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    The Angel's Dagger

    by , 08-10-2010 at 01:34 PM (607 Views)
    Non-Dream Non-lucid Lucid

    I feel like i've made a breakthrough. During my holiday, something just clicked. In my dreams, I've began to just "know" that i'm dreaming, it's hard to explain It doesn't happen everytime I dream obviously, but it's progress and I'm happy for it .

    So last nights dream (or one of them anyway) done this and it was pretty damn awesome (at least to me anyway haha ) I can't quite remember how it started but I'll try and piece it together.

    I'm at a party for my friend Rachel. She's just had her room decorated and for some reason a ton of people have came to help her celebrate. They've all brought loads of gifts. Rachel doesn't know what to do with them all, so she puts them in the attic. Later during tIhe party, we decide to go see them all. Leaving the party, we ascend a large, white stone staircase that is deffinatly not part of her house. We're outside now, and keep climbing the staircase.

    Soon we reach the top and a white and gold
    There's alot of white and gold things in this dream. angel smiles at us. We smile back and keep moving. All the gifts are placed in neat rows, for some reason they're all the same. A grey dwarf from Disney, most likely Grumpy. We move in and out of the rows, then get bored and head back towards the staircase. The Angel is in the middle and once we climb on, she moves the staircase to the floor because it's shrunk a little.

    Once at the bottom, I somehow know that i'm dreaming.

    I forget to stabilize and RC, but the dream is fine anyway. Maybe it would've been clearer if I had. I forget about Rachel and look at the sky. It's nighttime, but cloudy. I wish I could see the stars. I seem to be really instinctive during this lucid, because I smile and jump. I take off flying, it's so amazing.

    I pass through the clouds quickly, and see the stars. But i'm flying fast and they're getting closer and closer. I don't want to spend this lucid in space. I've only flown a few times so my control is a little off, but I manage to twist around and stop. I float, looking at the grey clouds underneath me, and decide to change the world.

    I fly towards the clouds, and pass straight through a storm. Then I get close enough to earth so that everything's like a patchwork quilt. I throw my hand out and in a flash, it's changed. Not the way I want it though, so I do it again. Suddenly it's daytime and down below is sand and palm trees, I fly down to take a look.

    I land in the sand and look around. Between the trees, there are gigantic moths everywhere, sucking things out of the sand. This is deffinetly not where I want to be, so I fly up again. I really think about where I want to go, and when I snap my hand out, I think of medevil times. I fly down, and Rachel and I (who magically appeared again ) are in a green forest. We're not in medievil times but I don't really care, I want to explore.

    We find bikes nearby, and head off. On the edge off the forest there looks like a ditch. It's actually a river traveling. We cycle beside it and follow it downstream. Soon it forks to the right into a lake. There's a guy walking around on the water (I found if I cycle fast enough I can cycle on the water too). I whisper to Rachel; "Ok, I'm going to "fall in" accidently of course, and then he's going to rush over and save me and everything will go from there." He was pretty damn hot. Longish dark hair and pale skin.
    Been dreaming about this guy alot recently. He pops up from time to time. But as I watch him, Miley Cirus appears on a jet-ski. She "falls in" and he rushes over to save her. I get off the bike and stand, open mouthed. I curse her for getting there first and Rachel pats my back sympathetically I know I could've attempted to blast Miley to pieces but I want some drama in my dreams! "Bloody Miley Cirus, Hannah Montana, whatever." I wonder out loud if he'll think she's shallow. I tell Rachel the plan might still work, she objects.

    Out of nowhere, tigers appear from behind the trees. Well I have to weapons and no battle experience so I decide not to take on a bunch of hungry, snarling tigers. "Run!"

    I try to dodge around the tiger but it's having none of it. Rachel runs in the opposite direction. "What the hell." I mutter, and throw myself into the dark river.

    "Nicole, no!!" Rachel shouts in panic. "Not the water! Anything could be down there!"

    I roll my eyes and swim forwards. I'd rather risk a few fish than a few giant tigers. The tiger that was trying to eat me is hanging over the edge of the bank, not wanting to go in. It seems afraid of the water. I look forward and find out why. There are huge fish, with equally huge snapping teeth, swimming toward me.

    "What the fuck is safe around here!" I snarl and try to grab the edge of the banking, but it's too high. The fish are coming pretty damn fast.

    Suddenly, someone grabs my legs and throws me up. I land with an oomph on the soft grass. I tiger comes to mind and I throw my body over so I can see everything and be prepared. There's no need, they're dead. I here a noise to my right and scrabble to the left as fast as i can.

    "Hey! It's ok, it's ok, you're safe now."

    It's the boy who was walking around on the water. He's on the grass beside me, blood splattered. I don't know whether it's his or the tigers. I edge myself over to him, we lie on the grass, I'm calming myself down and he's just watching me.

    After about a minute, I lean on one elbow and study him. Yup, definatly the guy who's been in my dreams. He mirrors my poster and does the same, studying me.

    "Thank you." I whisper. "What happened to Miley?" She's nowhere to be seen.

    "I don't know, I got to you as fast as possible. I can't let you die." He said quietly. "She's rather shallow anyway."

    I smile at that, and analyze what he said. Can't let me die? I'm dreaming, although maybe he doesn't know that. He feels a bit like a protector of some sort. I'm about to ask why he can't let me die, but he makes a choking sound. I look over him and see a large, bloody gash in his shirt. My eyes widen.

    "Oh, gosh I didn't see that." He clutched the wound. "Maybe I can-"

    "No," He interupted. "It's too late." He takes deep breaths, but they're laboured. His voice barely rises over a whisper. "Come here. I need you to do something for me."

    I lean over, so his lips are close to my ear. He passes something into my hand. It a thin, white and gold dagger. "You need to kill them. It's dangerous, but you need to kill them." He shudders.

    "Who," I ask softly, stroking his hair, comforting him. It's the least I can do. "Who do I need to kill?"

    After a few breaths, he says; "Follow the river, you'll see..." Then he looks me in the eyes. His are a perfect, clear blue. I know he's close to dying. I ache silently.

    He sweeps some of my hair away from my face, and then kisses me.
    I seem to be getting alot of kisses whilest dreaming, not that i'm complaining Then he moves his lips to my ear and whispers; "I'll find you."

    He takes his last few shakey breathes, then lays his head on the grass, and dies.

    I gaze at his body for awhile. Then at the dagger. Maybe he's an angel, they all seem to be white and gold. I pick up his dagger. The thin gold that snakes it's way across the hilt is clean of blood. I get up, and follow the river. After awhile, I find it stops, and there's a dark hole. I climb in and end up in a damp, dark tunnel. It's large, with pipes running along it.

    There's a group huddled together at the end of the tunnel. The dagger glows ever so slightly. I've to use it to kill them. Nothing else can kill them, I know that much. I feel determined, this is what I've to do. I slash a pipe and direct the hot steam towards the group. They scream and scatter. They see me and run towards me.

    I slash at one at cut through hard bone. This dagger will cut through anything. They're going to overwhelm me though. I turn and run. There's a red, rusted chainlink fence. I cut through it and suddenly, my vision is darkening. The dream is ending.

    But I need to kill the bastards!! I spin, but it ends anyway.

    Now I have a new goal Imma kill the dark creatures.

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