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    Parents/The Dance

    by , 01-14-2011 at 09:58 PM (372 Views)

    Awake Non-lucid

    I'm in my dad's bedroom, sitting on the floor, with my knees pulled up to my chest. I'm staring at my dads wardrobe, which is white. My mum comes in and says hi. What is she doing here? My parents broke up last year. Maybe they're back together? No, that would never happen, they hate eachother too much.

    She says that she and my dad never broke up. What..? I'm just confusing myself. Maybe they didn't. Maybe I'm going crazy. Maybe I just don't know anymore. I huddle down as she leaves and stare at the wardrobe again.

    The Dance

    I'm in a hall, standing, watching what is going on around me. There are dancers, performers, magicians, circus people everywhere. They all have brightly coloured, victorian clothing on. I smile, everyone is so happy. They all play a part in the show going on around me.

    I turn to my left and notice what looks like a Queen sitting on a throne, observing with a stern gaze. "Stop!!" She screeches, and everyone freezes. "YOU!!" She shouts, pointing a finger at a young man who is dancing. He has dark tussled hair, and wears red (Asher, it just didn't click). "You are not dancing the proper dance! Find another partner! Dance it how I told you to! THIS IS MY SHOW!"

    One side of his mouth curves up into a cheeky smile. He bows mockingly and says that he must then practice more. The Queen tells the other performers to practice, then she gets up and stalks over to me. "You will NOT be his partner." She hisses to me. I frown, but say nothing as she leaves. She reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice In Wonderland.

    I notice a girl my age standing in the shadows beside the golden throne. She glares at me, a calculating look in her eyes. She has mousy brown hair that is tied back, and is about half a head smaller.

    Someone grabs my hand. The young man! He keeps my hand and puts his other on my waist. I put my other hand on his shoulder and the music starts. We take a few steps, and he's about to speak, but the girl struts over. "The Queen said that you must not dance together!" She said haughtily. I scoff, and Asher smiles, and nods to behind him.

    "Look," He says, nodding to his right. "There's my body."

    We both look to find what is a complete copy of his body, but without the head. Before either of us can react, Asher flicks a wrist to the girl, and she chokes immedietly. "Run along and tell the Queen that I will dance whatever and whoever I like."

    The girl runs off, a hand clutched to her throat. I laugh, and Asher's mouth pulls up into a grin.

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