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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 07-27-2010 at 11:50 AM (411 Views)
    Awake Dream

    So i have to hurry on this post, I won't put all the details down.

    I'm in a biulding along with a blonde girl called Anne, Rachel and a guy who I don't know. We run along the passageway, we're on a mission. Anne works in the building but we're breaking in.

    She gives me a card to use on doors but it doesn't work, so I'm scared when it fails. I still slip through the door and outside. Outside is near the sea, we hide behind a log. The boy kisses Rachel.

    "I would kiss one of you, but i'm not a lesbian and you're not my type. Sorry" I say to them quietly. The guy and Rachel run into the water.

    Anne and I see a man running toward us. They're after us. He's wearing a reflective yellow jacket like was builders wear. Anne grabs my hand and we run, but I feel heavy. I can't run very fast, so she drags me along. I see a plank of wood and pick it up, meaning to use it for later, but we opt for two sticks instead.

    We keep running along a road, he's far away but getting closer. The next time I look I realise he's on a bike, so I stop and prepare to fight. He jumps off the bike, showing fanged teeth. I hit him a few times but it appears to do nothing.

    Then my alarm woke me up. There was more going on than that but I needed to hurry!

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