

      "Yeah I'll just leave you to your flying and stuff," He responded.

      "Do you want a ride?" I asked him. I was getting a little bored, and fancied some exploration.

      "Sure!" He took my hand and we flew to the dojang. Once we got there we went inside and saw that they had set up a large couch in the hallway. To the side of the couch there was a horror flick on the TV screen. The movie was about some kind of intense gore. It looked like a giant caterpillar was being brutally murdered. I decided I probably shouldn't watch this while lucid as it might influence my dream negatively again lol.

      I went upstairs where it was dark. I decided it would look cool if I made my fingers look like bright neon glowsticks. The glow looked like a slowly spreading disease on my fingertips. It was hard to force the glow to encompass all of my fingers, but I got really close. Still sorta bored, I decided to try and walk through a wall. I had never been much good at it. I faced the wall and slowly walked through. At first it felt like passing a hard barrier, but it gave away as soon as I got past it. As I walked through the wall, I fell down 2 stories on to the ground. Oops, I forgot that I was upstairs.

      I was now sitting back on the grass in my backyard, and everything was sunny again. There was a gazebo in the middle of the yard. I wondered if it had any significance.

      I went inside the house and decided to summon Retribution. He appeared, but looked like the Chrysler Building. I willed him away and summoned a new version of him. We had epic sex but he disappeared shortly after. Ugh, guys these days.

      Bored and alone, I decided to play the piano. I wondered if I could subconsciously remember songs that I learned years and years ago. I put my hands on the keyboard and tried to play The Entertainer. I knew that my dream could easily reproduce the sounds and fool me into thinking that I had got it down, so I payed more attention to the motions that my hands were making. It didn't feel right, and thus the sound was strange.
    6. 3 Lucids

      by , 11-14-2010 at 01:26 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      Ninja Warrior Joe

      I was at my grandmother’s house. We were discussing dinner. I started daydreaming, and thinking about what it would be like if I could just float away right now. My chair tipped over suddenly, and I flew across the dining room. WTF. Everyone in the family started freaking out, blaming it on a ghost. My mom blamed it on aliens. I did a reality check. 6 fingers. Nice. I went out the front door of my grandmother's house. In her lawn there was her neighbor's lawn which was surrounded by a ditch. I went over to the neighbor's lawn.

      "Give me a BEAST to fight!" I yelled. I was thinking more along the lines of a dragon, but Joe in a suit of armor appeared instead. That would work, I guess. He had two long sticks as weapons. He twirled them professionally. I didn't have anything to fight with, so I waved my hands in a flailing motion hoping to trick my mind into believing that I had a sword. That didn't go over too well.

      Joe ran towards me and we began to fight. His sticks provided great protection from anything I tried to do, he was really a deft fighter. I knew I should have gone with the dragon instead, damn! He managed to drop one of the sticks, which is when I got my chance. I picked it up and tried to attack him with it, but before I knew it he had me pinned to the ground. Was he going to finish me off? A few growling dogs circled around him and he left.

      Dream Guide Issues

      I was at my grandmother's house again, playing basketball. I started thinking about the previous dream, and decided to do a reality check. 6 fingers...Lucid! I decided to actually find my dream guide this time. I've been wanting to do this for awhile but kept getting distracted by other things.

      I turned around and tried to will my dream guide behind me. Nothing. A car pulled up on the driveway. Joe (oh no!!) was driving it, Joe's brother had a seat in the front middle, and there was someone sitting in the passenger seat. They pulled up next to wear I was standing.

      "Hey guys." I said.


      "This is a dream, if you didn't know already. Are any of you my dream guides?" I asked. My dream guide had a tendency to change forms, but that would have been a bit outrageous if she decided to take the form of Joe's brother.

      "Nope," they said and shook their heads. More cars were pulling up around us, and some people were setting up camp. I asked quite a few people but all I got were either nopes or "Try looking over there."

      I was eventually led to a sort of party in a basement. I asked a few adults if they knew where I could find my DG but they only shrugged.

      "Hey. I'm your dream guide." I heard someone say. I looked over to the far corner of the basement, where the pipes met the ceiling. He had long black hair and was shirtless. I ran over to him. He didn't feel like my dream guide...Next to him there was someone else, I think he may have had blonde hair.

