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    Raspberry's Second Life

    The Last Game

    by , 09-20-2010 at 07:29 PM (1057 Views)
    September 20th 2010

    Quick note: Once again I found it hard to sleep, which screwed up the whole night. I lay in bed for hours and finally got to sleep at about 1:30, then I had to get up at 7... So my recall was very poor last night It was quite linear though, no dream skips.

    Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

    They welcome us into the entrance hall. A large room, pale blue, with flags of all different coutries hanging from the walls. We descend the steps and wait patiently at the door, I never truely see the people I am with.

    "You're missing some flags." I murmer to the guard at the door. He tells me his master does not hang flags he doesn't like. I snort in disbelief, but keep quiet. He opens the door and I go in, cautiously.

    The main Hall is like a bigger version of the entrance hall. The flags are banners and tapestries. I quickly jog down more stairs, and stand opposite the throne. I feel on edge and ready for anything. Sitting upon the throne is a man with very pale blue eyes and greying black hair.
    (This is my dad, but I didn't realise this then).

    "You're missing some flags." I sneer. His eyes flick over me, taking in my weapons and black clothing (I guess I was a ninja )

    "Todays Game should be fun, it is your last one after all." He laughs as the sneer drops from my face and my gaze turns icy cold.

    "What do I get?"

    He throws something over and I snatch it from the air. I open the navy blue pouch and something pastes itself to my hands. I study them; my palms and fingers are navy blue, coated in a shiny, rubbery material I've never seen before. There are tiny hooks in it, to help me climb. I look up, and a slight nod tells me the Game has started.

    I throw myself to the right, his guards are already after me. There are rafters though. I take off to my right and use my palms to quickly run up the wall. Arrows fly past me, but I'm moving too fast for anything to hit. I run along a rafter and jump through a gap, leading me outside. I land in a cornered off area, a mix of concrete and grass. I hear a snarl and pivot around.

    Before me is a huge, green monster on all fours, eyes bulging. A metal plate of armour strapped over it.
    (If you play Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and Final Fantasy, it's like a cross between some of the monsters in those games ) I grab the pole that's strapped to my back and leave no time to waste. I run straight at it, sliding along the floor at the last minute and whacking it under its legs, unhooking the armour. I manage to get a tiny bomb under it aswell.

    I smile slightly as I watch it explode into pieces.

    "That's all good, honey, but I think that's enough fighting for now..."

    I spin around, it's my mother. There's a random sink in the middle of the cornered area, she's washing a large stack of dishes.

    I pick up a slimey eye from the monster and hold it up. "Yeah, but washing dishes isn't going to help me." I mean, Jesus Christ, I'm trying to win my last fucking Game here...

    My dad comes ou, and I recognise his as the man who first laid the Games on me. His hair is white now, he's came to settle things himself. I'm about to run toward him when he pulls out a gun and shoots me.

    "Not... fair..." I splutter, as I fall to the ground. My mother screams. My last thought is that I lost the Game.

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      Not cool, mom and dad, not cool.

      That was a pretty awesome dream, though. I especially like the climbing aid.
    2. Raspberry's Avatar
      IRL it would be the other way around. My mum would shoot me and my dad would tell me to stop fighting...
    3. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Oh, WOW, WOW, WOW, Raspberry

      I wonder

      R U a Chicken Itza ghost now too?

      Cos that would make 3 of us.

      What are our strengths
      What is the basic character of ghosts
      I reccon we never have to eat, poo or pee.
      No need for sleep or rest or anythimg related to havimg a body.
      I recon it is a very good thing, a umm, ... Up-ranking
      You now can't be killed because:

      You only live twice
      Or so it seems
      One life for youself
      And one for your dreams


      I am off to Utube to find that fabulous song

      I remember it was used as the intro to a great James Bond movie.
    4. EbbTide000's Avatar
      Ah, sorry Raspberry

      I read the first page of these dream jounal entries then pressed the wrong end .

      I opened page 1001 or somthing, instead of page 2. So i am replying to a dream of yours that is over a year old.

      I was serching for insideout's latest dream and wondering were it dissappeared too.