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    Raspberry's Second Life


    by , 02-02-2011 at 09:53 PM (511 Views)
    Got a crappy sleep so I don't have much to write.

    Awake Non-lucid

    We're trapped. I seem to be in a large chamber. It's tiled in blue, with various levels. There's a girl here who I really don't like, she's the type of bleached-blonde-barbie-bimbo that I tend to hate. We give eachother evil glares, then turn away.

    [Dreamskip] We've been trapped here for days, there's really no way out. We sit, eating whatever we can find, not talking often. But I guess It's nice to have some company at least... I can hear rushing water all of the time. Maybe there really is a way out? I don't know, we haven't found anything so far.

    [Dreamskip] The girl and I have learned to trust each other. And we found a way out. There's a waterfall leading out! She grabs a giant celery stalk, and a inflated dingy, and gets in. I climb into it, feeling nervous, and she pushes it over the edge. We fall, I scream, feeling my stomach jump. Soon we land with a giant splash outside, on top of a building, bright sunlight beating off us.

    Meh, hoping for a better sleep tonight so I can dream something decent

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