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    Holiday/Waking Up

    by , 02-04-2011 at 09:42 PM (486 Views)
    As per usual, I "woke up" into a dream. It's kinda annoying how I get lucid in the same place each time. I would like to get lucid in a wierd area for once!

    Anyway, I had several dreams last night but can only remember enough of two to write down.



    I'm in some sort of shopping centre. I have a dim recollection of it as I take a look around. The cieling is made of glass, and the place is extremely crowded. I'm on my own, which makes me feel intimidated since I have no idea where I am. There are several sections, pathways which lead off to different areas of the centre, organised by genre. I'm about to go down the gaming section, but my feminine side wins over, and I go to the area with a large red sign saying "Fashion" in curvy writing.

    I walk in my usual fast pace, but a tall woman wearing a pale blue, halter-neck dress catches my eye. The dress is beautiful. I walk up and ask her where she bought it and in what size. She tells me it is in a size 225, which makes me frown in confusion. Before she speaks, a young man appears next to me, smiling. He asks if he would like to buy me a drink in the local tropical fruit juice bar
    (no alcohol for me I'm afraid!). I grin and accept the offer.

    He leads me through the crowd, to a tall brown, carribean looking bar, like the ones on beaches abroad. The people inside look spanish. I look around, noticing that everyone looks a little spanish. I must be on holiday! I order a berry smoothie. I take a sip, it's delicious, but would be better with banana added to it.

    The man who served me glowers down. He said I must not drink until I pay. The guy who brought me here said it's ok, and fishes around in his pockets. A woman comes over and says I must pay. I'm starting to get very confused. The three of them start argueing, as I stand awkwardly, holding my smoothie. Eventually, I pull some coins out of my pockets. I find it difficult to count the correct amount, but soon enough I hand the money over.

    Waking Up

    Semi-Lucid Lucid

    I'm in my bed. I know I'm dreaming, as always when I wake up into this. A FA? I don't know. I find it very difficult to move. My jeans and t-shirt seem to be sticking uncomfortably to me. As soon as I'm out of my bed, I RC several times.

    Yes, I'm dreaming. My lucids are gradually getting clearer and clearer. Not fully realistic yet, but getting there. I wonder if dream control will be an issue for me, since lucids like these don't happen too often. "No" I think. "My visualisation skills are good. I can do anything."

    I switch on a dim light, open my door, and walk downstairs. I head into the living room, which I haven't done in these dreams before. Daylight is shining in through the window. My dog, a labrador, is lying curled up on the t.v stand, the actual t.v nowhere to be seen. I smile at how odd it is, but don't go over to see him. He just lies and watches me with his big brown eyes.

    I jump onto the sofa below the window, and jump through. I pass most of the way through, until my foot gets stuck. I drag it through and drop to the ground.

    And then I woke up. Not quite sure why, but I did

    It was pretty cool though, because I've only ever had a few clear lucids, whereas the rest I counted as semi ones. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this, finally! Also, now that I have more time to lucid dream, my non-lucids have gotten clearer too.

    Looking forward to more

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