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    School Problems

    by , 09-19-2010 at 12:12 PM (579 Views)
    September 19th 2010

    Awake Non-Lucid

    I'm in my school quad, a large empty space between buildings. I sit on the concrete, watching people pass and thinking about nothing. Everything is grey, the brick floor, the school, the uniform and even the clouds in the sky. A large figure walks up and stands over me.

    "Are you okay?" I realise it's Conner. "You look kind of depressed..." His form blots out the little sun I had, making my day even darker than it was before. And he's right, I feel a little bitter.

    "I'm fine." I mutter, because all I really want is for him to piss off and leave me by myself. He seems to understand, and leaves. When he moves, I can see the rest of the quad again. Nobody's here, it's empty. I don't remember the bell ringing though...

    I watch the two shelters, where I usually hang out in. There's something going on in the second one. I get up and hurry over.

    Conner and a random are fighting. There's a table against the wall, where Aaron sits, just watching passively. The random is on the ground, and Conner is kicking him. Suddenly Conner's head snaps up and he sees me, then he runs away, leaving the random on the floor. Conner would get in serious trouble if anyone found out about this. Before I think about it, I kneel down, grab a fistful of the random's dark hair and lift his head up. I slam it onto the concrete several times, as hard as I can. I lift his face up again and study the damage. What's left of his facial features are hidden by a mash of swelling, bruises and blood. He's dead.

    The bell rings, and I decide to head out for some retail therapy.

    [Dream skip - 30 minutes] I'm in a shop, at the front of the que. There's a line of people trailing out of the glass doors behind me. There are mobile/cell phones hooked in neat lines all over the white walls. The lighting is too bright, it's flourescent and hurts my eyes. Finally I'm called into a door on my left. An old man with fluffy, white hair asks me what he can do for me.

    "I'm here for a shot of blueberry juice." In the dark room I notice a huge sofa chair and a coffee table. I sit down and take the shotglass of blueberry juice from the table. He quickly snatches it off me before I can drink it.

    "I don't sell this to anyone under sixteen."

    "But I was told you're the best supplier!"

    "I am, to anyone over the age of sixteen."
    (Apparently in this dream, blueberry juice is like a class A drug of something...)

    "That's shit. Just give me the juice!"

    The door bursts open and Taylor (my cousin) walks in. He quickly takes in my hysterical state and takes me outside. "Let's take you somewhere to calm down." He says quietly.

    [Dream skip - A few minutes] He takes me to a gaming shop, and tells me he'll be back in a few minutes. I shrug and scan over the aisles. I see a game with my face on it.

    Suddenly as I stare in shock, I feel something disconnect from me. I look to my right and see a light blue, almost transparent me floating next to my body. It's attatched to me by blue string at my waist and neck. It's part of my soul, it's leaving me. I scream when I realise.

    Taylor storms in to save the day (again). I cling onto the string, he lifts me up and carries me out of the shop. He carries me across a white stone bridge. A wave crashes over it and soaks us, saturating my soul, making it harder to stay with me. Taylor puts me in his white car, which gets my soul back to normal. The sun is out and bright now. Taylor quickly drives me back to school and tells me to have a good day, and to not get in anymore trouble.

    I head up to biology and sit down. Conner comes up and sits next to me. He whispers that that the random was found, but people thought he was stabbed by someone else at school. Relief floods through me.

    [Dream skip - After class] I'm at the end of the corridor and have just won "Pupil of the Year" award. Two girls are next to me, looking insanely jealous. The headteacher will be coming up, and she hates me. She'll most likely try to humiliate me in some way. I need to get out of here... The two girls will set off the alarm if I run, out of spite. But running is the only chance I have. I tell them i've left something in biology, the stairs are next to the classroom door. Once I get to the doors to the stairs, I bolt through them and run as fast as I can.

    By the time I get to the bottom, the alarm's ringing. I sprint across the quad and into the entrance hall. I make it though the doors just before they slide shut. Now that I'm out, I know they'll call the police. I run across the road, managing not to get ran over. Instead of taking my usual route, I head down a hill to where a stream is, running on the gravel path alongside it. Why can't I run so fast now? I concentrate on the ground, which helps a little. Once the path ends, I come across a little lakehouse. Without hesitating, I leap off of the tall bank and into the lake. Other than the fact it's not supposed to be here, the lake is salty... Wierd.

    I climb onto a black ledge that runs across the lakehouse. I shuffle until I think I'm close enough to the bank, the fling myself from the ledge and onto the path.

    Once again I run as if lions are after me. I can hear police sirens, and pretty closely too. Just as i'm next to my house, a police car shows up. I quickly head up the steps and unlock the door. Before I go in, I risk a glance behind me. The police car isn't there anymore, in its place is my dad's jeep. My dad, a woman, and two guys close to my age get out. Since when did my dad have a girlfriend? Does that mean those guys are my step-brothers?

    We all walk in, I head straight to the kitchen. The two guys sit at my table. The older one is someone I know, a guy from school who I really don't get on with. He glares at me and says; "Nice scive today." I ignore him and ask his brother how old he is. Fourteen apparently. My day just gets better and better... Not.

    I stomp my way up the stairs and into my bedroom, slamming the door behind me.

    Just to clarify - I'm not usually like this haha I don't fight people, take drugs, scive school or go into stroppy moods...

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    1. grischkaja008's Avatar
      Impressive Next time when you order a shot of blueberry juice, order also one for me
    2. Raspberry's Avatar
      I will