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    Flying and Games

    by , 07-22-2010 at 01:24 PM (429 Views)
    Awake Dream

    So me and my friends have been doing our usual things in the holidays... Texting, emailing, partying... pretty much staying up until the early hours of the morning.

    Well, it's all fun, except it's taking its toll on my dream journaling. When I'm really tired, I can't quite be bothered to switch on the lamp and jot down all the details of my dreams. Which means my dream recall and dream vividness is decreasing... So from now on, imma go to bed at a decent(ish ... c'mon i'm a teenager) time and actually write down my dreams.

    So my dreams aren't as detailed as they usually are... but yeah

    For some reason, i'm with some of the girls from my classes. I don't actually like these girls very much, but we get along ok. I'm with my dad also, for some reason. Can't remember the beginning of the dream so I'll just have to write down the bits that I remember...

    We've been given tests to do, in order to get out of an arena thingy we're in. The tests aren't scary, they're more like puzzles. After each (rather large) puzzle, there are rewards we gain at the end of it.

    A puzzle I remember: Out of all the girls with me, I am the only one with the ability to fly. I can't fly very well, but enough to help with the puzzles.

    We're outside, in a large field. The sun is beating down on us, and there is a large, faded red barn ahead. I feel as though I'm in America. The top half of the barn looks more like a flap hanging over it, and there is a handle. The girls (and my dad) all stand under it and think about how they're going to grab the handle. I roll my eyes.

    I jog a few steps back, then run towards the barn. I jump, and concentrate on maintaining flight. I open my arms and fly to the handle. The other girls have a mixture of jealousy and admiration in their eyes. I wink at the girls, clinging onto the handle. Gritting my teeth, I use all my strength and pull the flap upwards. There's another one underneath. I push it down.

    There's a ledge. On top of the ledge is sweet smelling shampoo, shower gel, hand cream... stuff we've been denied for a long time. I suddenly feel very dirty.

    "Who wants hand cream!?" I shout down. They chatter excitedly amongst themselves as I throw bottle after bottle towards them.

    Afterwards, we sit inside what looks like an equestrian exercising area. We're quite tired after working on the puzzles. I jump up, tossing my apple to the ground.

    "What are you doing?" asks Alex. Leaning forward slightly.

    "Flying" I mutter. I run forwards and take off, spinning in the air and flipping around. I turn a tight corner and feel excitement course through me. When I land, I am at home.

    I walk into my room, it's larger. My dad and some workmen are in there too. They're installing gym equipment. I walk over to a large treadmill, confused. "Daaaaad... I don't need any of this stuff. I go running outside.

    He doesn't reply, Scott approuches me, eatin yoghurt. I slaps me on the back and begins to talk in the annoying tone that he knows annoys me. Instead of feeling annoyed, I feel sad.

    "You've only just got back and this is the way you're treating me? I really missed you and wanted to see you but, I'm not so sure anymore..."

    He grins and tells me he's only joking. "Come here little sister." He smiles, pulling me in for a bearhug which almost breaks my back

    Yeah, it wasn't a very clear dream, apart from the end of it and the flying. It was nice to see Scott again! I haven't seen him in 2 weeks, I hope he's nice to me when I go visit him in the Marine camp... He'll probably be too tired out to annoy me

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