      "Prove to me that you are my dream guide." I said to him.

      "Philolaus, a Greek philosopher of the Pythagorean school, described an astronomical system in which the Earth, Moon, Sun, planets, and stars all revolved about a central fire." (Thanks wikipedia) He said.

      "That does not prove you are my dream guide or that you have any sentience whatsoever. You are simply a manifestation of my subconscious, recalling information that I previously read." I announced.

      "Hahaha! Very well!" The blonde haired man next to him shouted, playfully and clapping his hands at my discovery. The man with the long black hair seemed a little put off.

      I went back upstairs, and probably lost lucidity.


      I was in my house, doing whatever, and I became lucid. I thought about whether or not I should continue my search for my dream guide. I didn't really know. I stepped outside, not feeling like flying. I decided to walk down the street and see where it would take me.

      I continued walking, everything was in perfect clarity. I could see that the houses in front of me were changing to an apartment style. They were large, beige, and bulky. I walked passed them, just enjoying the nice sunny day.

      As I walked further, I saw that were was a lake I was coming to. It was flowing like a river, but it was flowing backwards. There was a giant cruise ship in it! Hmm! Maybe I could go swimming!

      I continued to go closer to the lake until I heard a loud SPLOSHing sound and felt water coming up to my knees. I looked down...I was already in the lake? I felt my shoes sinking in the mud. I tried to move my feet but they were suctioned in pretty well. Looking around, I noticed that the sunny day had become a little overcast. There were tall trees surrounding me. They had lost their leaves already, and their wicked branches were twisted in inhumane directions.

      I wondered if I could breathe underwater. I ducked my head down (wasn't hard because I had sunk in so far) into the water and breathed. Yep. I could breathe. When I lifted my head out of the water I noticed that I was not the only one stuck in the marsh. There were deformed dog legs sticking up from the surface. It made me shiver.

      I slushed through the shallow part of the lake that had overflowed the land and the trees until I came back on to dry ground. It was getting dark outside now. There was a little path through the woods that I could follow if I wanted to. Since I was still on my journey, I decided to continue on.

      Through the path the trees got denser, and thus less light could reach me within. I heard screams and cackles around me. I began seeing things that weren't there. Someone was coming closer, I could hear someone...

      "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!" A female voice cackled wickedly as she ran past me. She was Medusa, but her skin was burned black and her hair/snakes fried straight up. There was another spirit chasing after her. Where was I???

      I kept walking on the path, for the woods might be creepier. In front of me I saw a giant glowing worm sitting on a tree in front of me. He sort of looked like the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, except he glowed bright neon green and had an evil smile on his face.

      "Oh, come a little closer cutie cutie!" He said menacingly, "I shall have YOU for dinner!!!"

      "And if he doesn't catch you, I WILL!!!" Another spirit said a little farther down the path.
      Thank god I woke up after that. Not going back to bed either..

      And lastly, I remember a dream about beer.
      lucid , memorable
    7. Some Paranormal Activity

      by , 11-11-2010 at 10:20 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at a hotel with a guy. We were waiting on another girl to join us because we had a mission to go on or something. The girl didn't show up, so he told me that I could chill in her room until she came.

      The room was a white baby blue color and the sheets were made of lace. The walls were a light blue and a bit bare. The peaceful room made me tired and I decided to take a nap on the bed.

      In the dream in the dream, I was in a grocery store. I had a partner in crime and we were both fighting against some idiot who was also amazing at fighting. Unfortunately, this guy was setting little children on fire. We were trying to extinguish the flames that were killing the children while trying to kill the villain.

      My partner and I ran to a long bench where a bunch of children were sitting. They were on fire. We paused time to extinguish the children, but as we paused time we noticed something very peculiar about a girl on the very far end of the bench. She looked demented. She reeked of yucky evil.

      We resumed time so that we could kill off the villain. I had a gun, which was not working properly. Something caused me to realize that I was dreaming. Knowing that I was dreaming, I went into hyper speed fighting - flying into the air and trapping that asshole in the corner until I could kill him. It took awhile to find him, I had to knock over several counters and pretty much trashed the place. I got my revenge though. I did something else while lucid, but forgot.

