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    Saving A World - Artificial Energy

    by , 01-22-2011 at 11:36 AM (507 Views)
    Awake Non-Lucid

    I walk down a windy, empty street. Leaves blow down the road. Houses are on either side of me, dark brown and old fashioned looking. Something's wrong.

    I hear voices in a house to my right. Straightening up, I walk over, climb the steps to the door, and let myself in. Inside are three people. They stop what they're doing and stare at me. Two of them are girls and one is a boy. One of the girls smiles. She's tall and pale, with long dark tight curls and freckles. The other is smaller and more plain looking, although she has scrape marks on the sides of her face. The boy looks more related to the first girl. He's smaller, but has the same pale skin and freckles.

    The first girl introduces herself as Laura. I don't get the names of the other people. She says her sister is paralysed. I feel incredibly wary. Something's wrong.

    "Do you have a power?" She asks, her eyes narrowing. Well of course I do. I can fly. She seems to know the answer and pulls out a knife. I jump high as she slices at me, and shoot myself up the stairs. They obviously have powers, but I don't know what. Up the stairs, I find a hole like portal. I jump down it.

    I land in a dark, damp room. The tiles are slick with mud, and there's barely any light at all. The walls are rusted and mould grows along the corners. Hell, I'm in fear of my life and I don't care who gets in my way now. I walk along, and find an old haggard woman pushing a broken trolley. She's hunched over, with straw-like hair and lines all over her face. Her body shakes. I keep away from her, thinking she might be in league with the others.

    There's dark stairs to my right. I hover near them, but it looks nasty. I walk towards doors instead and push them open into a bright lobby area. Business people are walking around. The furniture is all black and white. I can't get rid of the nagging feeling that this place is wrong. Something's wrong.

    There they are! Laura and her siblings. The girl is in a wheelchair. I lift myself from the floor and hover in the air. I try to shoot past, but as I cross the girl, I freeze mid-air. I fight to move, but can't. Laura stands in front and stares up at me, a ghost of a smile on her face.

    "You see, she may not be able to move herself. But she can move things within a distance."

    I gaze at the girl, but she avoids my eyes. "My brother here, is the one who tracked you down." Laura hisses.

    "What do you want!?" I shout, still fighting the bound. Wait. I feel something. Energy. I can feel her power. I cling to the energy and fight it with my own. I weaken it and beat it down. A voice rings through the lobby saying "Power de-Synchronised" in a mono-tone, computer voice.

    The girl turns pale grey, and she slumps over, dead. I shoot through the glass and into the fields beyond. I climb higher and higher, pushing at the air behind my feet to keep aflight. The fields are beautiful. It's twilight, and the fields are golden. They ripple, and the trees are in shades of red and orange.

    Something's behind me. I spin in the air, finding Laura and her brother behind me. What? That's not their power! Wait... I can see that they're using their energy to fuel the flight. I drop down to avoid Laura's knife. "What do you want!? What are you trying to accomplish!?"

    As soon as I bellow this, I know the answer. She wants the world. In my mind I see towering cities of enslaved people. I can see how she forced her siblings into using their powers for her. I can see how she dropped through the portal and used the hag as a guard. How she went down the dark, evil steps to the taggled wires of an energy station, where she would gain control of this world. I know this is not my world, not the one I belong to. But I try to save it anyway.

    I fight her brother's energy, tears falling from my eyes as I try and focus on flying, avoiding her knife and destroying his energy. I shoot forwards as fast as I can, grass and trees blurring past below me. Eventually the voice comes again and says "Energy de-Synchronised" as the brother loses all colour and falls to the ground.

    I see red poles in the air. I grab one as I pass it, swinging myself up onto the top of it. Laura does the same. She smirks. I still don't know her power. I have little energy to fight her artificially empowered one. She knows she's won.

    The dream ended before I could try and kick her butt.

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