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    by , 01-31-2011 at 09:42 PM (469 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid Vivid

    I dunno, this dream kinda hit a sore spot. I love my mum and all, but anything that we have in common, I kind of don't like. Hmm...

    Whichever parts in my dreams that I label vivid, are really the parts where I should be getting lucid at, because it's clear enough that I should be recognising dream scenes. However, I'm still inexperienced, but working on it. Now that I've got into dream journaling again (well... kind of.) then my dreams are really picking up again Now I just need to start back with my WBTBs and I should be sorted.

    My mum and I are walking along a hillside. The weather is cloudy and the hills are very green. My mum's talking to me about something, but I'm not listening. As always, her presense has dragged up memories that I'd rather bury down and forget. There are people travelling behind us.

    I continue to walk and stare at the grass. I notice that the parts I'm walking on, are much darker than the rest. I stop and ask my mum about it. We both kneel down and examine the blades. There are grass seeds everywhere. I cry out as my mum pulls up a handful of grass. I quickly grab the handful and put it back, wanting nothing out of place.

    "I wish we could travel more. I like it when we travel. Remember that time we walked all the way to Wales?"
    (these are past dreams that I'm mistaking to be memories. Strange huh?) "And that time we drove a helicopter into the mountines, and drove the car over the gap in the motorway and almost crashed? I like doing that."

    I couldn't admit to her, that although I love the travelling, she always gives me a sense of depression when I'm with her. That I'd rather walk the length of Britain with one of my friends, or my brother, instead of her.

    We keep walking. I get the sense that I should recognize something, but I don't.

    I woke up feeling strange.

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