      I woke up from the dream back into the first dream in the hotel. That nap felt great! I shifted in my bed, and realized that I was laying on something hard. I got up and saw that I was laying on a grotesque picture of a green devil's eye. It looked like someone had made a puzzle out of it. It reminded me of the eye from the nightmare I had back while ago where there was a green eye on the mirror and it had shattered around it.

      On the wall above the bed post a picture of the same creepy eye had been hung. I wondered how all of this happened in my sleep...

      On the night stand next to me at least a hundred dimes or quarters had arranged themselves to form a perfect pyramid. It sort of reminded me of the pyramid and the eye on the back of the dollar bill. It was a really, really creepy scene.

      I explained what had happened to the guy I had come to the hotel with. He scoffed it off, removed all of the creepy items from the room, and told me to go back to bed. I did so.

      And when I woke up, the exact same thing had happened. The picture of the demon's eye was back on the wall with a stare that seemed to go through my soul.

      I decided to leave the hotel and go to karate. Unfortunately, they were closed because someone had rented out the facility to sell burgers. Next to their entrance was a green alien. People were gathered around him and he was yelling, "Come! Join me on the moon!" I rolled my eyes at him, thinking he must be a charlatan or something.

      I went out to the lake and sat on a floating dock. I thought about all of the scary shit that happened today. A misty fog gathered around the water. The moon shone so bright it almost acted as an alternate sun, but the light that it provided was dim and dull. I sat out on the floating dock alone in the middle of the lake, thinking to myself. Another dock floated next to me. On it was a woman with brown hair sitting in the lotus position. She looked at me and said, "You must eradicate the demons within you."
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. Lucids for Tears

      by , 09-16-2010 at 12:43 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      It was nearing the end of the day, and I was going to one of my last classes. I was exhausted from school and couldn't wait to go home. I stepped into the classroom and instantly my mood was uplifted when I saw who was sitting at my table. A wave of happiness rushed over me. The German Exchange student had returned from Germany.

      "Hi!" He said. His face, his voice, everything was so vivid. It was clearer than reality, and now that I was seeing my old friend again it was better.

      "I've missed you so much!" I shouted, and leaped into his arms, giving him the biggest hug ever. I no longer felt worried about school, I just felt relief from seeing him again.

      "I have so much to tell you about! Shickendydickendy!" He said delightfully in his accent. I was ready to listen, I couldn't wait to hear everything he was about to tell me.

      "What's a shickendydickendy?" I giggled, thinking that maybe he had butchered up an English word.

      "Oh I'll tell you about that later " He replied. Oh!

      "This can't be happening! I've missed you so much, it's incredible to be seeing you here again!" I said. At that moment, just to be sure, I did a reality check. 8 fingers. Fuck no. I realized that this wasn't real - he wasn't real - none of this was. I wasn't seeing him or talking to him again. It was just an illusion created by my subconscious. I burst out in tears, devastated to go through this again. Losing a friend all over again, thanks subconscious, thanks a lot. I spent the rest of the dream crying.
    9. Dreaming in 2D - Forced Lesson on Dream Control

      by , 09-02-2010 at 11:30 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was lucid, and I was in a dungeon with four rooms. Each room was dark, and in 2D so everything looked very strange. There was no escape from the dungeon. In each room were some items, also in 2D.

      The point of the dungeon was apparently to force me to learn dream control. I wasn't sure how I knew that, but I did. The first task was to learn to move objects with my mind. I struggled for a bit before I managed to smash the car into the table. I was able to move things with my mind now! I tried to put the car on top of the table, but the 2D view wouldn't allow that and it looked very odd.

      The next task was to learn to use magic. That was easier. I used a yellow spell against an opponent.

      I was alone in the dungeon after that, and 3D was trying to overcome the 2D view. In front of me was a TV. It was sort of creepy looking in the dark. It was an old analog TV. I flipped through the stations. Because a lot of the dream was in 2D much of the channels were showing cartoons from my childhood. I found a news station and tried to put my hand through the screen. I was teleported inside the TV and found myself INSIDE of a Spongebob cartoon!!!

      Two characters that looked like this were jumping up and down in their living rooms cheering at the television. I was back in 2D land which was really annoying. Dreaming in a cartoon. I reached inside their television to try to get somewhere else but I think I just teleported back to the dungeon.
    10. Task 1

      by , 08-20-2010 at 06:08 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I think there was more to this dream than I remember, as in a long beginning before this. I woke up in the desert. There were trees growing in the sand everywhere. Wtf? Lucid. I looked at my hands which showed the normal amount of fingers, but I didn't need any verification. I knew what I knew. I yelled to hear my voice...It sounded strange and warped in the dream. Now, I had a task to complete which I accidentally let slip through my fingers in the last lucid.

      I walked up a desert hill and unto a beach. Waves crashed at the sand and I knew this is where I needed to be. I ran up to a wet, wooden dock and ran out on it until I knew I had enough distance in the water. I jumped in and felt the warm water soak my feet. It was surprisingly vivid. I decided to increase the clarity before I went further. I tried to avoid thinking about having another body in the physical plane that was laying in a bed.

      I dunked my head underwater but before I could fill my lungs with the poisonous water I rose out of the water like a rocket and into the sky. I kept going up and up and into the heavens, into the clouds and into the universe.

      by , 08-18-2010 at 03:32 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was at a party for "inventors". Each person wore a costume that he or she invented. The costumes each had a special function unique to the others. I don't remember what I was, but I remember how my costume zipped up so tightly it was hard to move my arms. I had a large thing on my head. I believe the function of my costume was speed. I might have been a small ice cream cone for all I know.

      I left the party and walked down the road. Behind me I saw someone following me...Who was that? Taking a closer look I saw it was someone else in a costume. Their costume was green and had a large afro. I kept walking down the road until the guy in the green costume had finally caught up to me. He pushed me to the ground.

      "Hi!" He said.

      "...Hi?" I responded...Trying to get up. It was pretty hard considering I couldn't move my arms well.

      "You're it!" He said, tagging me. Ok this was so not fair. I needed to unzip my costume if I was going to play this game and I couldn't unzip it seeing as I couldn't move my arms that far!

      "Wait! Unzip me!" I said. He came back and unzipped my costume so I had a little more leeway for my arms. Before he could run away I tagged him. We played Tag for awhile until we came to a hilly, grassy area. We sat down on the hill. Beneath us people were fighting. He showed me how we could control the people with our minds if we tried hard enough. He was right.

      We were now playing a game, my people against his. We morphed our people into dragons and elves and watched them battle against each other. When we decided we were done he morphed into a...thing...that was really tall. I'm not sure what it was. It was made of pretty neon colors and it had bones like a human. I climbed onto his shoulders and he carried me home Piggy back style.

      I was at my grandmother's house now with my cousin. We were sleeping in the same bed like we used to when we were kids. He fell asleep fast and started chanting something rhythmically. It sounded less like a song and more like a poem or even a curse in a different language, it was beautiful in a sinister way.

      A worker on a TV set opened the door and told us that they were looking for extras on their set that could pretend to be sleeping. My cousin told me that he'd meet me there later, and to go ahead.

      The long hallway from my bedroom linked up to the store where they were shooting the new film. The man who was leading me to the set told me to take my headphones off. He showed me to a room with blue lighting and a bench at the side. On the bench were the other extras, waiting for me to arrive. In front of the bench there was a cage where the main actor was. He was supposed to do some sort of stunt and we were to show "enthusiasm" (not!) by sleeping.

      I sat down on the bench between two guys. The guy I was supposed to be leaning on to feign sleep gave me a crazy look.

      "Woman, you need to get rid of some of that HAIR you got." He said. I pushed my lush locks to one side so it wouldn't get all in his face.

      "Careful," He said again, passing me some kind of small metal piece. He dropped the metal into my hand and I examined it carefully. It was at most 2 inches long and no more than 3mm in diameter. It was made of a bright steel and at one end a tiny piece of lead was perpendicular to the small rod. Like an L.

      "What am I supposed to do with this?" I asked. It was buzzing gently in my hand.

      "Hold it up to your lips and wait. It will bring you into the dream," One of the female set-workers responded. I hesitated...

      "I don't need to be pulled into the dream, I can fall asleep here quickly enough."

      "Just do it, woman," Said the guy next to me. I pulled the tiny metal rod thing to my lips. My whole world was instantly PSYCHADELiCIZED.

      The TV in front of us was warped in purple swirls like you would with a brush on Photoshop. Everyone on the bench stood up in amazement and looked around...

      "Are we in the dream...?" I asked. No one responded, they were all too amazed. I couldn't wait to tell the people on DV about this new drug.

      "Wait...Are we all in the dream together or not cause that's pretty epic if we are all in this dream thing together right now..." I went blabbering on. I looked at my hands, they had different amounts of fingers.

      I left the room where we were shooting the video. I found myself now in a larger building with a sky high ceiling. There were many people in the building. It looked like the main room of a mall. I tried to fly...Grr why couldn't I? I thought I got soo good at it from being dragged around so much in my lucids [/sarcasm].

      The dream was very vivid. I walked up to a DC and told him to teach me how to fly. He was my friend's brother in real life. He gave a puzzled smile and put his left arm in and in his left arm out and shook it all about...arrgh.

      A man in a black suit came up to me and gave me a receipt. The dream was stable enough that I could easily read the receipt, look away, and read it again and the words were all the same and perfectly normal. That didn't sway me from the notion that I was dreaming however. The man read aloud as I read the receipt:

      "The stalking starts now. You will complete a set of trials which may take 30-50 tries. You are looking for a female. Everything will add up to 3/5. THE STALKING STARTS NOW." I'm pretty sure that's what the man said. On the receipt (which I tried to recreate paint, and brutally failed) it was signed WakingNomad. What the hell lol?

      I'm not entirely sure that's accurate. It may have been that I had 3/5 trials, I'm not sure but apparently I was looking for someone to help complete the first trial. I shoved the receipt into my pocket and looked around the room. Half the population was female...Maybe I should try to find Nomad first. I envisioned him standing behind me. I turned around but there was no one there. This was going to be hard.

      I walked around the mall, asking questions to strangers. They pointed me into a green house. I walked through a narrow pathway in the green house looking for any human life. I passed a man with a watering can who eyed me strangely.

      I exited the green house and found myself in a dirty city. I asked a man if he knew where I could find Nomad. He pointed down a dark alley. A white car pulled up in the parking space. I ran to the car (there was someone following me at this point, telling me not to go near the car). Inside were a bunch of druggies. Dirt covered their faces. They looked like they were on meth.

      False awakening into my dark dark cold room. I don't want to open my eyes in the dark!

      False awakening again into a brighter room. It was still dim. A floating purple square had an illuminating light with a video of people working out on it. I jumped into the bright panel and
      lost lucidity.

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    12. Cold!

      by , 06-23-2010 at 09:07 PM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      It was the end of the school day, and also the last day of school. I was trying to turn in my books to the library before the bus left. I was walking around the campus but I couldn't find the library! It was completely missing. I looked out the window and noticed that the buses were gone, great. Why didn't I just drive to school today? I kept looking and saw my friend Meg, she was holding a net in her hand. In the net was some books. I asked her where the library was, and she told me to go down the hall and take a left. I did what I was told, but I found myself in the cafeteria. A large Mayan display had been built. This was outrageous, libraries just don't disappear like this! I decided to do a reality check. I looked at my hands and saw that I had 6 fingers, nice! I turned around, and I was in my kitchen. Mom was trying to talk to me, and I was still really concerned about the books. I wasted about 5 minutes looking for the books to put on the table so I would remember to drop them off at the library later. I told my mom that I was leaving, and she said that she wanted me to stay here so I could talk to her. I left anyways, but she started chasing after me and sprayed me with the hose! COLD!

      , Vanessa
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    13. Hanging off the edge of a Bridge?

      by , 06-13-2010 at 02:08 AM (Zukin's Dream Journal! <3)
      I was apparently lucid somehow, and I had it in my mind that I was going to jump off a bridge - you know just to see what would happen. So I'm clinging to the side of the bridge (because apparently all bridges have ladders on the side of them) and I'm looking down thinking Dang that's a long ways down, so I go down the ladder a little further. A guy and his friend yell up to me and ask me what I'm doing. I tell them that I'm gonna jump off this bridge here. Right. He tells me that if I wait until July 4th to jump off the bridge then he'll video tape it. Well that sounds like a good deal to me, so I do one last reality check and find that I have 5 fingers on each hand. Good thing that I didn't jump off the bridge cause apparently I wasn't dreaming!
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